Mermaid's Kiss

Chapter 2

Creatures under the Sea

"Mortal, are you alright?"

Axel was baffled. The creature didn't even open its mouth, but there was a voice, a soothing, flawless voice, undisturbed even by the water's depth. He looked around, trying to find the source of the noise. It was underwater and there was nothing around except the seaweeds, corals, reefs, and other unnamed and unknown plantations of the sea that Axel had never seen or care about.

"It is I who is communicating with you, mortal."

"Y…" Axel choked when he was trying to speak in the water. He struggled, holding his neck in a painful motion. His lungs hurt; as if strangled by a pair of strong, unrelenting hands.

He began sinking, unable to keep himself floating due to the pain assaulting his chest. The water around him began rushing into his whole being, attempting to cut him off of precious air—a human's source of life. The seas was insistent, as if determined to take down the human that had dared entered its turf.

His eyes stung. He attempted to shut them tight, but the water kept rushing in. He felt like someone was trying to scratch his eyeballs out of their sockets. He would rather give whatever it was his eyeballs rather than suffer through the pain.

Before he could sink any further, he could feel himself floating again as a pair of arms circled around his waist then travelled up around his neck, resting securely there. And amidst all the confusion and the blurriness of the sight that his eyes produced, he could yet feel a soft pair of lips rested against his. He took in a sharp breath; jade eyes opened wide, ignoring all pain, in an attempt to stare at the elegant creature in front of him—in such close proximity…those ghostly colored cerulean eyes…

The kiss was a not-so-innocent one. He could feel the creature's tongue trying to part his lips. The redhead was confused. No. It was an understatement of the whole situation to say that he was simply perplexed. He had no idea what to do. The ocean was so silent and peaceful. He could hear nothing, not even his own motion. Slowly, doubtfully, he parted his lips, letting the tongue in. However, it never went in and travelled inside his mouth. Instead, he could feel the creature released a very refreshing and cold breath into his mouth, down to his larynx, which eventually reached his lungs. And he was able to breathe underwater again as if he was revived.

Just as the beautiful sea creature was about to pull away, Axel suddenly sneaked his arms around the one with golden locks. He pulled the creature's body closer and closer until they were both flushed against one another. The sea creature released a gasp, trying to push the redhead away. But Axel was insistent. He didn't know what drove him to behave that way, but he felt a strong rush inside him. The being was so elegant, it was irresistible and he didn't want to be separated from it.

Axel didn't know why he put all his feelings and emotions into that one kiss—to the creature that he knew nothing about. All he knew about it was that it was… a 'creature,' which was really rude to use to call a being as gorgeous as that.

Tongue roamed around the being's mouth and it released a soft moan. The owner of the hands traveled—the one without fins or scales—venturing throughout that lean and silky smooth body of the being, in a gentle and affectionate motion. Then, his hands eventually reached down to the lower part of the being's body—the glossy and slippery skin that felt very similar to that of a fish.

Soon, Axel was pushed away by the being's strong force. It released an echoing yelp, throughout the stillness of the sea. It bit its lower lip, staring and glaring at the human unhappily, staying in a certain range beyond the human's reach. Its golden locks framed face was flushed. His cheeks were painted with pink.

Afterwards, the same flawless voice could be heard in Axel's head. The creature didn't even open its mouth.

"You ill-mannered human. How dare you…" It was a hiss, one filled with malice and menace. "May you rot in the depths of the Dead Sea."

And it swam away without saying another word, leaving the redhead there alone, in the vastness and endless scenery of blue.

Axel tried reaching out for it, but he was far too slow compared to the swimming ability of the sea creature.

He stopped.

Scanning around, he wondered which direction he should go.

He eventually decided to follow where the creature was headed.


The desert wind blew violently, taking dusts and sands along with it. Two humans with black cloaks struggled through the heat, never once stopping for rest. They kept walking and walking, stepping their foot with every second that passed by. One was a little behind and the other one didn't seem to care. "Move it, Kai!" the one that was walking faster yelled, pausing to wait for Kairi.

"I'm sorry, Larxene! I'm coming," the little one clad in black cloak ran in small steps toward the other woman.

"You're going to kill us both if you keep progressing with such speed. Seriously, Kairi. Have you been training?" Larxene said, voice laced with annoyance.

"I apologize," Kairi hung her head low in front of the taller one in cloak.

"Boohoo, Kairi," Larxene rolled her eyes, mocking. "Little Kairi has no big brother to run back to anymore," she insulted. "We're not going to treat you anymore differently just because you're weak, Kai. You'd better remember that."

"Yes, I understand," Kairi nodded. She wanted to counter those hurtful words. However, she knew that it was best for her to keep quite in order to avoid future problems. She knew well enough after being a part of 'Redeemers' for so long. And she had promised herself that she would succeed after her brother, she wouldn't let him down.

"I don't remember receiving a mission saying that I would need to take care of a dead-weight," Larxene complaint. She sighed then. "Let's move on. We have to get into town before dark. Don't go getting yourself killed."

