Hell's Angel

Faces dance amongst my vision as I battled against the urge to loose consciousness. Snarling faces that were both demonic and inhuman, twisted in a way no other could. Skin purple and bloody red, a cross between a gargoyle and an uncreative five-year olds moulding clay of what was only what you could presume to be a face of a human. Demons came in all shapes and sizes, all ugly as hell its self and all resembling some animal on earth, with an added feature or two. The one in my sight, had purple skin and oily strands of vivid red hair, eyes bulging and face covered in yellow pus-filled sores.

What I know of demons, I've learned, came from a classroom, and training. I've only ever killed two demons, and both times I had the advantage. The lesser demons, the ones that become slaves to those with more power.

I suppose this is a good time to mention that pure angels can die. While all the once-human angels live for eternity in peace. However, it takes a great amount of power to kill an angel, and trust me, these two combined couldn't zap my hair a different colour, let alone kill me. Call it a hunch, but something told me that these two was just the beginning of my problems.

The thought made me struggle in a desperate attempt to break free of the second demons hold. The demon wouldn't budge.

As I struggled, the purple face appeared in front of me, it's snout-like nose bunched up as it bore down at me, grinning toothily, showing off blacked-stubs – which I could only presume to be it's teeth.

It giggled; the high-pitched sound seemed out of place, coming from the hunched, gangly figure, it was like my attempt of escape amused it, nice to know one of us is having a ball.

Unable to look a the one behind me, I could only watch in growing fear as the small purple demon raised it's long bony arms skyward, and began to chant, voice now becoming deep and ancient, vibrating to the very core. The heavy sound of its voice was all I could her, yet I could feel a slight breeze stir against the still night, making the trees around us sway, disturbing fallen leaves from the earth I was pinned against.

A spark of energy ignited above the hand of the small demons hands the colour the purest of crimson. I tried to scream, but found that I couldn't, it was like all the air inside my body was being sucked out, all my energy drained. That small spark become a whirlpool of red fire, suspended in mid-air. A portal. Now I was scared.

A portal meant we were going to a different realm, away from home, away from heaven, to demon lands. Hell realms. Call me pessimistic, but I have a niggling feeling that wherever we were going, it wasn't very nice.

My heartbeat was now pounding in my throat, making it hard to breathe, my head spun, as I watched the portal whirl into red, fiery fames. I was so dead; it was even obvious to me. The thought filled me with an unsettling calm, accepting my fate like someone who didn't fear what would happen after. No one knows what happens to the pure angels after they die, just like you humans don't. We have ideas, the most popular is that we are reborn as humans, and start out a new life and then die and have eternity of peace.

I have been trained and prepared for something like this. Since most guardians died on battle, all those who are still in training have come to accept this, all willing to die knowing that they have done some good in the world, to die honourably.

The small purple demon stepped through the portal, and the one that held me dung its claws into the soft flesh of my upper-arms, making me cry out in pain. The sudden reality of what was happening made my unnatural calm go out the window, replaced but fear so raw that for a moment, my heart stopped, only to begin again at a more speeding rate. I thrashed wildly against the demon, not even caring about all the lessons on fighting or defence. Some guardian I turned out to be.

The long talon claws dragged me to my feet, towards the whirling red flames and to what lay beyond it. I dug my heels into the ground, in a faint hope that I could stop the demon from forcing me into that portal. Yeah, I should be so lucky.

The walk towards the portal was agonizingly slow, like slow motion. Each step, I could feel my life slipping away from me, and all I could do was watch in complete and utter terror as the whirling vortex of red fames loomed closer.

Shielding my eyes from both the light and heat of the red fames, all I knew that the uncommonly large demon behind me, pushed me roughly, and then all I could feel was the strange sensation of my stomach jumping into my throat.

Have you ever walked up the stairs in the dark? And you thought there was an extra step when there wasn't? That was what it was like, the shock was so powerful, that your logic is wrong, makes it all the more petrifying. I opened my eyes just a crack, but all I saw was fiery red, the heat seared at my eyes, forcing them closed again.

Then I toppled onto a cold stone floor.

There was an eerie pause of silence, the kind that only consists of the heartbeats and held breath of everyone else in the room. The back of my head throbbed painfully, making me hiss in pain, the sound echoing loudly.

I watched with almost awe as my blood dripped freely onto the dark stone floor, the shade of red complemented the colour of the stone beneath me.

