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A/N: This is my first crack at a drabbles collection focusing on the interesting Ben and Kevin relationship. Basic format is three or four or five tiny one-shots per chapter; some chapters will have a common theme, some will be completely random. Hope you like.


CHAPTER 1. Milk; Candy bars; Bananas


Ben opened the door to the fridge; peered in, shifted his focus and grinned seeing what he was after. Trotting to the counter with an empty glass waiting to be filled, Ben smiled almost whistling a song that was stuck in his head the last couple of days.

Topping the milk carton over Ben paid no attention until he glared down to find three of the smallest droplets of milk that he had ever seen.

"KEVIN ETHAN LEVIN!" Ben shouted as loud as possible, his face turned a deep plum red as the raven haired teen lumbered into the space.

"What is this?" he demanded shaking the milk carton.


"NO! It's an empty carton that was in the fridge"

"Yeah, that's where I put it…"

"Why did you put an empty milk carton back in the fridge?"

"The trashcan is overflowing?" Ben didn't want to look, he knew doing so would only make things worse…much worse. Ben did the one thing he could do…stomp off like a mad little boy. Before he left, he stopped and turned back.

"Well, let's see how long you can go without milk!" Kevin's eyes grew wide seconds before he pushed Ben out of the way so he could get to the store before it closed; never before had Ben seen Kevin run as fast as he did just then.


Ben closed the book, flopped the notebook closed and looked around before reaching to the left desk drawer. Opening the drawer his eyes widened. What…no…I had it right here…his mind raced as he practically dumped the contents onto the floor.

"Looking for this?" Kevin asked standing in the doorway with a candy bar in his hand.

"Kevin…how did you…" Ben stammered leaping out of the chair. With this Kevin merely smirked.

"Don't want your sweet tooth to get a cavity. Besides, with those health smoothies you've been chugging I thought you were watching your girlish figure…"

Silence. Kevin grinned. Ben turned from a pinkish peach to pink to red to crimson to plum - his jaw so tightly clinched that it felt as though his teeth were about to shatter. Kevin dodged the daggers the younger's eyes threw.

"Kevin Ethan Levin…" his tone low and forced - almost demonic growling "…without chocolate every so often I tend to go a little cuckoo! So do yourself a favor and hand it over"

"You want it, come get it" Kevin retorted sliding the candy bar into the front of his pants. Instantly he cursed what he'd just done, the moment he saw the look in Bens eyes he knew he was screwed…a defined devilish grin crept across Bens tomato red face.


Kevin stared blankly from the living room as Ben - standing in the kitchen, peeled a ripe plump banana before returning to his spot next to the raven haired teen. Although Kevin would have returned his attention to the TV, there was something about the way that Ben held the banana that brought a deep curiosity.

Ben slowly worked the banana in small bites, the whole time, he was oblivious to the fact that Kevin watched.

Slow; soft; a light utter of tasty delight; a twitch of his lower lip around the bottom of the fruit. Kevin's breaths grew short and shallow as he watched; his heart raced faster and faster; he subconsciously brought the tip of his tongue against his upper lip knowing that Ben was unintentionally driving him wild.

Kevin instantly leapt up, grabbed Ben by both arms and drug him towards the bedroom, the only thing Kevin could manage to say was "You. Me. Bedroom, NOW!"


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