Ok before you get all mad at me and start writing hate review to me I would like to explain.I know Edward would never ever do something like this but I wanted to make a story like this because there is not many of them. Oh and I haven't done much vampire stories so this might be my worst story was 18 when he was changed in this story.


"Bella can I talk to you."Alice said


"You know I perfected my power so now I can see the exact future."

I nodded

"Well I kinda just saw Edward with um Tanya and they were in bed together I know you don't wanna believe it but-."

I cut her off "You never bet against Alice tell everyone the weddings off.

I ran down the steps apparently more confidence equals less clumsiness.

"Family meeting and yes I know Edwards 'hunting' but this needs to be told with out him." They all ran into the family stood with me.

"Ok as we all know Alice perfected her power so can see the exact future and she just saw Edward cheating on me....with....Tanya Denali."I said

"I'm gonna kill him rip him to pieces then wait till they resemble and do it all over again."Jasper and Emmett yelled "We'll join you."Rose and Esme said ( AN:I know Esme would never say that so don't kill me.)

I left.


not even 5 minutes after Bella left Edward came through the door.

We all stood up and I lunged at him but Jasper caught my hips. "Let me go I'm gonna kill him over and over again "I yelled "What are you talking about."Edward said

"You know damn well what she's talking about how could you do that to Bella."Esme yelled

"So I cheated on a human oh I'm so bad."He said

"Get out you need to change and don't come back till you do."Carlisle said

"She was part of this family and I wish we had her not you ."Rose said. She ran to the kitchen and got a bottle of chocolate syrup. "Oh and there goes his sex hair or should I say chocolate covered hair."She said squirting the whole bottle on his head.

"NOW GET OUT."We all yelled and he left "You guys I can't see Bella."I said

We ran to Bella's house nothing. "The mutt call the mutt."Rose said

Carlisle dialed Jacobs number

"Hello"He answered

"Jacob is Bella there."Carlisle said

"No is she supposed to be."He said we all broke out in sobs including Emmett.

"Are they crying for the reason I think they are."He said in a sad voice

"Yes we think she might have killed herself."He said


I drove to the airport. "One ticket to Italy leaving today."I said

I got on the plane and waited for take off.

My plane landed two day's later (I don't know how long it would really be, I just made up a time). It was sunny outside which was fine with me. It's been a long time since I saw the sun.

I walked in the familiar lobby that Edward, Alice and I had to wait for a few hours before we could leave. I saw the set of chairs were we had been sitting. I shuttered at the thought. I walked up to the girl who was behind the counter. She was a human and I think her name is Gianna.

"I need to speak with Aro," I spoke.

She looked surprised and I could tell by the expression on her face she recognized me.

She nodded, pushing a button, "Aro there's somebody here to see you."

I heard Aro's cheerful voice reply, "Thank you, Gianna. I'll send Felix to escort the guest."

Not a minute later Felix, I remembered him from last time, showed up.

He smiled brightly when he saw me, "Ah, Isabella. It's great to see you again."

I nodded, "You too, Felix."

He lead me down a long hallway. It was more welcoming then last time. Last time we were under ground in a dark, cold tunnel. This time we were walking down a warm hallway. The walls were a rich red with a gold trimming. It was gorgeous here. He opened a big wood door, "Masters," I walked in behind them, with my arms wrapped around my frame.

Aro's face brightened when he saw me. He was beaming at me, "Isabella, it's lovely to see you again,"

"Like wise, Aro,"

He was sitting on a throne like chair with Marcus and Cauis sitting beside him. I saw a small girl close to Marcus. She had short blonde hair and was really short. She reminded me of Alice, but more fierce and blonde. I remember her. This was Jane. I shuttered, remembering what happened. Edward writhing on the floor in pain. I averted my eyes from her, looking back at Aro.

"What do I have the pleasure of talking to you, dear?"

"I would like to take you up on your offer. I would like to join your guard."

He seemed shocked but happy never less. I looked at his brothers, seeing how they felt. Cauis looked indifferent, not really caring. I shrugged and looked at Marcus. He was frowing at me, for what I do not know.

He held out his hand for Aro to touch. Aro touched his hand lightly and frowned.

Aro turned his gaze to me, "And were is your Edward, Isabella?"

Oh! I forgot Marcus's gift.

I scowled, thinking about Edward, "He is no longer my Edward,"

He nodded dropping it. He still hasn't said anything about me joining so I pressed, "Well?"

