A kiss sealed everything. A new adventure begun in the vast depths of the Ocean, where everything didn't seem as gorgeous and elegant as what stories had depicted. Axel had to find a way out…with the help of a mermaid. Dark AkuRoku. Bondage. Blood. Fluff.

Warning: There is no doubt… for those of you who know me… that this fic will turn out to be dark and gory. Though of course, it would be mixed with light and fluffy stuff too. This is Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Mystery—everything blended into one. So, if you don't like any of those dark stuff… hehe. x3 stay away. It's not like I don't want you to read. Of course I'd be delighted to have more people to read this fic. :3 but of course, you have your own preferences.

All in all.

I hope you do take pleasure in reading this if you decide to do so.


Mermaid's Kiss

Chapter 1

A Kiss Under the Sea


And it shattered without a second delay down to its very core. There was no more of that crimson ruby shine, no more of that exquisite gleam of life. The brilliance dimmed and died. Fragments of glasses floated in midair, unblemished and pure as if cheering and mocking the end of the Jewel.

Acidic jade eyes opened wide at the loss. As he lost his footing, he reached out, as if that action would prevent him from being dragged down by the sheer force of the Earth's gravity. However, he was unable to win over the fundamental rules of physics. He watched as he got farther and farther away from the cliff—the cliff that soared high above the endless horizon of sea—and his companion that was screaming his name, unable to do anything immediate to help.

In the never-ending sphere of the night sky, under the starless firmament, in just a matter of seconds, Axel was about to plunge deep into the darkened-tainted ocean. The waves were violent, crashing and smashing into the rocks, determined to shatter and take them down. And now, those waves were rejoicing in the presence of another human being, about to fall victim to their fury.

And his back was the first to touch the water.

Then, there was a loud plunge…

And it was silent.

He lost his consciousness due to the intensity of the impact, descending and sinking down into the bottomless abyss of the sea. His eyes were closed, as if deep in slumber. Bubbles of water ghosted around him lazily, ceasing in existence as they reached up high enough. And he was lost to the world.


A search team was dispatched. Days and days had been spent to look for Axel. However, everyone that went out to the sea went back to the shore with no result. There was no sign of life or death. There was no dead body floating above the seas as expected. There were only two considerations. One was that Axel's life had been swallowed away by the sea and his body had taken away to the other side of the vastness of the water. The second was that Axel somehow survived.

However, seeing as how calm the water was after Axel's disappearance… the latter chance was slim. Of course, his companions wanted him to survive. But it was a waste of time to deny the fact and possibility. And all they had to do was to accept his death. That was the simplest, most efficient option to go with.

And the 'Redeemers' who operated on efficiency chose to let go.

Another fallen comrade…

Another lost to their tribe…

Everyone clad in cape started leaving the area, except one girl. The girl took off her hoodie, revealing gorgeous auburn hair. She stared out to the sea, the wind gently blowing against her. And she brushed the strands of her hair behind her ear. She seemed desperate and grim. Her lips were curled downward in sadness. She heaved a soft sigh, kicking her foot against the beautiful sands of white.

She sobbed silently, swallowing.

"Brother… please…"

"Kairi, let's go!"

The wind was whispering silently, making ghastly silent noises, as if mourning for Axel's death. The trees swayed back and forth, wordlessly waving goodbye to the lost soul.

The girl with shoulder length hair inhaled a sharp breath before wiping off her tears, putting on her hoodie once again, running to the sides of her companions. "I'm sorry," she apologized before moving on.



Amusingly, death didn't hurt at all.

That was what Axel experienced. At last, he gained consciousness from what seemed like a century of calm, undisturbed sleep. Was he in heaven?

The answer was simple and came to him as quickly as lights travelled.

A resounding no.

Where he was in…was definitely not the definition of heaven that he knew of.

He was floating—not in air, but in water… deep underneath the water.

He looked up from where he was. The source of light was so far away that it was not at all unusual for the redhead to assume that the light was out of reach. He doubted that he had the capability to swim so high up to the surface.

