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Posted: 18-03-11

Updated: 28-06-11

CH18: An All Out Battle

(The Forest of Death)

The Jōhyō wrapped itself around Naruto's wrist, causing him to drop to his knee instantly feeling the drowsiness it caused him to feel wear him down. Naruto growled tiredly in an attempt to get back on his feet as he tugged onto the Rope Dart. The Kirigakure genin was smart. Instead of fighting him head on, she had resorted to using her Jōhyō to subdue him like a wild animal that had to be tranquilized before taken down. The weapon induced drowsiness upon skin contact, a quite impressive tool Naruto would have admitted if it hadn't been used on him.

The kunoichi smirked with satisfaction, however Naruto was much more valiant than she had expected, judging from her soon unnerved expression as she called for her remaining teammate to pick up her other male genin that had been taken out by the blond earlier. "This guy is crazily strong, I don't know how long I can keep him down. Get Genji and let's GO! We already got his scroll!"

"ARGH!" Naruto tugged on to the Jōhyō aggressively, reminding himself his ambushers had taken his scroll. Naruto cursed his luck for once again he had been forced to fight a devious woman. As if on cue, his chest began to hurt once again and his wounds began to bleed. Wondering why he always had to fight 'chicks' and why in the hell the Kyūbi had not healed him yet Naruto roared angrily, breaking the drowsy spell with his rage. "Come here!" Naruto grabbed onto the rope dart with two hands and tugged it so violently he yanked the Kiri kunoichi across the dirt and kneed her in the stomach. The kunoichi lurched, gasping for air and in pain as her eyes widened. Naruto wrapped the Jōhyō around her and ripped the poisonous dart off the tip.

"Let her go you bastard!"

Naruto ignored the kunoichi's teammate and lifted her above him with one hand and chucked her into the stream to his left. Appearing next to the tied up kunoichi in a blink of an eye Naruto grasped her by her forehead, "Suirō no Jutsu!" The water from the riverbed swept up and collided onto the kunoichi and formed a cocoon. Having safely secured the kunoichi in his Water Prison, Naruto dropped to one knee cursing himself under his breath for leaving the hideout where he was supposed to be resting up and meditating to speak with the Kyūbi. "If you want her back gimme back my scroll, asshole!" Even shouting took effort, the jinchūriki noted.

"Don't you dare hurt her!" The Kiri ninja shouted taking out the Earth scroll he had appropriated from Naruto.

"Does it look I'm the kind of guy that would hurt her?" Naruto wanted to shake his head at the boy's foolishness. The only reason why he was in this predicament was because he heard a feminine scream that belonged to the girl he now had in his Water Prison. The Kiri team he was fighting had been keeping an eye on them and monitored their hideout. When Yugito and Hari had left, they had mistakenly hoped to be able to lure Naruto out of the hideout so that they could capture him to use him for leverage. Naruto smiled painfully, still content with himself for giving his first enemy a sound trashing for trying to sneak up on him when he was trying to help the petite kunoichi he had in his Suirō. "I need to stop thinking with my dick, damn it!" He rebuked himself in the realms of his mind. His compulsive hitting on women because he was uncomfortable with the aspect of commitment would come to bite him in the ass big time one day, he figured. And when that day came this incident would be nothing but a minor mishap in comparison.

The Kiri ninja shouldering his fallen teammate approached Naruto with the scroll outstretched in his free hand shouted, "Okay, here's your fucking scroll now let her go."

"Sure," a feral smile crept onto Naruto's face. The ninja was close enough. And so he released his Water Prison technique and in an split second he shot across the grass so fast his foolish adversary could hardly blink before being jump-kneed in the face and sent to the ground with a broken nose. Naruto jumped on top of him, reared back his arm and began pummeling the Kiri ninja in the face repeatedly, only stopping once he heard the satisfying crack of a broken jaw. "Serves you right," the prankster thought getting off the unconscious ninja with his own Earth scroll. "Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now, huh?" Naruto stumbled to the river stream and lifted the kunoichi up by her collar.

"P- Please..."

"Please what?" He chucked her against a tree, approaching her as she slid down with an uncomfortable thud. He noted she was so drenched he could see through her top and spotted her black lingerie piece. She was a lucky girl to have faced off against him rather than any other shinobi out there. She was attractive which was a dangerous attribute for herself if anything.

"Please let us go!" She said teary eyed, crawling up against the tree like a snail in complete fear of the powerhouse that had singlehandedly taken out her team. "I'm begging you."

Naruto bent over with struggle and picked up a kunai blade that had sunk into the ground. "What makes you think I should show any mercy to you? You guys knew I was injured. That's why you waited for my team to leave before you lured me out of here."

"We- we're sorry! Please... just don't kill us."

"I should though, don't you think? You were more than prepared to kill me for my scroll. Do you honestly think I'll believe for a second you would show the same compassion to anyone else out there? I should kill you," he affirmed with a step forward with the kunai gripped tightly in his hand. He didn't particularly enjoy this but he knew he couldn't afford to be compassionate to those that wanted to harm him. Not always and certainly not now.

"Look, ma- maybe we can work something out? Maybe you and I can- you know..." The kunoichi was at her wits end now. Desperation took over. Self preservation instincts were too strong for the young kunoichi.

"What do you mean?" Naruto didn't know what she meant but he stopped his approach, glad to postpone killing the kunoichi.

"I'll fuck you if you let us go!" She shouted with a radiant blush. She convinced herself if she closed her eyes and pretended she was with her boyfriend it wouldn't be bad. And since she offered it, it wasn't rape, she told herself.

"You're such an idiot," Naruto said harshly stepping forward once again. "If I was that kind of guy, I would've had my way with you regardless of whether you offered it or not." It was a harsh way of putting it but it was the truth. Fortunately for the kunoichi he wasn't that kind of guy. "And besides, you're not my type."

"Y- you're lying. Why else did try and help me? All men think of on- one thing and that's getting laid. You can't possibly tell me you're not even considering taking my offer or even ha- having your way with me like you sai-"

A kunai lodged itself an inch into the tree next to her head with a flick Naruto's wrist. He looked furious with his angered expression and glinting eyes. "Who the fuck do you think I am?"