Aro seemed to cheer up at this, "Oh, yes, you can join us. But when would you like to be changed?"

I cocked my head to the side a bit. Aro didn't seem like the type to ask for you opionion. I answered anways, "As soon as possible."

He smiled, "Felix, will you show Isabella to her room?"

Felix walked back over to me grinning.

"Miss Bella, do you need to be carried? We do have to go up the stairs,"

I guess he remembered how I stumbled last time. I rolled my eyes. He was so much like Emmett.

"Shut up, Felix and take me to my room," He seemed shocked at my playful behavor but grinned.

He held out his arms, trying to stifle a laugh. I hit his arms away, even though it would just hurt me. I got annoyed at his cocky smirk. I sighed deeply, "Hurry up, Felix."

I looked behind me and smiled a little. They all seemed shocked I could talk to a vampire like that. A scary vampire at that.

"How can you talk like that to a vampire and not be scared?"

I shrugged, "Eh, you get use to it."

They all busted out laughing, even Marcus.

I giggled and followed Felix out of the room. We walked for a little way, going up a spiral stair case. We walked down a hall and stopped in front of a door. he opened it and I gasped. My room was was a huge four poster king size bed in the middle of the room. There were black silk sheets and blanket. There were pillows across the dark wood head board. The walls were a deep burgundy. There were black curtains hanging from the widow that over looked Volterra. In a cornor, across the room, there was a dark brown dresser. It had 4 drawers with gold handles in the middle. I looked to my let and saw a door, probably leading to my own bathroom and closet. But my favrorite thing in the room was the two glass doors that lead to the balcony. I saw a black lounging chair out there. It would be a perfect place to read. I loved my room.

"I'm guessing you like it," Felix commeted on my bright smile.

I nodded, "Please tell Aro that I love my room,"

"I'm sure he would be pleased to hear that," With that said, he was gone.

I closed the door, running to my bed. I jumped in the air, landing on my bed bouncing slightly. I sighed quietly, comfortable.

"I see you like your new room," My head snapped up in the direction the voice came from.

There, leaning agains the door frame casually, was a male vampire around my age. He was beautful, even with his bright ruby eyes.

"And you are?" I tried to keep the stutter out of my voice, but I think he heard it because he smirked.

"Oh yes, how rude of me. I am Alec Volturi," Hmm. Alec, what a unusual name, but fitting.

"Bella Swan," I said.

"Oh I know who you are. Aro is quiet fond of you."

I shudered at that thought. He chuckled, "Not in a romantic way. He already thinks of you as his daughter."

I looked at him, confused, "He hardly knows me."

He nodded and walked a little bit closer to me, "I know, but theirs something about you. It's like everybody can not not love you." (Does that make sense?)

I remembered Jane, 'But Jane hates me,"

He chuckled, "No Isabella, Jane is jealous of you. Aro was fond with you when he first layed eyes on you. But she will get over it. I can see you being quiet good friends."

I looked at him in disbelief, "How can you know that?"

"Jane is my twin," He said simply.

I looked up at him threw my eyelashes. His breath hitched when he saw me, "And you, Alec?" Wait, what? What am I doing? I love Edward, right? I mean, I just found out my fiancé cheated on me! But something in me....well I just seem to not care anymore.

He stepped forward again. By know he was right at the side of the bed. He leand down slightly, "For some reason, I find it hard to stay away from you," His cool breath washed over my face. It was a woodsy and pines smell. I couldn't find my voice to speak, but I didn't have to. Alec's lips were on mine before I could find it.

And I kissed him back. This just feels so...so right. I couldn't describe it. It wasn't like anything with Edward. His kisses were so carful, safe. Alec's were so much...much better. Sparks went flying when I felt his tongue enter my mouth. He pushed me back slightly so I pulled him down on top of me. He pulled back so I could breath and smiled down at me.

"Does this feel as right for you as it does for me?" He asked.

Instead of answering, I pulled him down for another kiss.