There was a scrape, then a shuffling sound. Looking up, I saw the small purple demon come to stand a little in front of where I lay, bowing so low, his little piggy-nose brushed the gothic-stone floor. "My Lord," He breathed, voice full of reverence and fear, not partially in that order. "Banshar has brought you a gift."

Little Banshar straightened himself, yet his eyes remained wide with the fearful respect for his master. There was slow and very deliberate footsteps that stopped just in front of me, it took all my will not to look away from the small and slightly trembling demon and to look at the cause of those footfalls.

Whispers erupted, filling my pounding head with noise, the kind that just seemed to buzz; yet you couldn't understand a word of it. The noise died instantly, like there was some kind of signal given. I finally looked up and wish I didn't.

I stared almost disbelievingly back into ebony blue eyes, the eyes I dreamed about.

Those dark blue eyes widened just for the briefest of moments, before hardening into something no angel could ever hold in their eyes.

"A gift?" His voice was as soft as silk, yet the anger behind it made my skin crawl. The small and unfortunately not very bright demon nodded happily coming towards us.

"Yes, My Lord." His voice now had gone squeaky with excitement, balling his fist in my brown curls and hurling it upward, making me cry out in pain as the roots of my hair protested. "An angel."

Looking around my surroundings for the first time, I noticed that the large room was dark; the only light came from flickering candles and the light of the full moon that spilled in through a large window behind a large throne. People stood at the wings, women, men and greater demons, all dress finely with obvious wealth. They all stared back with anticipation, the building excitement that made me feel uneasy.

"An angel?" a tall girl with titian hair and a rosy complexion stepped forward, dressed in golden silk gown that pooled around her, walking towards us, scorn plain on her doll-like features. "Jason, you can't possibly…"

Stop, re-wined, run that by me again. Did she say Jason? THE Jason? Jason, Prince of Darkness, Devil spawn?

Jason turned his gaze towards the girl, and her words died in her throat. I felt a few strands of my hair give way to Banshar's grip, which may I add, is unnaturally strong for such a tiny demon?

A small gasp escaped my lips on its on accord, winning all the attention in the large throne room. Like he was given a silent command, Banshar released me, my chin dropping to the floor before I had a chance to brace myself. The metallic taste of blood filled my mouth, making me gag before reluctantly swallowing. I didn't need to loose any more blood.

A pale hand appeared in front of me; I looked up to the handsome, guarded face of Jason, his black hair falling into those midnight blue, unreadable eyes.

I glared back down at the hand with all the burning hatred I could muster, and it was a lot. I know I'm an angel and I should believe in forgiveness and all that, but this guy didn't even deserve my anger, but tough, he got it.

I heard him sigh, grabbing my wrist, only when he did, I screamed with pain.

In heaven, we don't feel pain, but when training to become a guardian, we do. Only this, this was beyond anything I have ever felt. It was like my whole body was on fire, yet my blood became solid and frozen. Blood dripped from where his hand touched me, mingling with his own.

I knew I was loosing too much blood, but I couldn't bring myself to pull away. I watched my crimson blood drip away from my body, the room spinning slightly.

The last thing I saw was raw fear in the eyes of the devil's son's.


Waking up is always hard. The reluctance to enter reality is always too great. You cling to the idea of make believe for just those moments longer before the disappointment of knowing your awake hits. I awoke to black silken sheets and a million pillows, the crackle of a fire made the room bright with an orange glow. I guess hell isn't so bad. No sooner had the thought entered my mind, did I sit bolt up, clinging the silken sheets to my body as a child would. My whole body was stiff and sore in every place imaginable and some places not. But most of all, my left wrist hurt like hell itself, no pun intended. Looking around the large room, I could see that it's interior was both black and crimson, altogether, very gothic-like. The bed was a king-size four-poster, silky black curtains to match the sheets.

There was a timid knock on a large oak door I hadn't noticed yet; it opened, revealing a small woman with white hair and a lined pale face. "M'Lady," she bowed and brought forth a silver tray basking in fruits and a matching teapot. She laid the tray on a wooden table, something that looked right out of a Victorian Stanley home. She shuffled towards the drawn windows, and began to pull them away, filling the dark room with pale light. She did this with the following two, before turning back towards me. "I'll have some clothes brought," she bowed again, and then the small woman scuttled out the room as fast as her wizened legs could carry her. Maybe it's just me, but is their something weird going on?