"I- I'm sorry! So sorry! Pl- please just let us go! We'll leave and we won't come back for revenge- I promise!"

"Your promises aren't worth shit to me. Everything you have offered so far is nothing I care for. If I wanted you, I would take you," he stepped closer and unsheathed his ninja-to from his back-strap as he spoke. "If I wanted to prevent you from coming after me, I could just kill you right here... right now."

"W- wait! I have the scroll – you can take that can't you?" She blushed furiously as he approached her.

"Why are you blushing?" Naruto levied his blade and rested it under chin, forcing her to make eye contact. "What's so embarrassing?"

"I- I sealed it..."

"Where's your scroll? In her?" He tapped the pouch on her hip with the tip of his ninja-to. When she shook her head Naruto curved his head in confusion. "Where?" He demanded.

"In m- my bra."

"The scroll's too big to hide down there." An annoyed twitch broke on his temple. This was getting very tiresome. "Where is it?"

"It's in my br- bra! I've got a seal hidden under it!"

"Wh- what?" Naruto was genuinely taken back. Had he cared for it, he would have complimented her for her ingenuity. Instead he raised his ninja-to and sliced downwards.

The kunoichi flak jacket shred open along with her tight body suit. Naruto wiped away his nosebleed, forcing himself to think objectively and not about his captive's perky bust. Naruto hesitated a moment but resolved quickly and crouched in front of the kunoichi and slide his hand into her body, ignoring the soft breast he brushed past to get to the clasp on her back. He frowned, undoing a bra clasp was next to impossible with one hand.

"Ah, your hands are cold!"

"Sh- shut up!" He told her sheathing his ninja-to and withdrawing his hands and placing them on her shoulders. Naruto swallowed thickly, this was awfully erotic and all for a damn scroll. He pulled down the fabric down to elbows, exposing her luscious cleavage under her black lingerie piece and her milky white skin.

"I thought you weren't interested me in this way," the kunoichi commented slyly. The look on his was ever so typical, even her boyfriend still pulled the expression when they were alone.

"I thought I told you to shut up," Naruto told her, reaching under her soft skinned arms to reach the clasp and fiddle with it.


Naruto stood back holding up the garment piece, ignoring the tag despite his curiosity to find out her size.

"I'm a D cup in case you're wondering," the kunoichi teased, spreading her legs erotically. She moved excessively to bounce her perky breasts teasingly. If he could resist her now, she was Buddha.

Naruto gawked at the site. "No!" He reminded himself. "I told you I'm not that kind of guy."

"Why not? Sooner or later, whether it's now or years from now, you'll probably force yourself on a woman anyway. Might as well get some practice in now, don't you think?" The kunoichi goaded him with a sexy smirk as she shifted herself into another erotic position she knew her boyfriend loved. "Come on you fool... come and force yourself on me so I can snap your fucking neck. What fucking kid your age doesn't want to get laid?"

Naruto ignored her and held up the lingerie for his examination. It was still warm and had her scent. "Focus, Uzumaki!" He told himself, turning over the bra and feeling the insides of what the thought were called the 'cups' of a bra. "There we go," he felt something under the right part of the garment and after closer inspection found a sealing tag under a double layer.

"You must be talented with seals," Naruto turned to her holding up the tag and tossing the bra on the girl, "It's got a blood seal on it." He walked over to her, crouching right in front of her and reached over for the kunai he had thrown at her earlier. "I'm going to need a bit of your blood- ngh!"

Suddenly the kunoichi had kissed him so aggressively he had forgotten where he was. Before his brain could process it her legs were wrapped around his hips and she had cut the ropes onto the kunai lodged into the tree. The kunoichi wrapped her arms around his neck moaning to his groans and grinding her hips onto him erotically. "Fuck me!"

"Nngh!" Naruto didn't know what he was doing, but being the man he was he couldn't resist this amount of temptation. He wasn't no damn Bhudda. Naruto caressed her tight bum that felt very nice under the skin tight bodysuit. She moaned loudly to his touch, encouraging his squeezing and caressing. He sat up and stuck his tongue in her mouth and groaned loudly feeling her grind her curves into his manhood. She slowly but surely forced his head down to her breast and shivered as his cold hands grasped onto them and he kissed her down there.

"Now!" The kunoichi's arms tightened around his neck and with one swift movement she heard a satisfying crack! Naruto slumped in her embrace and his arms fell to her side. The kunoichi pushed him off her onto his back. "That's what you get for defying us, you fucking bastard."

She got off the youth's pelvis and picked up her bra and strapped it back with ease. "Jeez, you couldn't even take off a bra yet you could take us all out on your own? You're some kid." She had to give him that. She was at least three years older than him and more experienced but that had proved to be useless in actual battle. Then again, she had just taken advantage of his inexperience with women. "Guess experience is still worth something, huh, kiddo? Too bad, you were a good kisser. I'm sure you could have satisfied many women if you had the chance to grow older. Too bad," the kunoichi repeated. She walked over to her two male teammates who were still unconscious and prodded them with her feet. "Genji, Tengo, wake up!"

A cold feeling crept up her spine. The kunoichi quickly turned around to see the kid stand up with his grotesquely snapped neck moving back into place.

Her breath hitched.

His eyes were red.

Naruto stood hunchbacked over the unmoving bodies of the genin, his hands clenching. "You fucking idiot," he said to himself out loud, picking up the Darkness scroll. "You were fucking played just like that!"

He couldn't believe how he let himself be seduced so easily by the kunoichi that now lay unconscious with a severe concussion and a broken bone or two next to her teammates who had injuries of their own ranging from a broken jaw to broken arms. He really had done a number on them but this shouldn't have happened he told himself. This could have been avoided and he knew it. Instead of staying objective as he should have, he had once again thought with his genitals rather than his brains. To her credit the kunoichi had more seduction skills that he had thought and she was attractive. He doubted anyone in his age group would have been able to ignore her unless they were gay. Naruto shuddered and shook his head, some thoughts were neither for today or ever for that matter.