Bella's POV

It's been 60 years since I found out Edward cheated on me. It doesn't hurt anymore, far from it actually. I am greatful he cheated, I wouldn't be were I was today. I am now Mrs. Alec Volturi. I have been married for 57 years. I am Aro's daughter and niece of Marcus and Cauis. My best friend's are Jane (Who really did come around like Alec said), Heidi and Chelsea. Felix and Demertri are like older brothers to me. Jane is a mix between Alice and Rose (I winced at the thought of them. I really missed the Cullen's except for Edward). Heidi is like another Rosalie, fierce yet sweet and fun. Chelsea is the more calm one, but is also fun and crazy when she wants to be. Felix is more crazy and loud type. He reminds me a lot of Emmett. Demetri is more of a sweet and romantic type, perfect for Chelsea. Alec is perfect. Of course he's perfect to me though, he's kinda like my imprint and soul mate. I can absorb other vampires I have absorbed Jane's power (On accident, or so I say), I can see others past, I can teleport anything, put thoughts in others minds, I can read minds when I would like, I could already controle the weather but now I can control all of the elements. I can change my appearace, even look like a human. My newest power is that I can give a vampire one gift. Yeah, I'm pretty powerful.

I was currently walking to the family room, that's what daddy like's to call it.

I walked in and saw everybody sitting around with there mates. Everybody is Alec, daddy, uncle Cauis and uncle Marcus, Jane, Hedi, Felix, Chelsea and Demetri. I walked ovet to where Alec was sitting, and plopped down beside him. He grabbed my and and smiled at me.

I looked at Father. He was the one who had to tell us something.

Father and my uncles looked nervous when they looked at me, "Isabella, I invited some guests who are coming in tomorrow. They will be staying here for a month. They are old friend's of mine and I would like them to meet my daughter." Again.He said mentally.

Oh, It was the Cullen's. I decided to play with him a bit.

"Who are these guests?" I said sweetly.

By the look on there faces, they all figured out who it was and what I am dong. They were trying to stifle there smiles and laughter.

"Um," He stuttered.

He really shouldn't be nervous. I'm ecstatic I get to see them again. I get to see my old familiy and make Edward's life like hell all at once!

I looked at Uncle Marcus but he flinched. I had to bite my lip to keep the laughter down.

I looked back at father, "Daddy, who is it?" I saw everybody shake from silent laughter.

"Um, it's the Cullens," He flinched when he said the word.

My eyes turned red. Everybody in the castle knows that when I get really angry,my eyes turn red and I don't say a thing, I'm on fire. Father and my uncles flinched when they saw me, sitting deeper in the couch. Right know, inside I was laughing my ass off.

I made my eyes turn a deep black which scared them more than them being red. There eyes widened in fear. I think they were trying to hide in the couch by the looks of them.

I couldn't take it any longer. i busted out laughing, along with everbody else.

I...can't believe...you......fell....for...that," I gasped out between fits of laughter.

Father and Uncle Marcus and Uncle Cauis were staring at me in shock.

"Your not angry?" Father asked.

I giggled again, "Of course I'm not angry! I am excited to see the Cullen's and," I paused, "I am going to make these four weeks for Edward living hell."

"Hell yeah wer are!" Jane yelled, "I am going to make that son of a bitch burn for what he did to you."

I shook my head at her, "No Jane," She pouted, "That's my job," A evil smirk grew across her face.

I looked at her and grinned evilly, "The only person in the Cullen's family who know's I'm alive is Alice. She was telling me all of the stuff he said about me and everything that he has done. Well once he see's me, " All of the girls grinned evilly, 'He is going to be hard."

Daddy cleared his throat uncomfortable, "I don't really want to hear about this Isabella."

I tilted my head to the side and looked at him in mock confusion, "What? You haven't heard Alec and I yet? I thought everybody in the castle can hear me scream his name!"

Everybody busted out laughing except daddy and my uncles who looked sick. It made us laugh harder.

"Izzy, you are pretty loud. It must be really good," We all laughed harder to what Felix said.

Daddy started to get up.

"Wait, Daddy! I need to tell you what I'm gonna do so you wont be so surprised," I said after I calmed down.

He sat back down relunctantly so I proceeded to tell them my plan for when they arrive. They were all hysterics after I was done.

Alec had an expression between amused and reluntant. I kissed him sweetly, "You know I only love you," I whispered against his lips.

He kissed me back and smiled sweetly, "Besides, he's going to have a shit fit when he realizes I'm a married woman," I looked at him seductively then, "And we can show him who I scream for. We can put him in the room three doors down from us. He will most definitely hear us," His eyes darkened while he licked his lips.

"Okay," Daddy said fast, "I'm going to leave now. I dont' need to hear about my daughter's sex life."

I yelled after his retreating form, "You will be hearing it later tonight!"

Everybody laughed while he shuttered.

And he did hear it later that night. I'm sure the whole castle did. It was an amazing night.