It was when a bubble of water floated passed him and popped that he realized that he was breathing underwater… he was breathing…underwater?!

How could he, a human, do that?

Had he really died?

But the feeling of water surrounding him, hitting his flesh and being was so real, yet at the same time surreal. It felt odd for him to be breathing underwater, it was as if he was inhaling the water and he was okay…not choking, not dying due to the excessive amount of liquid.

However, before he could revel on the sentiments of the supernatural phenomenon any further, he found himself awoken once again… but this time, it was not the same as before.


The human was sinking into their territory. The territory of the 'Devourer.' There was no doubt that within seconds, the human being wouldn't be a part of this world anymore. The Devourers had no mercy. As what they were called and labeled, they would devour any beings that come within its territory. One. Two. Three seconds, were all they needed in order to eat any being, huge or small, alive.

The human with blazing red hair seemed to be deep in slumber—an extremely easy prey to the Devourers. A pair of attentive cerulean eyes watched from afar, never once leaving the sight of the human being, being wary and careful.

Hands tainted with the deepest shades of darkness started appearing out of the rocks, out of the corals, and out of nowhere, reaching for the human. They stretched, struggling to touch the redhead, as if engulfed in a game of tag. And eventually, those hands touched the tip of the redhead's arms, gloved fingers, boots… and those hands grabbed whatever part of the human was nearest to them. And they began jerking and tugging, attempting to pull off the human's limbs and being. It all happened so slowly and silently that it was haunting, endlessly bone-chilling.

A swipe in the water and gurgles of water erupted.

A gorgeous tail of countless colors blending into one, embraced by elegant scales, graced with fins…

The owner of that beautiful tail swam towards the human. Lips were parted; however, no voice was produced. And there was a sense of uneasiness in the water. The peacefulness under the ocean was disturbed as it began to tremble violently. And slowly, it calmed down. Those uncanny hands began pulling away shyly, vanishing into the same place they appeared.

And it was quiet.

The silence was heavy in the atmosphere.

The stillness…

There were only two of them. The human, Axel who was still unconscious and possibly dead because of lack of oxygen. And the being that floated in the depths of the water, observing serenely. The being's ghostly colored eyes were opened wide. Its right arm stretched out in timidly, touching the human being with curiosity.

Its face was nothing different from that of a human. However, its skin was snow-white, pale as the dead. Stunning golden locks framed its face, floating in the same direction as the water's flow. Its torsos and arms were graced with fins that kept it afloat. Its tail, fins, and scales shone in absolute brilliance, the colors melding together into one, shimmering dazzlingly, but never one seemed bizarre. Its upper body was lean—that of a human—and down below his abdomen… they weren't legs like a human… but it was a tail.

The being glowed in the blues of the seas.

Then, it pulled the human closer. When it checked the human's heartbeat, there was none. The human was already lost to the world. It felt an intriguing and strong emotion… one that one of his kins shouldn't have over anything—dead or alive.

It was most peculiar.

Those ghostly colored eyes kept staring at the human being in front of him. There was nothing too different about both of them… nothing too different at all.

Hesitating a bit, it released a soft sigh.

Then, it closed its eyes in a very tranquil manner. Then, it was as if everything was dead in their presence.

It pulled the redhead closer.

Lips met lips…

Under the beautiful shimmers of the calm and chilling water… the human and the unidentified being with fins and tail shared a kiss.


He felt a pair of soft, tender lips against his. So soft and tender that it felt so magical and other-worldly. Acid jade eyes fluttered open slowly. And all that was previously in his dream was becoming reality. He quickly gained consciousness in a world full of water, finding himself able to breathe, finding his lungs working perfectly in a completely different habitat.

He managed to get himself to float with the little energy that he had left.

And right in front of him, he could see the most magnificent color that stood out from the melancholy shades of the water. Those cerulean eyes that reflected the colors of the water so perfectly. Those fins and tail…

What…or who was that in front of him?

Those soft touches that left his skin tingling, requesting for more.

A kiss that he remembered so well, even in his unconscious state…

Those brilliant golden locks…

Was he alive…?


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