Naruto picked up the Darkness scroll, uncaring for his bloody hand as he placed it in his pouch alongside with his own Earth scroll. Suddenly it struck him the pain was no longer there when he bent over to pick up the scroll. Naruto looked down his shirt and tapped his chest but no pain followed. Apparently the Kyūbi had sensed its existence was in actual danger and had healed his host's broken neck along with his other injuries. Rather than being appreciative, Naruto was glad he had won this battle of patience with the Kyūbi without even speaking to it. If there was one thing Naruto hated, it was groveling before the fox to aid him. Although this hardly ever happened, it left a bad taste in his mouth even thinking of begging the Kyūbi for help. The young genin sighed and made a Shadow Clone and left after instructing it to move the Kiri genin team to a safe place. No matter who his adversaries were, he wouldn't leave them out in the open, unconscious and without defenses. Especially since he knew what could happen if he left the kunoichi out in her open and vulnerable to any predator out there with a hard on-

"Okay, that's enough grim thoughts, Uzumaki," he told himself, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he walked away without even bothering to look at this clone. As soon as it dispelled he would know what it knew. On the way back to the camp he asked himself for the millionth time why he didn't make use of the Kage Bunshin training. It was quite useful in learning jutsu he had discovered in the months of preparation for the Chūnin Exam, yet he already knew the answer. It felt unnatural to him to gain power without really working for it himself and though he would occasionally make use of the training method, he flat out refused to rely on it for every single ninjutsu out there. It wasn't like he had tons of responsibilities that disallowed him to train on his own and obtain power with his own hands like Kirabi had done.

The hideout was deserted as he had left it. He could neither smell nor hear anyone in proximity of their hideout so he proceeded to sink through the ground with his Dochū Eigyo and appeared in the tree hideout.


Hours later Naruto's eyes snapped open, his body recognizing two strong chakra signatures getting closer. His teammates were intentionally flashing their signatures to warn him something was wrong. A minute later, Naruto felt another fifteen or so chakra signatures he hadn't encountered before. They must have thought they were in enough danger they to try and warn Naruto to escape. Naruto gripped onto his ninja-to and frowned, "Why isn't she using the Nibi?" The he remembered what Darui had told him and Yugito in private weeks ago. Darui had specifically addressed him.

"Raikage-sama has asked me to ensure you understand these exams do not mean you should flaunt the Kyūbi's power. Kumo's getting enough heat for having three biju in the first place and Konoha's council won't take kindly to you flattening the opposition with the Kyūbi's power. Especially since they once saw you as their property."

Naruto hadn't seen Darui so serious before outside of training and so heeded his words. He despised the damnable fox anyway.

Naruto stood in the middle of the small clearing leaning on his ninja-to sheath that made a good support. He wasn't going to escape now. In fact he was going to protect his friends no matter what. "Just get here safely..."


"Hari, keep going! I'll distract them!" Yugito shouted as they continued jumping branch after branch, dodging ninjutsu attacks and deflecting incoming projectiles, already sporting cuts and bruises from a battle they had just attempted to flee. They were being tailed by two teams of Kusagakure (Hidden Grass) and two from Getsugakure (Hidden Star) and another team of Jōkigakure (Hidden Steam) and Shimogakure (Hidden Frost). Apparently the genin from the smaller villages had made a pact to eliminate the teams of the major village. Yugito cursed herself for not anticipating this. Of course, she thought, teams from the minor villages who were only allowed to submit three teams each would make these pacts to greater their chances and to defy the Great Five Shinobi Villages.

"Are you crazy?" The pseudo-medic retorted. "Katon! Hitama!" Hari jumped forward and turned a hundred-eight degrees, turning up side down and punched a fire ball the size of a beach ball at their pursuers. Unfortunately their pursuers saw it coming and split apart to avoid the fireball and continued hailing them with fire.

(Jutsu: Katon! Hitama – Flame Shot!)

Hari descended next to Yugito on a branch and nodded to her as they saw a water stream up ahead. Launching forward with a chakra enhanced jumps they covered another thirty feet, turned around and shouted simultaneously, "Suiton! Suijinheki!" The wall of water shot up behind them and deflected the fire stream and knocked down to unresponsive-enough genin whom fell down to the ground. However they wouldn't stay down for long, Hari knew so he reached into his pouch in his robe and withdrew three chakra pills. Chakra exhaustion be damned, they were in trouble.

"Yugito, I'm gonna light 'em up. You keep running!" Hari went through a string of seals, feeling his chakra spike triple the amount he had left initially, turned around once again and inhaled air and spat a haze of fire. "Katon! Ryūka no Jutsu!"

Yugito flipped over upside down like Hari had done before and added in a jutsu of her own. "Fūton! Daitoppa no Jutsu!" She was nowhere as adapt as her knucklehead teammate but she had worked on her Daitoppa and it was strong enough to do some reasonable damage. However that wasn't what she had aimed for this time. The wind blast had shot forward and enhanced Hari's Ryūka to grow twice in size.

"Thanks!" Hari appeared next to her by Shunshin and instantly regretted the move. He was low on chakra as it was and here he was using up more unnecessarily. "Looks like I got two of them, Yugito. You should get out of here and find Naruto. I can buy you five minutes." Hari had his hand on his right arm and gripped it tightly, wincing in pain as he assessed the injury he had suffered in their battle against Iwa genin previously which had re-opened to is great annoyance and worry.

They jumped out of the trees and landed, hiding behind a tree and heavily breathing. Yugito inspected his wounds briefly and frowned deeply. This wasn't good, there was no way Hari could go on for much longer. Yugito placed her hands on his shoulder, catching him off guard as she moved in close and looked him in the eyes. "You have to get out of here, Hari," she told him and pressed on before he could protest, "As your taichō I order you to get out of here. Get to Naruto, you can sense him right, and take him far away from here. The hideout is less than a minute from her and they're closing in on us!"

"No!" Hari forced her hands down and held on to her wrist with a determined glare that clearly illustrated he was not going to leave her. "I know what you're thinking, Yugito, and I'm not going to let you lose yourself to the damned cat!"

Yugito was taken back. Hari never mentioned the Kyūbi or the Nibi. She paused for a moment before she grabbed Hari by the collar and pushed him against the tree. "We have no choice, now get out of here! You're only in my way you weakling!"

"We- Weakling?"