The sweet aroma of the fruits was like a siren's call, making my stomach growl, clearly telling me that it was time to eat. I might be dumb – dumb enough to get herself caught by lesser demons – but I'm not that dumb. Like I really was going to eat the food made by demons, I'll end up poisoned. I sighed, running my fingers through my messy curls, when something caught my eye.

M left wrist was red and swollen, but that was not what caused a stir of panic inside me. Like a bracelet, black-entwining lines weaved around my wrist gracefully. If I didn't know any better, I would say that I had got a tattoo, but I did know better.

Looking away from the artful addition to my body, my eyes fell on the nearest window; I was suddenly intrigued to what hell really looked like. Was there really fire and flames? As I got out of the large bed, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror hanging over the fireplace, and was shocked.

M already pale skin was an unnatural chalky while, showing the effect of blood loss. My dark brown eyes looked too wide for my face, full of the fear I felt. A red silk nightdress flowed elegantly towards my bare feet. It exposed my bare shoulders and a little more chest than was necessary. Nice to know that I matched the interior.

I walked over to the window, feet plunging into a soft, thick black carpet and when I reached the window, I had to make sure that I could still see my feet.

Outside was beautiful, that was the only way to describe it. It reminded my of something an artist would paint, a lonely and isolated scene that held hidden beauty beneath the neglect.

I looked upon wild rose bushes and crumbling water fountains, with wonder. There was a maze, over-grown and unkempt, and in the centre of it was a weatherworn angel, wings and all. Her hands reached skyward, vines and stray roses encircled her, the slight flaws on the statue brought out the beauty. It was not something you would expect to find in hell.

Before I could make any more speculations, there was another knock on the door, I waited for the person to come in, when they didn't, I called. "Yes?" the door opened and a young girl- no more than fourteen – walked in, carrying a bundle of clothes. She lay them down over the back of an armchair, beside the fireplace and silently moved to make the bed. Her hair was a vivid shade of red that suggested demon heritage, eyes a strange amber. When the bed was made, she turned to me and asked. ?"Are you not hungry, my queen?"

"What?" did I hear right? I hope not.

"Are you-?" she began again, I shook my head, walking towards her. "What did you just call me?"

I watched as the young demi-demon began to tremble under my gaze, yellow-eyes filling up with tears. "Do you wish to be called something else? Your highness?"

I shook my head, feeling the back of it throb, ignoring it; I tried to make my tone softer. "I meant, why did you call me you queen??"

When the girl saw that I wasn't going to bite her head off, she replied in a matter-of-fact tone. "Because you are my queen." She bowed and smiled at me. Was this a form of torture? It was working. I let out a sigh, "What make you think I'm your queen?" I tried, patience wearing thin. Her Gaze dropped to my left wrist, voice becoming soft. "You wear the mark, my queen." Right, I was going to wake up now…

"This," I held up my swollen wrist, the pretty tattoo on display. "This means I'm your queen?" the girl nodded, pleased that I finally got it. Well hell. I looked around the room, my blazing gaze falling on the wooden door. "Where is he?" I didn't bother elaborating on who he was; there was only one he I wanted to punch right now. The small demon girl looked frightened again, probably unsure who was best to defy, her king or her… queen. "M-m-my l-lord is busy…" I just bet he was.

I stormed out of the red-and-black room, the small redhead already protesting behind me. I began throwing open every door a came across, yet I found no devil spawn. "Jason!" I screamed as loud as my vocal cords would allow. "Get your fucking arse here, now." I paused dramatically, waiting for him to appear with a frightened expression, begging me not to kick his arse to a next hell dimension. Nothing.

I sighed in frustration, he was purposely avoiding me, and I knew it.

Storming down a grand staircase, I cursed under my breath as I went, attracting attention of others as I did so. "Stop hiding you – you – you cowardly devil spawn."

Heads popped around the sides of doors, looking curiously at me with eyes so strange it made me nervous. Somehow, I found myself staring at a large double door. The protest of the young demon became stronger; I guess this was the door for me.

I have no clue how, but I felt a need to go into that room, and that alone made me want to run as far away from it as I could. The door opened before I could convince myself that going in that room was a bad idea, revealing a grinning demon. He could have passed for human, save from the fanged teeth, and the predatory light in his eyes, wow my first vampire. "My queen." He grinned - or was it a bearing of his fanged teeth? - And winked at me, opening the door wider for me to enter.

The throne room was exactly how I remembered it, dark, full of demons and very gothic-like, the only thing missing is my blood that once stained the stone floor.

