A/N: Writing fanfiction is suddenly really hard for some reason. x_x But I'm forcing myself to write something every day, no matter how short and pointless, so… Yeah.


There are rainbows in the water, but underneath it's black as night.

He's eleven years old, the age when no one takes you seriously, no matter what you say or how you say it. But he sees things, and notices things. More so than most adults.

The adults don't see the rainbows in the water. They look away, averting their eyes from the sad, sad truth of it all. As if they don't want to see. As if knowledge is sometimes too much of a burden – they'd much rather have their ignorance, thank you very much, keep your insight to yourself. Adults can be like children, he thinks, pretending that the monsters can't get them if they hide beneath the sheets.

But he knows better.

"We have to do something about it," he had said to his mother not so long ago, and she had smiled a sad little smile and ruffled his hair and told him not to worry, that someone would put a stop to it eventually.

But eventually's not good enough. Not for him.

As he drags the limp bodies of Pokémon out of the slick rainbow water, looking (because no one else will) into the eyes of those creatures that are dead or dying or somewhere in between, watching as they flail helplessly at his feet, their gills coated in grime and their mouths agape in silent pleas, he wonders if justice was but a ruse all along. Was righteousness a mere figment of his childish imagination, the hopes and dreams of a naïve little boy?

Because there is no way that justice can exist in a world like this one, one that will allow innocent creatures to die without cause.

And as he sees the spark of life extinguish in the eyes of a baby Dratini, he feels something powerful stir within him. He soon realizes that it is hatred, pure and unadulterated and passionate. Hatred towards the cruel humans who could do such a thing. Hatred towards the adults that turned away from such obvious suffering. Hatred towards his own inability and weakness as a Healer.

Then and there, Lance makes a promise to himself, and seals it with his unconquerable anger and resentment.

He swears that he will become Justice, no matter what the cost.