"Yes, weakling! Now get out of here before you get me killed- Hari!" Yugito shouted at him as he grabbed on to her wrist and darted between the branches of the tall trees, ignoring her calls to stop.

"Shut up, Yugito! I'm not some kid, now have some faith! We'll make it... for... SURE!" Hari swung her out of the tree with all his might into the clearing outside their hideout, hoping she wouldn't hurt herself when she landed as he turned around and held his sword sheath in front of him, facing the sixteen genin with a grim expression.

The technique was far from perfection and he knew this. Months on end he had dedicated all of his free time outside of team training to develop this jutsu. Day in and day out he would give his all for this jutsu. Neither his teammates nor his teachers knew about this technique. So far he had been able to get by with the use of his Iaidō yet there was little he could do with it now in this situation. Maybe if he had been a master of the style he could have, but unfortunately he wasn't. It had simply been a spare style he would use when the standard Kumo-ryū was impractical. Hari realized he would have to use that jutsu. There was no other option. It was a difficult task and even now it was incredibly instable. Yet he had little choice, Hari reminded himself for what seemed the hundredth time. If he made an attempt to use that technique and failed he could either die or be seriously injured. Death would soon follow either way. However, if he succeeded... he might have a shot at survival. He might even have a chance to wipe them all out in one attack.

"Behold, my first original technique!" Hari shouted placing a hand on his sheath and another on the scabbard. His hands glowed white before catching fire as he shouted, "Kenbu Ōgi! Jōuen-Ryū no Ken!" His blade caught fire and flickered weakly but Hari was confident he could manage one hit. "Just one," he told himself. "JUST ONE! Zangeki!"

The ninja-to's metal completely disappeared in the gulf of fire that flickered in all directions. The handle began to melt in Hari's hand as he raised his blade and brought it down in a vertical slash followed by horizontal slash. Thick fire pillars shot at the enemy and took down another three with ease to Hari's swelling pride. The genin raised his blade for another Zangeki only to find it glowing erratically with blue chakra. "Oh fu-"


Hari flew through the air in excruciating pain and a trail of blood from his right arm that clutched onto his molten blade. Hari tried to manoeuvre through the air to escape death by gravity however his body screamed in pain at the notion of it. 'I'm not gonna- I'm not gonna make it!'

Suddenly a colossal chakra spiked through the forest. Hari's sensory abilities went wild as a chakra level of the charts boomed through the forest. "No," Hari stammered as he fell down through the air as he looked over his shoulder to find Yugito under Naruto's left arm who looked up to Hari and roared. He was no longer a regular genin but a fearsome beast as he clawed at the sky as if tearing it open. Sixty feet in the sky and plummeting to the ground Hari's eyes bulged.

Hari's heart stopped beating for a moment. This was more chakra than he had ever felt from the blond. It was as if he had never truly known the depths of his best friend's chakra reservoirs. "This is impossible!" Hari thought as he was embraced in wind and dragged down in a spiral to the ground where he fell on his side behind Naruto in a fit of coughs.

"Naruto calm down, you're alerting the whole damn forest!" Hari shouted at the top of his lungs over the tearing screech of the Daitoppa his best friend had used. He was hardly over the shock but he could still think rationally, thankfully. "NARUTO!" Hari shouted again as birds took to the sky in terror and animals of all sizes seemed to flee in terror.

"Hold on to her!" Naruto threw Yugito aside, barely noting her indignant yelp, holding on his in front of him and channeling his chakra. This was going to be tough and he knew he couldn't afford to be pulling anymore punches.

"There's too many of them, use the Kyūbi!" Yugito screamed at him over the howling wind. Why wouldn't he listen to her? Just because he didn't like the fox he would foolishly get himself hurt. Frustration built up in her chest and she called out to him. "Naruto!"

"I DON'T NEED THE DAMN FOX FOR ANYTHING!" Naruto shouted back in reply, running towards the incoming genin with arms arched behind him, air tightening around them to form his Shippū Shūren signature move. Naruto bellowed at them with such intensity his enemies hesitated midair for a brief moment. That was all he needed. Storming forward and roaring at them with such power his chakra brushed the winds against the genin alliance with the drills held in a cross in front of him. Naruto shot past them with such speed, before they had blinked, he was behind them and by the time he had turned another two Kusa genin had plummeted to the ground in a shower of blood spraying from their chest before they hit the earth with painful crunches.


(Elsewhere in the Forest of Death)

"Prepare to die, Uchiha Sasuke."

Uchiha Sasuke locked eyes with his opponents and smirked arrogant, zeroing in on the leader of the bunch and did not even having bothered to activate his Sharingan for the Otogakure genin. The lone Uchiha glanced to his left, noting that Sakura was clashing against two kunoichi on her own. He scoffed impatiently and looked to his right to see his estranged teammate and pseudo rival Sai face a genin and his kunoichi partner. Unlike Sakura, Sai was experiencing little to no difficulty fighting them. In fact, Sasuke could tell he was blatantly drawing out the fight so that he wouldn't have to come to the rosette's aid. "That's right," Sasuke thought as he shifted his eyes back to the six genin that stood before him with weapons drawn and in stances of their own. "We grow strong on our own."

The lonesome Uchiha did not wait for the confusion to leave the expressions of the genin and shot forward, appearing behind them and sheathed his blade on his left hip with a soft click! A rain of blood gushed through the air along with the severed arm of his challenger.

"Do- Dosu!"

Sasuke slowly turned around with a vague smile. These weaklings were amusing to pick off one by one. Their absolute terror was a fiendish delight for the prodigy. "I assume you weaklings were prepared to die when challenging the Uchiha?" The question appeared to be rhetorical but in actual fact Sasuke was intrigued. Did the name of the Uchiha still inflict fear upon those that dared to challenge them? "Sabishii Hiseki."

The remaining genin fell to the ground dead. Alone in death. As lonesome as he was now.

"As expected from you, Sasuke-san." Sai's opponents fell to the ground, turning out to have been dead for a while but were animated by his ink to make him appear busy. The detached genin eyed Sakura struggling with her kunoichi adversaries whom had gone into hysterical madness over the loss of their comrades.