Jason looked up, and for a moment, I was stunned by just how perfect his eyes were. The way her raven-black locks felling into smoky blue eyes, it made me wonder if his hair was really as soft as it looked, an image of me running my fingers through his hair to find out…

He sat one the stone throne, demons at the wings once again, the energy coming of them made me shiver – greater demons. As I entered, they all fell to their knees, thought some reluctantly hovered between a crouch and a sitting position. Jason rose, expression pained. "Delilah," the way he said my name made my chest feel tight with a longing that was clearly not mine, yet I had to remind myself why I was here.

"You basterd!" I yelled bunching up the red silken dress so that I could cross the stone floor without tripping. "Send me back! Tell these lot," I waved my arm in the direction of the kneeling demons. "Tell them I'm some queen and remove this bloody tattoo thingy of me. Now." I crossed my arms in a stubborn gesture, waiting for the Prince of Darkness to reply. The whole room hummed with silence as Jason stared back at me, while the demons grinned down at the floor. "Well?"

Jason walked slowly towards me, making me note just how tall he was. He wore a crimson shirt that matched my dress that opened at the neck, showing off the pale skin that lay beneath. His trousers were black, tucked into knee-high boots that you would expect a pirate to were, only, on Jason, they didn't look ridiculous. As he walked, every muscle in his body moved, displaying the well-defined tone and structure that honestly made me want to drool. When he stooped, there was only millimetres distance between us, if he expected me to back up he was sorely disappointed.

I stared back in to those smoky blue eyes, just the right blue, wanting to get lost in the ocean of blue and black…

"You want to go back?" His voice was oddly firm, yet to me his words seemed like a question.

"Yes," I tried not to wince to how my voice paled in comparison to his.

"You want me to tell my people that you are not their queen?" I nodded, not daring to trust my voice this time. "And you want me to remove your mark?" I wanted to say it was a funny tattoo thingy, but kept my mouth shut, so I just nodded again.

Jason let out a breath I had no idea he had been holding, "I can't remove you mark, it's a power I have no control over." That was ok, it looked pretty and I guess I could live with it.

"That mark means that you are queen, and since I cannot remove it, you are stuck as queen whether you like it or not," Hold on just a minute. I opened my mouth to tell him were he could stick his mark when his voice cut me off. "And if you want to go back, we'll have to open another portal and run it by your realm guardian, it should take a few days."

I let out a sigh of relief, at least I could go home, I can't be no queen when I am in heaven. "How long?" Jason looked surprised, like he expected another outburst. Rubbing the shadow of stubble beginning to grow, he replied cautiously. "About seven days, and you can spend up to forty-eight hours in you realm before the portal closes and you have to come back."

I was in the process of nodding when the meaning of his words hit me. "What do you mean, 'come back'?" and just when I thought we were making progress.

"You are queen," Princey replied like that explained everything, "Your duty is to rule and govern our people." He waved in the general direction of the still kneeling demons, whom had become very interested in the exchange.

I laughed bitterly; he honestly believed I would become the queen of hell. "Hell will sooner freeze over" I glared back; he had a screw loose if he thinks I'm going to stick around and play kings and queens. Jason stared steadily back, "You haven't a choice in the matter." His words were oddly final, like the full stop at the end of a sentence.

I raised a brow, my lips curving into a smile. "Is that so?"

Then, I swung a punch at his smug little perfect face. Sadly, my fist never made contact. Before I knew it, Jason held both my wrists in his strong hands in a grip lock, out bodies pressing together. My left wrist tingled from the contact, the sensation shooting down my arm, and playfully teasing the tips of my fingers until they buzzed with live power. "I have a years more training in guardianship than you do," I looked up at Jason, watching as a wild light flicked behind the blue of his eyes.

I found myself smiling, head tilted upwards. "I like a challenge." As soon as the words left my moth, did I realise how very flirtatious and un-angel-like they sounded.

But the closeness and physical contact made my head spin, and I don't even know what funky stuff was happening to my arm. "Do you?" Jason bent his head, so that his lips hovered over mine, they looked soft and full, making you wonder just how soft they were. I would only have to lift my chin just a fraction to find out the true softness of his lips. The raw need to make mine brush his was painful, like an ache that can never truly be stated, and that pain was so sharp, I realised whose lips they were.

I was an angel, and he was the devil's son. Our kind does not mix. And here I was, about to play tonsil tennis with him. I pulled away, and he let me, because I was sure he could have held me there if he really wanted to.