"Yes. Thank you," the redhead smiled.

And the two redeemers proceeded forward.


The one with fins and tail was flustered. After knowing that it had successfully got away from the human, it swam around in circles, mystified and annoyed. It was feeling the water, swimming endlessly, never losing its breath. Its fin shimmered as it whirled around in deep-sea.


It stopped after hearing the human's voice from a ways away. It contemplated, floating in mid-water, sticking its bottom lip out. It breathed slowly and steadily, and then its eyes burst wide. It could hear something else…


The silence was discomforting. The redhead swam around with ease as if he had been living underwater all his life. He never realized that he was a good swimmer. How could he swim when he had never even learn how? His legs and arms kept pushing against the water to propel him forward, heading to the creature's direction. He called out a 'hello', however, his voice came out ragged and breathy and he choked once again. He couldn't seem to speak properly under the water, but then again…according to logic, since when could a human speak properly underwater?

On the other hand, all logics had been defied with the fact that he had spent practically what felt like hours underwater.

He paused for a while when he heard very beautiful tunes coming from another direction. He hesitated. There was no doubt that he was tempted by the gloriousness of the hymns. He couldn't help but swim the other direction, pushing forward to seek for the Hymnist.

The soothing melody echoed throughout the hollow of the ocean. Afterwards, he finally arrived to an area of what seemed like a gathering. Those creatures were there, the ones that looked a lot like the mesmerizing one he met earlier—a lot of them, forming several circles in a group. But none of them had the same appeal as the golden locks one.

Axel headed forward without any form of indecision. His heart and soul—his whole being was urging him forward and he couldn't control himself to come to his own senses. Then, without him knowing it, he was already in the middle of one of the circles that those sea creatures formed.

It was right then when he saw those grins and smirks that the redhead snapped back to his sense. Something horribly wrong was going on. Those beings were not as friendly as they had seemed. And those hymns weren't as peaceful as they had sounded earlier. And the stillness and undisturbed seas weren't the same anymore.

Adrenalines were pumping as he saw the faces of those creatures.

They had dark and gloomy expressions. Their eyes were drawn a blank and tears of blood could be seen coming out endless from the edge of their sockets, permanently there, not washed away by the pureness of the sea-water. Their toothy grins showed their horrifying complexion. Those teeth were sharp, their tips were as if blades and they were deformed in such a way—growing out of larger than usual gums, pricking and jagging left and right without order—causing the redhead to gulp, either because of his pumping adrenaline or due to the dreadful features of the sea-creatures.

There was not a second of delay before those beings started to race against one another to get to the redhead. With high reflex and flexibility, he took in a sharp breath and quickly propelled upward before those things could get to him. He was successful in dodging the mass attack, but then, one by one of those creatures began targeting him. He kept dodging them, never once letting his guard down.

The ocean slowed his mobility. It was apparent that he hadn't gotten quite used to the water yet. He was definitely slower than those creatures with fins and tails.

They opened their mouth as they got closer and closer to the human. Growling and roaring in annoyance and rage when they missed.

"Shoot! What the hell is this?!"

He kept swimming away, but those creatures were persistent, chasing after him, never relenting, determined to feast on him. It was going to be a big dinner…

It was a lost cause.

Those beings eventually caught up with the redhead. One of them grabbed his ankle, another one another ankle, another his wrists, another yanking at his hair, and another claimed its territory by opening its mouth wide and biting down on his shoulder. He was in pain; however, his screams went unheard, swallowed by the ocean.

His shoulder bled.

Then, another creature lunged forward and claimed his other shoulder.

Those sharp teeth pierced through his skin, digging deeper and deeper and deeper… until his flesh was bitten off.

He could feel the pain coursing into his very being as his flesh was ripped off of him.

Then those hands began pulling him, seemingly trying to tug his limbs apart. He tried to struggle free, but he had no means to do so. He was out of breath and he could smell the stench of blood drifting across the water—his blood. And the stench seemed to be driving the creatures even more violent as they began roaring and getting impatient.

Before he knew what happened, he saw bubbles of water bursting forth, taking him away with it. He gasped as he saw himself leaving all those creatures behind. It was so fast. It didn't take him too long to notice that he was taken away by the same creature. However, it was the one with golden locks.

"Mortal, you are ridiculously dense."

It wasn't even a question.

"If you keep acting like a fool, you'll be an easy prey to them."

"But I was…"

"Silence, Mortal. The World of the Sea isn't one for you to take lightly upon. Heed my words or I'll throw you back to where you were before."

Axel didn't say anything. All he knew was that he was in pain and even though he hated to admit it, the one with golden locks was the only person…thing that he could depend upon in that unfamiliar world.

"Don't pull anymore unwise moves…human. I will take you to safety."

Axel nodded before falling deep into unconsciousness. He could feel his breath slowly drifting away with the sea and he could feel his pain slowly easing away.

Was he dead?

Was he dying?

The one with golden locks watched silently as it hurried away from those other creatures, taking the human with it.


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