Sasuke turned as soon as Sakura had finished them with relative ease now that they were in panic and hysteria. Ignoring her cheers, Sasuke threw the Light scroll to Sai and continued his stride. "Let's go."

"Sasuke-kun, I got them. I protected you!"

"Impressive for a flat-chest cow," Sai threw at her with a smile, easily sidestepping her punch and continuing to goad her.

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Will you two stop your- What the!"

A tidal wave of chakra washed over them like a tsunami. Sasuke's eyes narrowed as he instantly activated his Sharingan to detect the source of the monstrous chakra. The Uchiha's eyes widened to incredible extents as his Sharingan was being overflowed by a chakra he had encountered before. From his calculations it was travelling over seven miles! "Im- impossible!"

"Sakura-san, catch your breath," Sai ordered the rosette who had a hard time breathing once she comprehended there was a 'monster' with such power in the Chūnin Exam. Sai struck her, slapping her out of her daze despite feeling the depths of chakra himself and feeling an eerie feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Uzumaki Naruto?" Sasuke deactivated his Sharingan with a profound sense of disbelieve. Yet, the prodigy smiled sinisterly with a great wave of excitement. "Sai! Sakura!"

(Jutsu: Sabishii Hiseki – Lonesome Flight!)


Ino nearly fell over and yelped. "Kya! What the hell is that, Shikamaru?" She screamed at her perpetually lazy teammate. The sensation she had just felt was just insane. The kunoichi noticed even Chōji seemed greatly disturbed. "Shikamaru!"

Shikamaru turned to her with a troubled look. "How would I know? This is chakra is out of the world! Only a demon or- Naruto!" Shikamaru's eyes widened in disbelief. His father had been right to say the boy was one to look out for. Shikamaru frowned, "That couldn't have been more than three miles from here. Let's get out of here."

"Na- Naruto?" Ino repeated shaking her head vehemently, feeling regret for selling him out to Sasuke crash into her. "No, that must be Sasuke-kun or someone else!"

"Ino, just get a move on!" Chōji shouted at her, grabbing her by the arm and following Shikamaru's lead.


"Get him!" One of the Shimogakure genin shouted to his two partners, who nodded to him as they all performed hand seals simultaneously. "Suiton! Mizurappa!"

Naruto slashed at the water cannon but was pushed back violently and send hurtling into a tree. He was quick enough to hold his drills in front of him to block against the unidentified water technique they followed up with as the Shimogakure genin set down in branches close to the remaining genin of their alliance. Naruto darted out of the tree to avoid a stream of leaves that ripped through the bark with ease. Naruto swore and back flipped between branches and pad the tiger hand seal, "Hōsenka no Jutsu!" The fireball projectiles to counter the leaves but this also left him in a vulnerable position as he maintained the technique. The Kusa genin's allies took advantage of his stationary position by appearing next to him with kunai drawn. Naruto took a stab to the shoulder but kicked one brutally in the face, rounded onto his attack and head butted him such force he heard an satisfying crack as the genin fell to the ground. If the head butt hadn't broken his neck, the thirty feet fall would. The trees in the Forest of Death were freakishly tall and at the moment Naruto loved them for it.

"Got you!" One of the Shimogakure gennin announced, appearing behind Naruto with a dagger (Naruto recognized it to be a tantō) ready to stab him the back. Naruto turned to catch his full weight, gripping on to the tantō as they plummeted together. Managing to the free the tantō from the genin's grip, the jinchūriki kneed him in the stomach and planted his elbow in his attacker's cheek to send him crashing into a tree branch and fall down painfully, crushing on multiple branches on his way down. Naruto corkscrewed in the air and threw the tantō like a dagger in the shoulder of another genin from Hoshigakure who had come flying at him for an overhead slash. As the genin dropped, Naruto jumped on to him and launched himself of him with a chakra enhanced hop that broke the Hoshi genin's ribs. Naruto was quick to dodge to the left as a hail of ice pigeons flew headfirst into the thick bark of the tree. The birds exploded in a hail of ice needles, of which some managed to embed in Naruto's forearms but they were no serious threat. Naruto back flipped midair and dashed of another branch with his attackers close on his heels with renewed vigour as they threw more ninjutsu his way. Hard pressed, the Kumo genin made a hand seal and created a hundred shadow clones that dashed in all directions to distract his pursuers as he Shunshined another hundred yards away into another clearing.

"It's gotta be now or never," he told himself out loud as he pulled off his jacket and threw it aside, standing in his bare chest that was covered in bandages up to his ribs. The long distance Shunshin would usually have taken it out of him but with his full reserves released he hardly registered the drain. "Focus," he told himself as he took a wide stance kata as if he were a sumo-wrestler. He could sense his clones had been dispatched quicker than he had thought. "Those Kusa genin don't fuck around, do they?" Naruto gritted his teeth as the genin appeared in front of him in the trees above, leaning against them, eyeing him predatorily and full with confidence.

"Are you ready to give up, Kumo scum?" A Kusa genin stepped forward. Naruto figured he was the leader, judging from the fact he had stopped the others from acting with merely a wave of his hand. The genin wore the traditional Kusa shinobi attire consisting of a greenish jumpsuit that looked like a straitjacket along with a breathing respirator machine attached to his mouth and goggles. The genin raised his hands and called leaves from the tree above him to form a surprisingly sharp looking blade appear.

"Hahaha, do you have any idea who I am?" Naruto cackled in an eerie comical fashion as he took a ridiculous pose as though he were a kabuki artist.

He had caught their attention as several of the genin tensed up, listening intently.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, the great Dokuo of Kumogakure. The legendary master of mischief and perversion! It is I, UZUMAKI NA- ACK!" Naruto held his head, a rock having hit him in the forehead and rolled over the floor shouting a string of profanities.

"OI! WHO INTRODUCES THEMSELVES AS A PERVERT AND A VIRGIN?" One of the genin from Shimogakure shouted them with a comical anger expression and shaking a vein-popping fist in anger at the blond. "That was so uncool it's just embarrassing to watch! I refuse to acknowledge you!"

"She's right… that was kinda embarrassing," one of the Hidden Star genin said to his comrade.

"Yeah and I tensed up too..."

"What a freak."