The sudden loss of contact made my body turn cold, like he had stolen all the heat from me.

I hugged myself, in a hope to recover so of that heat, but failed. The longing for him was still there, if not more painful. My whole body trembled and for once, I felt so vulnerable, like going into a war unarmed and blind. I was aware of everyone else around me, their every breath seemed to fascinate me, anything would as long as it kept my mind away from him.

Jason's gaze burned a hole through me; I could feel it, the image of those blue eyes made me squeeze my eye shut, trying to rid it from my brain. I found an interest in the stone floor, I've never really appreciated a floor before, this one was very… stone-like.

"Is Hell's queen so shy?" I looked up to see the vampire who had opened the door for me, grinning as he leaned against the side of the throne, arms crossed. Jason let out a sigh, making my gaze turn to him almost involuntary. Almost.

"Leave it, Damian." He warned. Damian ignored him, continuing to stare at me with open interest. "Your not the kind of queen I expected."

I smiled, speaking through gritted teeth. "I'm sorry to disappoint you."

Damian raised his brows, mouth twitching, "She's a fiery one, Jase, I don't think you'll be able to handle her." There was an outbreak of smirks along the demons faces, but none were brave enough to laugh. I just glared back, arms crossed while Jason rolled his eyes. "If you think you can handle her…" he shrugged. "Be my guest."

I looked over sharply at Jason, "Say what now?" I looked between the two, both grinning like hell. Oh I get it, make fun of the angel, yeah great laugh. I narrowed my eyes, but couldn't think of something witty enough as a reply, instead, I turned a walked out of that room and didn't look back.


I ended back in the room I woke up in, with the tray of fruits as my temptation, just there, looking even more inviting as each second passed. This was going to be a long seven days. At least I had Millie for company, the red-haired demon for earlier, her real name is some long weird thing so I christened her Millie. She was okay once she realised that I wasn't going to get her head cut off for making my bed wrong. She chatted; I listened, only barely hearing the life of working in the kitchens and making the bed of the greater demons and vampires and ladies of the palace.

From what she said, there were a lot of ladies who were interested in Jason, all wanting for him to crown her queen. And since I'm queen that made me target number one. Finally, she convinced me to eat something and I didn't die of poison or anything like that. It made me feel guilty for thinking so in the first place.

Around afternoon, there was a knock on the door, and Millie scrambled to her feet.

I knew who it was already, the strange feeling in my stomach, something like butterflies fluttered. Jason came in; face betraying nothing, though he did raise his brows at the sight of me and Millie. "Your portal is ready," he announced in a neutral voice, yet his eyes cut right through me. I gaped back at him. "You said…"

Jason continued to stare. "It seemed that you realm were anxious to get you back."

I smiled and rose out of my seat, only to study him. "What's the catch?" he looked too…diplomatic. He shrugged, eyes still unreadable. " We have come to an arrangement. You can stay in your realm as long as you wish."

My eyes narrowed, arms crossed. "The catch?"

The look Jason gave me was unnerving. "There is none." Yeah right.

I continued to stare and he stared right back until we were having this sort of match to see who would look away first. I did. "So, can I go?"

Jason nodded, holding the door. "After you, my queen." I ignore that; I was playing nice since I could go home. I gave Millie one last smile and walked out and began to follow Jason. We walked in silence until we reached the same oak door of the throne room, I resisted the urge to say 'here again?'

Jason opened the door and waited until I stepped in. The room was empty, yet there was a swirling portal like the one I seen the little demon make. Only, this one was a soft blue, and it was more of a glow than flames. Jason leaned against the door, the light of the portal reflected in his eyes. "What you waiting for?" He asked.

I looked between him and the portal and back to him. "Thank you," I offered a small smile. Jason's expression softened and nodded. "Your welcome,"

I looked at the portal, the feeling of anticipation rose, I walked until the whirl of it's swirling light stirred strands of my hair. A pang of sadness hit at the thought of leaving, but I pushed myself in before I could dwell on it. No need for cold feet.

The sensation of flying hit, I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling. And when a soft breeze caressed my face, I opened my eyes to see my mother's tear-streaked face hurdling towards me.

"Del!" she cried, hugging me so tight that I could hardly breathe; I looked over my shoulder to see my father blink away tears from his eyes, smiling at me. "I though I would never see you again," My mother wailed, her grip tight.

I looked around us, we were at the gate, where official portals open to our realm, it was dark, nighttime. I was home.

But why did I feel like there was something missing?

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