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Chapter 11; Keeping up. Donuts. Mothers day.


Ben entered into the living room of his home to find an adult Kevin resting on the couch. At the mans sides, Kenny Tennyson and Devlin Levin slept on their sides keeping their heads resting on Kevin's lap. Ben sat down in a small chair across from Kevin and their boys; Kevin let a slight chuckle slip out catching Ben off guard.

"I guess you were right Tennyson." Kevin grinned. "Me and Devlin can't keep up with you and Kenny."

"You wouldn't know it by looking at those two." Ben smiled watching Kenny and Devlin reaching out to grip the others hand within their own.

"What is it with you Tennyson's that we Levin's fall for?"

"I dunno..." Ben sighed. "...you had me because I was cute. I think Ken likes Devlin because he's cute but with your edgy darkness."

"You still are." Hearing this, Ben leaned in far enough for Kevin to gently brush his lips against Ben's.


Kevin cringed as Ben noisily ate the last few glazed donuts from a box of dozen he bought at the store just moments ago. The raven black haired teen couldn't hide his irritation as Ben dropped crumbs and flickers of dried glaze all over the interior of his car. Every single crumb that hit either the seat or the floor echoed in Kevin's ears as he tried wiping the stress from his face.

"Mmmm I wuv domupts." Ben exclaimed with a mouthful, Kevin looked over just in time to see more crumbs sprinkling everywhere. At that exact moment, Kevin slammed on the brakes forcing the car onto a grassy roadside, Ben forced a hard swallow and looked over to Kevin staring blankly at him. "What's wrong?"

"You're getting crumbs all over my car. That's what!"

As though Kevin never said anything, Ben tilted his head and stared at the last donut in his hand. "How do you think they get the hole in the center?"

With nothing more than a devious smirk, Kevin leaned in and whispered into Ben's ear. The brunet instantly pulled away with a disgusted look on his face. "No they don't!"

"And that glaze..." Kevin trialed off with a wide grin on his face. "...I'm not sure if that's sugar water."

"Yeah well you don't work there so I don't believe what your saying as fact!"

"Then why do you like them so much?"

Ben stared blankly at Kevin stomping on the gas pedal forcing the tires to spin on the soft grass.


Ben replayed the footage of Big Chills offspring fluttering their wings around him before flying off to the deepest and coldest reaches of space. With his attention on the small hand held device, Ben didn't notice the rather loud commotion of Kevin lumbering into his room. The brunet turned in the office chair then up to Kevin leaning against the door frame. Ben's glare went from Kevin to the carpeted floor.

"What's wrong Benji?" Kevin asked stepping further into the room and sitting on the corner of Ben's bed. "You've been moping around for the last few days now."

"I just wonder how they're doing." Ben sighed holding the device for Kevin to see, in response, Kevin smiled.

"Aw...is wittle Benji missing his kids?"

"Shut up Kevin!"

"Well, this might make you feel a little better."

Ben watched as Kevin reached behind his back and pulled out a pink card and handed it to him. "Happy mothers day." the elder grinned as Ben read the card. The brunet wiped away tears cresting at his eyes, stood and wrapped his arms around Kevin.

"I guess I've got to get you something for you for fathers day, then." Ben mumbled into Kevin's chest.