"... How despicable."

"Oh, sorry!" Naruto said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head as he looked at the kunoichi who had pulled down her scarf down to shout at him. "Hey, you're kinda cute. Will you go out with me? I'll be gentle!"

"Ge- Gentle? OI! WHAT KIND OF GIRL DO YOU THINK I AM?" The kunoichi had to be restrained by her remaining comrades as she fumed.

"Oi, calm down Tsukuyo!"

"Tsukuyo? Wow, that's a cute name. Tsukuyo-hime will you please go out with me?" Naruto got on one knee and clasped his hands, shaking them together in desperation as he cried. "Please, unleash me from my Dokuo curse!"

"That's it, he's DEAD!" She screamed getting out of her comrades' hold and shooting forward at the Naruto with her blade poised for a decapitating slash. Naruto saw his opening, his eyes narrow instantly as he took his stance and delivered a palm thrust aimed at her. "Akkai Genshuku!" A power blast shot from his hands shot down the kunoichi to the ground where she landed where a hard thud, unconscious. Naruto continued to the punch the air in a hurry for his next attack. Not allowing himself to flinch as a kunai dug in his thigh and shoulder, he continued to punch the air gradually hitting pockets of air at his opponent. He had only theorized this technique, but now was as good as any other time. "FŪTON! YAGURA!" He shouted as wind blasts shot into the sky towards the genin perched in the trees that were showering him with kunai, shuriken and explosive tags. Naruto continued to punch the sky in front of him at such a fast rate, he truly was like a turret, shooting of so many wind blasts even his own chakra began to feel seriously drained. Naturally his chakra control was nowhere near where he had wanted to be with his new technique, but he made a note to commit time to improve his control over his new Yagura jutsu if he survived this.

(Jutsu: Fūton! Yagura! – Turret!)

Naruto shot down three genin from the Hidden Steam village, effectively wiping out their team and let go of the Yagura. His hands were still shaking uncontrollably, but he had no time to regain his bearings as he had to dive to his right, going through a string of hand seals and slap his hands into the serpent hand seal, "Doton! Doryūheki no Jutsu!" He had pumped more chakra than usual to erect a thicker shield in order to block a hail of purple fire shaped as feathers from the Hoshigakure genin. His wall withstood another barrage before crumbling but it was enough for him to sink through the ground and appear behind the trio that had attacked him simultaneously and deliver a powerful kick in their genin team leader's back, going clean through the peacock-shaped chakra aura and sending him flying headfirst in the remains of his earth wall. The remaining two turned on him – Naruto noticed they were using unusual hand seals similar to his Kage Bunshin – and their peacock-shaped chakra flared.

"Kujaku Myōhō: Zan!"

An explosion thundered across the field, kicking up dust with such powerful wind expulsions branches on the thick trees of the Forest of Death shook, causing some of the Hidden Star genin's allies to shout at them over the bellowing winds as they stuck themselves to the trees by chakra. Others pumped their fist in the air with a cheerful cry.

(Jutsu: Kujaku Myōhō: Zan - Mysterious Peacock Method: Destroy!)

"What are ya laughing about, pal?" Naruto asked one of the fist-pumping genin as he hung upside down with the kunoichi called Tsukuyo tucked under his left arm as he rubbed his nose with free index finger. Had it not been for his quick Shunshin, he would have been in a lot of trouble now, but those grim thoughts for another time and so pushed them aside to childishly flip off the genin coalition. "You didn't think that was enough to take me outta the game did you, pal?"

"He's got Tsukuyo- urgh!" The genin was sent flying hurtling in a violent spiral by a Crushing Gravity Palm to the stomach on close distance. Naruto unstuck himself and dropped the kunoichi on the branch to the surprise of the other genin. "Don't get me wrong, you're all gonna regret coming after us," the Kumo genin told them with a confident smirk. "But I guess it can't be helped if I you all Henge into hot chicks, in which case I probably can't lay a finger on you!"

"Don't underestimate us, punk! Just because you're from Kumogakure-"

"Exactly because I am from Kumogakure!" Naruto shouted at them with proud smile as he cracked his knuckles in an eerie intimidating fashion. They were definitely going to regret coming after them and making him unleash all his chakra. He wouldn't be surprised if the proctors outside of the Forest of Death could feel his chakra by now.

"If Kirabi finds out what happened I'm dead," Naruto thought sourly. The Hachibi container had warned him many times to watch his chakra reserves. As dead useful as they were in a fight, it was hardly anything like being a shinobi if your opponents could feel you coming miles away. "By now the whole fucking forest should know where I am. Damn it!"

"Get him, there's only one of him! Don't be scared of his chakra, just cut him down where he stands before he can make use of it!" The leading genin from Kusagakure shouted aiming his grass blade at Naruto like a war general directing his troops to attack the enemy. The leader ignored the anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach and went through a series of hand seals of his own, glad he was one of the few prodigies from his village entrusted with this grand technique his master had taught him. The genin touched down in the middle of the clearing next to the Hidden Star genin and nodded to them and watched them fly away with their Kujaku Myōhō whilst he channeled roughly all of his own technique. It was far from completion and he himself had yet been able to make it as strong. As his chakra reached its maximum peak, the genin shouted with all his might as his chakra left him, "Kusa Ninpō Ōgi! Kamisori Kusaryū!"

(Jutsu: Kusa Ninpō Ōgi! Kamisori Kusaryū! – Secret Grass Ninja Arts! Razor Grass Dragon!)

Naruto dashed backwards against a tree and launched himself forward and jump-kneed one of the remaining Hidden Moon genin in the face, knocking him out and turned to look where his other attackers were looking. A sudden spike of chakra resonated from the Kusagakure leader whose chakra expelled from his body and seeped into the ground. For a moment nothing happened and Naruto slumped his shoulders in relief, having thought he was about to hit with some super technique – when the grass all over the clearing shot up like pine needles and were plucked out the ground by an invisible force that held them suspended in the air. Naruto felt a cold sensation going down his spine as more and more grass needles joined the mass that was quickly taking shape of a serpentine creature, or more specifically a dragon he realized once the mass had grown fifteen tall and sixty feet long.

