Love, free as air at sight of human ties,
Spreads his light wings, and in a moment flies.

-Alexander Pope

She lives like the air.

Free as the unrestrained wind on a wild summer's day, she weaves into his life, breathing her ethereal presence into his very essence. And like the wind, her advent leaves him confused and lost; thrown into chaos and perplexity like the untamed storm that uproots even the strongest and most ancient of trees from their stronghold deep in the womb of the Earth.

The air blows in whilst the casement are open and so she walks into his life – uninvited, yet unwittingly welcomed. He realizes not that the wind's mighty surge will sway the very rationale behind his existence, offering a alluring escapade from the arduous tasks that lies before him. The wind presents the prospect of free flight and for one constrained for so long, the temptation of spreading wings against the azure of the open skies seems irresistible.

Omnipresent, the wind's rush cannot be concealed; thus, he sees the longing in her eyes. She calls to him, softly, gently – the inviting caress of the tempered breeze - comforting his uncertain purpose, arousing his passions, inflaming his senses. Incited, he reaches out to grapple … and yet, like the air, that cannot but be felt, he neither sees nor grasps her elusive form. He craves for her, but realizes not his own yearning, nor the vitality of it as the earth-bound creatures rarely appreciate the value of air until stifled.

She knows not what to feel. She perceives his hesitation with acuity, yet all at once she is painfully aware of her own. The fear builds within her, slowly yet palpably – fear of being rejected, of being left behind, of being bartered for something more precious than the mundane air. The insecurity and indecision overwhelm her, binding her down, raging within her like a tumultuous tempest that threatens to destroy her very soul. Irresolution, she conceals with a pretence of composure and nonetheless, the breeze blows not forever.

And the storm comes, and with it the rain, washing their souls of grief and anguish, of insecurity and indecision, of longing and temptation; isolating the water from the wind, relegating their ignited passions. The breeze floats free, emancipated once more, but like the vapours that remain after the heavy rain, old feelings linger with the flow.

Copyright 2009

Author's Note: Um, hello world? Don't kill me, I know it's been long! My flighty muse has gone and hidden herself in her hidey-hole and I just can't seem to find her these days. I suspect TLO scared her into hiding. Or not. XD

Anyway, onto the fic: it was written in early May and I hoped to finish all four parts in the summer before putting it up. Turns out, my summer pretty much sucked and Elemental remained incomplete, so I decided I might as well put it up. It is a four-part series, focusing on Percy's main relationship in the books with the elements as the main theme.

Air - Rachel

Earth - Calypso

Fire - Annabeth

Water - Percy

Earth will be up ... hopefully this century!

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