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Naruto's journey

Author's notes I know I said that this story would be out once I finished one of my other stories but I couldn't help it! So I wanted to give you a preview of the first chapter I have a lot of ideas for this one I'm still going to write the other stories but I wanted to give you the first chapter of one of my new stories this story will be a AU

Story takes place when naruto beat pain I wont add the whole Sasuke fighting people shit so Naruto will have sage mode and like in the manga Naruto knows Hinata love's him

_ _ _ _In The Village _ _ _ _

After about a week after Naruto defeated pain the whole village looked up to Naruto even though he was in a tent for a whole week the villagers wanted to visit him

"Huh what happened and where am I ?" said Naruto to himself as he started to wake up as he look around he noticed that he was in a tent

As he look around him he noticed that there where two set's of flower's some were pink and most of them were lavender "who gave me flower's and why?" he thought as he got up and put on his orange jump suit and that black and red coat ( the one he whore when he fought pain ) and headed out. As soon as he step out a whole bunch of the villager's girls just surrounded him asking him if he was ok.

"Are you ok Naruto" asked a random female villager

"Do you need anything Naruto" said another random Female villager

"Mmmmm… no thank you I'm just fine but did either of you two give me these flower's Naruto said as he grab the flower's from the side of his sleeping bag

"Um no it wasn't, it must have been was that hyuga girl Hinata, and that pink haired girl Sakura once you beat that man who destroyed our village, you were really tired and the Hokage put you in there, so you could rest it's been a week since you saved the Village" said the girl villager

"Ok then thank you for telling me, but I have to go I have to see granny ( Tsunade) about, this whole mess

_ _ _ _Mean while with Hinata_ _ _

Hinata was at the lake she was under a tree thinking about what she told Naruto a week ago

Hinata' thoughts

"I cant believe I told him that I love him!, How can I even speak to him now that he knows, what if he doesn't like me the way I love him, I hope that he will give a change to at least explain myself, I hope I didn't cause him anymore pain that he already has, but at least he know's now and I wont have to wonder if he like's me or not" she thought as a blushed went across her face after a few minutes the thought of Naruto rejecting her came into her mind soon some tears came down her face

As Hinata started to cry she heard someone coming from behind her as she turned around to see that it was tsunade.

"So Hinata I heard that you told Naruto that you love him, as he was fight pain" said tsunade as she stood next to Hinata under the tree.

"Well Hokage - sama I did but now I don't know what to do, I'm afraid that he'll reject me, and I don't want to cause him any trouble just because of me" replied Hinata as she wiped the tear off her face with the sleeve of her hoodie .

"Hinata it's going to be ok, Naruto isn't the kind of person to hurt his friend's , I bet it was a real shocker to him too I mean, every one knew that you liked him except him of course, and I willing to bet that he might have some feeling for you to" said Tsunade

"Really you mean it!, You think he has some feeling for me" said Hinata in a more cheerful voice

Just then they heard a very loud certain person yelling baa- chan were are you granny I need to speak to you about something it very important too as he started shouting again

"Well speak of the devil here he come's now, hey Hinata if you want to talk to him, here's you chan- " as Tsunade turned around and saw that she was gone "dam she's fast didn't even notice she was already gone" she thought as Naruto came toward's her

"Ok Naruto what do you want, I thought that you still would have been knocked out for more then a week I guess, but seeing as your ok what do you want" said tsunade

"Well nothing, can keep me down" said Naruto in a cheerful voice

"So was it that you wanted" replied tsunade

Naruto look around making sure no one could hear him talking but he didn't know that Hinata was in the tree above them nether did Tsunade

"Ok no one can hear us" said Naruto as he was about to talk. "oh I wouldn't say that now said Kakashi as he popped behind Naruto

"Hey Kakashi - sensei you look alright, I thought that you were killed from fighting pain, said Naruto a little shocked to see his teacher

"Actually I did die, but once you beat pain my soul and many of the other's, returned to our body's so thank you naruto for all the work" said Kakashi as he looked at Naruto

"No problem, I did my best" said Naruto with a big grin

"So again, what was it that you wanted" asked Tsunade

"Well when I was fighting pain, and went eight tails I wanted to tell you, that I met my father I still cant believe that I'm the fourth Hokage's son" said Naruto as he put one hand behind his head and made another big grin


"Yeah when I was in the eight state, he stopped me from going the full nine ,he told me that the reason why he sealed this damn beast in me, was because I am his son and he knew that only day I would learn how to fully control the Nine tail's power and that he has faith in me said Naruto as he looked at Tsunade and Kakashi

"But before you ask me any question's, I have to know if either of you's know my mother, because now that I know who my father is, I don't know the name or anything of my mother so do you know anything about her " asked Naruto in a concerned voice

"Well I do think it's time that you know, who your mother was, after everything you went though in this village, her name was Kushina Uzumaki and she was from the whirlpool village" said Tsunade as she looked at Naruto and saw how stunned he was.

"Kushina Uzumaki, Huh, that's the name of my mother" was the last thought in his head before tears of joy of finally knowing her name could be seen

End of chapter 1

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