"Oh fuck this!" Naruto shouted turning around as he made a run for it. There was no way he was going to fight that thing in an open space, he thought as he dodged his pursuers projectiles. Naruto jumped forward in a front flip and was briefly suspended upside down and saw the red eyed Grass Dragon at him. His eyes widened when he saw the Grass Dragon slither past the allies who had clearly dodged it, only to be sliced to death by an invisible force. Naruto quickly began to punch at the air and fired of another Yagura. Unfortunately the Kusaryū continued to pull grass to itself and repair its damages continuously. Naruto braced himself for the impact of the dragon and was forced to take on its head butt and was propelled through multiple trees with such force he couldn't move midair.


Naruto groaned as he tried to wiggle of the crater the Kusaryū had sent him hurtling in, but was unable to move. "Oh fuck," he groaned once the dragon appeared with the Kusa genin riding it, seemingly unhurt by its razor sharp grass needles, whilst he laughed triumphantly.

"Your arrogance has cost you, Kumogakure scum! Behold the secret technique of Kusagakure! The feared Kusaryū!" The genin open his arms wide in a grand gesture. His previously cool composure was gone and he laughing hysterically. The genin looked at the blond with insane glint in his eyes. "What will you do now, Uzumaki Naruto the great DOKUO of Kumogakure?"

Naruto struggled to get his feet muttering, "Jeez, stop talking. You're like some cliché villain from an anime and it's ruining my vibe!" Blood trickled down his arms and chest but Naruto was still standing he told himself. He could do this. "JUST COME AT ME, BRO!"

"AS YOU WISH! AAAAH!" The Kusagakure genin screamed as the Kusaryū reared back and darted forward like a serpent. The genin cackled sure of his victory but abruptly stopped when the dragon roared in anger as it was met with strong opposition that nearly knocked the genin of the dragon. "What the- IMPOSSIBLE!"

"HAH, THIS IS NOTHING!" Naruto shouted with visibly strain as he pushed the dragon into a deadlock and blood erupted from new wounds. If he didn't have the Kyūbi, his scars would have rivaled those of Morino Ibiki. The future Raikage of Kumogakure no Sato roared out to the skies as his chakra spiked to incredible heights that seemed to even baffle the dragon that shared the surprise of its creator. Hesitation weakened the dragon. Naruto threw up the dragon's head and reared back his arm. "EAT IT!" Naruto shouted delivering a powerful punch that sent the dragon flying back with a huge chunk of its head missing and tearing down half a dozen trees.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" The Grass genin screamed as he held his head. Even if technique was not as strong as those of the selected shinobi from his village, he was the number one prodigy of Kusagakure and he had been entrusted with this jutsu by the Kusakage personally! "NO! Kusaryū!" The Grass Dragon poised itself once again for an attack. His chakra reservoirs had depleted severely by now. Luckily his allies were close by, so even if he did collapse from severe chakra depletion, they were obligated to help him by the treaty their villages had signed with his. "ONCE MORE!" The genin screamed and the Kusaryū's head reared back, hissing with a snake like tongue made of grass.

Naruto dropped to his knees, drenched in so much blood his bandages were red with blood. His body screamed in pain to the point he trembled uncontrollably. The genin was closing on him. "Come on, move! This is nothing compared to Kirabi's sessions, asshole!" He shouted mentally. "MOVE!"


Naruto's eyes snapped open. He hadn't said it out loud-


A blinding flash of light appeared and hit the dragon from the side. He was unable to see what happened as he instinctively closed his eyes to shield himself against the blinding light that was practically melting his retinas.

A loud and ear-splitting thunderclap followed.

Before he had registered it, he was holding his head in pain, his eyes still closed. Yet, he didn't have to open his eyes to know who it was. Before he felt her presence, or even saw her for that matter, he knew Yugito had arrived. Naruto's eyes fluttered in frenzy against the pain but he forced himself to look and founding Yugito in a crouching position next in front of him with her wakizashi drawn. "Are you okay?"

"Aside you from trying to permanently blind me, just great, Neko-chan!" Naruto gritted his through the pain, reached into his pouch, fishing out a bottle of painkillers. They tasted absolutely disgusting but it was better than having to deal with excruciating pain. Naruto nearly chugged its entire contents before placing the bottle back in his pouch, reached for Yugito and grabbed her by the shoulder. "I've got it, alright? Where the fuck is Hari?"

"Not now," Yugito didn't even look at him, eyeing the cloud of smoke intently, attempting to sense for a chakra signature aside from those she had quickly incapacitated. "Tche, 'I got it'?" She repeated with an audible annoyance."You nearly got killed after you rushed off, fully unleashing your chakra to the point the whole forest can sense you. You sure are a foolish one, Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki, huh?" Naruto growled at her. He had liked it when she called him by his first name but if she wanted to play it that way, so be it. "What about you, Nii – since we're back on last name terms here. You get in a fight with a whole damn coalition of genin who would like nothing better than humiliate one of the Great Five. I clean up your mess and you give me this crap?"

"Clean up our mess? Did I actually impose brain damage on you?" Yugito growled back, looking over her shoulder with a furious look in her eyes. "Oh, how typically disappointingly of you, Uzumaki. Running wild and doing as you please without a second of thought or consideration!" Yugito stood up and turned around, as did he, and poked him in the chest.

Naruto flinched and glared at her. "What do you care anyway?"

"I don't!"

"Good, stay out of my business!"

"You unbelievable son of a-"

The swear died in her mouth as a sudden roar caught their attention. The jinchūriki turned to see another Kusaryū charge at them and slapped their hands together simultaneously and raised a Doryūheki together that was taller and thicker than either of them had achieved before. Though they could have dodged the considerably slower Grass Dragon, they had both felt a surge of chakra from a very familiar chakra signature and knew what was coming next.


A Fire Dragon flew past with a deafening screech as it crashed into the Grass Dragon with such impact even surrounding trees were blowing backwards at extraordinary angles. Naruto and Yugito jumped back simultaneously as the dragons crashed through the Earth Style Wall and flew in the direction of the jinchūriki pair. Out of sheer instinct, Naruto reached out to Yugito's wrist and pulled her into a tight embrace and spun a Daitoppa with one hand that was strong enough to change their course and miss the fighting dragons by a few feet. They were about to crash into the ground but Naruto held on to Yugito and turned with her a split second before impact to brake her fall with his body. "Argh!" Naruto's back arched in pain, making him grip on tighter to the kunoichi who was sporting a brilliant red blush on her delicate features.

