Hell's Angel

There are two types of angels; there are the ones who had died and gone to heaven. Those are the ones you know of, the ones who play with the harp and spend the rest of their eternal life amongst the fluffy white clouds behind the pearly gate.

Then there are the ones who are born angels; the ones who have never known a life that was anything from angelic and saint-like. I don't know if you have guessed yet, but that's me.

Yes, I'm an angel, although I don't have a halo or wings like you humans think we have. Nope. I look like any normal human being – we all do.

So, we pure angels – the ones that were born angels – live our life in the heavenly clouds, living a life any human child would, only in heaven. Oh, did I mention that most of us train to become guardians? No, not guardian angels, but the ones that help fight the darker forces, the bringers of justice, to kick some evil butt.

Others like my mother and farther, either becomes parents, doing ordinary jobs such as teaching the little cherubs (Baby angels) or any other jobs humans would, painting, acting, sweet lord there is even a milkman angel, (That's Larry, he's a sweet heart).

And yes, I'm training to be a guardian, much to my parents horror, well, at least I was.

But never mind that, I'll tell you my story in a bit, first, you have to understand a few other things…

Since there is a heaven, there must be a hell, it is only logical, like Ying and Yang, balance, whatever you humans call it. Hell is where all the demons come from; the ones guardians beat up and send back. I know your next question: does that mean there is a devil? The answer: yes, but don't worry, there's someone else you need to keep your eye one.

The Prince Of Darkness, or POD, as I like to call him, since I am not bothered to say his whole name every bloody time.

A long time ago, the devil tricked an innocent pure angel into conceiving a child with him – don't ask me how he did it, since we angels live by the whole marriage first rule. At first, the poor angel didn't know who or what he was or even that she was carrying the devil spawn. She only clued in when evil thoughts started to poison her mind and when she started to do very un-angel-like things, that others finally discovered something was wrong. The other angels helped her, calmed her through her rages and held her hand as she died giving birth to the son of Satan. Yeah, the basterd killed his own mother during birth, surely that was a sign that he was trouble? But we are angels remember? We don't kill babies just because their mothers died giving birth to them or because of their fathers. Hell, we don't kill babies, full stop. So, Jason the devil child grew up amongst the angels, never treated like anything other than any other pure angel, for nineteen years, that is, until his father's genes started to kick in. Now, there are many rumours of what Jason did to get kicked out heaven, most of them what you expect of the loins of purest evil, but none for sure are true. All I know are the facts; that's he was in his fourth year of training to become a guardian, something happened and he got kick out of heaven. And dude, we're the people who are all for second chances, so for Jason to be kicked out made heaven history. Long story short, he moved in with his dad, to which he was crowned POD, and now rules hell while his dad is off doing whatever he does, I'm not the kind of person who really knows what he's up to, but yeah, I have an idea, lets just say he learned his mistake of angel lovers.

That was over a century ago, and still, no one who knows will speak of why Jason was kicked out. Shame really, I would of have liked to know.

Ok, so back to the present, and back to my own story.

Right, I got it now…

I'm Delilah Silverstone, guardian in training. I'm in my third year of guardianship, so if you do the math, that makes me eighteen. I'm not what you expect in an angel, I'm loud, bossy, back chatting and really, just a plain old pain in the arse. Yes, angels can swear, and no, we don't burst into flames or have to brush our teeth with holy water, it's just frowned upon.

In many respects, I look like my dad, or at least, that's what I think. Everyone else says they can see my mum in me, don't worry, I didn't eat her.

I have brown curly hair that becomes a ball of fluff if in contact with water, so I normally straighten mine. My eyes are my dads, a really dark brown that is black at first, but if you stare at it long enough, you see that they are brown. Unlike both of my parents, my figure is curvy and I'm a little short – if you consider 5"3 short. I have the figure most pure angels don't: they are tall and slim, while I am short and got some breasts – 34E to be precise. Despite my slight exotic looks, I'm pale, the kind of pale that could become a nice golden colour like most angels if I just stayed out in the heavenly warm sun more often.

As becoming a guardian, I have to endure five years of training, which include fighting, weaponry, demonology, angelic law, human studies and so much more. In all honesty, I prefer the fighting and weaponry; the swords and punching techniques are cool.

Being a guardian is very important, only few angels make it through the whole training program and even fewer survive the following years after. Any guess why my parents don't want me to become a guardian? Guardians fight demons, the minions of hell who are set loose on poor defenceless earth. Humans don't know about them or us, and all the destruction the little buggers leave behind can be names as "Natural disasters" or "Freak accidents". And sometimes they are even humans who have Sight, the ability to see us, but most of them either go mad or don't believe what they are seeing. So it is either the nut house or live you life in denial, hmm, choices, choices.

Another thing I should tell you before we get started is that both Heaven and Hell have many different realms. Since there are so much angels and demons, there has to be a place to put them all. Each realm acts like – the best way to describe it is Earth. Lets say Earth is a realm, and there are hundreds of Earths, maybe thousands. To get to each realm, you need a portal, magic that is both demon and angelic. Each realm is hidden from one another, like heaven and hell are hidden from Earth. You following me so far?

I suppose your wondering why I'm telling you all this, I mean, c'mon, it's not exactly like you need to know or anything. But you see, something happened to me. Something, that if I try to explain it, I might just understand it myself.

There are a lot of things I could tell you, many places to begin my story. I could start when I first began guardianship, but hell, that would be a long story. There's always the time when I saw my first demon in second year, but don't really want to traumatize you, you are after all, humans.

But, I think I know where to start, it's kind of obvious now I think about it. I'll start at the day when my whole life got turned upside down. And I mean that. It wasn't even my fault, for once.

So, before I start a rant on the person who's fault it really is, I begin my story…