Yugito mumbled against his chest, not in the slightest enjoying having her fellow jinchūriki's blood on her and helped him to his feet. Once he stood on his feet, Yugito swiftly planted her fist in his gut to let him bend over in pain and fall face first on the floor.

"Don't you ever pull that stunt again," Yugito told him fiercely, feeling a fury she knew was unjust but she expressed it nonetheless. Naruto groaned something incoherently, but his voice was filled with enough pain for Yugito to approach him to help up- "Ouf!"Naruto shook his hand painfully as Yugito took a mouthful of dirt of her own.

"You crazy bitch! I don't know what your problem is, but that was fucking insane!" Naruto shouted at her, falling to a knee and nursing his aching chest as Yugito sat up sporting a swollen cheek.

"Mhmph," Yugito spat blood to the side and got up with as much dignity and elegance as she could. For inexplicable reasons she felt not a drop of anger, and yet even stranger, she felt a sense of relief, as if she literally had some sense knocked into her. "Can you fight?"

Naruto got to his feet and nodded. "We need to hurry. Hari can't possibly keep up that jutsu for long. Especially in his condition." Whatever Yugito was playing at, he was fine with ignoring what just happened. He wasn't proud of striking an ally, but she had it coming, which he figured she knew as well by her lack of anger.

They nodded to each other and hurried over to the battle of dragons and Shunshined next to Hari who shouted.

"About fucking time, love birds!"

They made a point out of feigning not to have heard him and shot of fire jutsu of their own to destroy the Grass Dragon.

"Katon! Hōenka!" Yugito spat a series of fire flowers to destroy the Grass Dragon while Hari collapsed next to her. There was little left of the dragon to deal with, so little she and Naruto could take care of it on their own.

"Katon! Hōsenka no Jutsu!" Naruto joined in and spat a stream of fire projectiles at the Kusaryū. He held the technique for as a long as he could, which was about twenty seconds in his condition. The creature howled, being destroyed faster than it could regenerate.

The genin on top of the beast was slumped and from what Hari could clearly see, was dying from chakra exhaustion. His skin had taken a grey tinge and veins popped up all over his body. Hari had never seen chakra exhaustion of this severity aside from the pictures he had seen in the books. "We need to stop him before he dies!" When they did nothing Hari knew they were ignoring him so he raised his voice. "NARUTO! YUGITO! STOP HIM!"

Naruto looked at Hari and then to Yugito who couldn't keep up her Flame Flower technique any longer and nodded. "Alright, Hari," the genin shot forward towards the Kusaryū and raised his right arm above him and channeled as much chakra as he could to it, "Shippū Shūren! DAI GIRI!" A giant Hurricane Drill appeared on Naruto's arm and grew to great lengths and sharpened so tight it cut himself. In a fluid motion Naruto cut down the core of the best and literarily carved the genin out. Naruto held grabbed on to the genin with his left hand and turned on his heel and launched him with an baseball pitch over his shoulder with as much power as he could muster into Hari's arms.

(Jutsu: Shippū Shūren! Dai Giri – Hurricane Drill! Great Slash!)

"Oh shit!" Naruto spun on his heel and shot himself into the sky with a particularly strong Daitoppa. The sudden disconnection with its creature had made the Grass Dragon so unstable it was falling apart and by the time Naruto had launched himself into a tree it had exploded, hurling extremely sharp razor grass in every direction. The knucklehead ninja counted himself lucky for getting way with only three ten inch grass needles stuck in his forearm. Naruto chuckled for no particular reason, looking over to his teammates looking after the Kusa genin. "What the fuck you laughing for, Uzumaki?" He asked himself before falling face forward with a tired groan. When was this day going to end?

It began to rain. Naruto smiled and turned on his back with his arms spread, welcoming the cooling water.

Author's Notes

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Jutsu Used:

(Jutsu: Kenbu Ōgi! Jōuen-Ryū no Ken – Secret Sword Dance! Flaming Desires of the Blade Style!) - ? rank, offensive, short range. Hari's never before seen sword dance he developed secretly for months without his teammates knowing. As of yet, nothing is known of the technique or its derived jutsu, other than Hari channels his Katon chakra through the blade to set it alight. Derived jutsu: Zangeki (Slashing Attack).

(Jutsu: Zangeki – Slashing Attack!) - ? rank, offensive, short to mid range. The first jutsu Hari developed that derives from his original Jouen no Ken kenjutsu style. Upon lighting the blade with flames, Hari will perform the Zangeki in either a vertical or horizontal or even a combination of slashes to expel fire pillars. Parent jutsu: Kenbu Ōgi! Jōuen-Ryū no Ken (Secret Sword Dance! Flaming Desires of the Blade Style).

(Jutsu: Fūton! Yagura! – Turret!) – B rank, offensive, mid to long range. A jutsu first theorized by Naruto after learning the Crushing Gravity Palm technique. This jutsu requires the user to take a wide stance and pump chakra into his or her arms and punch the air at blinding speed all the while expel chakra. Unlike its parent jutsu, the Yagura does not use palm thrust but rather relies on punches. Parent jutsu: Fūton: Akkai Genshuku (Crushing Gravity).

(Jutsu: Kusa Ninpō Ōgi! Kamisori Kusaryū! – Secret Grass Ninja Arts! Razor Grass Dragon!) – A rank, offensive, mid to long range. Kusa's prized ninjutsu passed down from the Kusakage to one genin of each generation. This technique is an extremely power move that taxes tremendous levels of chakra to the point many users have died in the past. The user of this technique pour their chakra into the area around them to sharpen needles to be as sharp as blades and then form them into a large dragon shaped out of the grass. The razor grass is coated by chakra it cuts those close to it. The chakra laced on the grass ensures the wounds that are opened will continue to bleed continuously due to the chakra that cuts deep into the veins and arteries. So far this technique has yet to appear in its perfected state.