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CH2: Kumogakure

(Konoha Outskirts)

Naruto woke up with a splitting headache, feeling as though he had slept under a boulder since every muscle in his body hurt and every tendon felt sprained. With great effort he got up to examine his surroundings.

''Yo, you're up, huh?''

Naruto jumped, looking up to see the same man from last night crouched on a tree branch above him with a net full of fish. Naruto glared at him, ''It's you,'' the blond spat venomously, ''What do you want?''

Kirabi ignored his contemptuous look at jumped down. ''Are ya hungry? I caught some good ol' fishes.'' The shinobi had a stack of neatly cut logs on his back, bound by rope and put them down, arranging the longs in a neat square and gathered stones and leafs.

Though he still disliked everything about the man, Naruto couldn't help but whisper "Awesome'' (as any six-year-old would have) when Kirabi ignited a fire by shooting lightning from the palm of his hand.


''No salt, but it's better than nothin', right?'' Kirabi said cheerfully, handing the younger blond a roasted fish on a stick.

Naruto was too hungry to be refusing food and begrudgingly accepted the food.

The Kumo shinobi finished his fish in three big bites and grabbed another one. ''I know you hate me right now,'' he said, swallowing a mouthful of fish, ''But I didn't mean anything I said last night. It had to be done. And I think you'll only become stronger more now that you know what you are.''

''Then what am I?'' Naruto threw the rest of his fish aside with a furious look. ''You seem to know what I am, so why don't you tell me?''

Kirabi lowered his fish, ''Alright, I'll tell you.''

Naruto straightened up.

''You're a jinchūriki.''

''A what?''

''You're what they refer to as 'power of human sacrifice'. It's not very complicated, you hold a demon within you,'' Kirabi said in a nonchalant manner, as though he was telling what the time was.

Naruto stood up with an incredulous expression, ''Are you kidding me? Why the hell would you think that? How would you even know that?''

''Because last night you snapped and you went jinchūriki on my ass, that's how I know.'' Kirabi ripped of a whole fish and swallowed it. ''You're like me. I'm a demon container too.''

''You're lying!''

Kirabi laughed humourlessly. ''Oh, believe me, this isn't something I'd lie about.''

''I still don't believe you!'' Naruto shouted, ''I'm not a demon and I don't believe you're either! You're just making fun of me again, aren't you?''

''Fine,'' Kirabi stood up dusting off his trousers, ''I'll prove it.'' Standing up straight, Naruto was suddenly reminded how damn tall Kirabi was… and how intimidating his imposing figure was.

Before the youngster knew what was going on, he felt his either body buckle under severe pressure. It was as if the gravity multiplied a hundred times and the air thinned as he gasped to breathe. He barely managed to look up and as he did so, he looked into Kirabi's eyes as the Hachibi jinchūriki took off his shades and found him staring into silver-rimmed orbs of darkness. Kirabi had grown fangs and his hair became unruly in thick locks, loosening his bandana and headband.

''Believe me now?'' Kirabi said, his voice much deeper and menacing, ''This is what it is to be a jinchūriki. This is what it is to be like me... and you.''

As fast as it happened, it ceased. Kirabi's features instantly reverted to normal. Naruto's legs were still shaking; he still found it more difficult to breath. ''W- wh- what was that?'' he managed to gasp, ''I coul- couldn't breathe!''

''I'll show you, if you'll come with me to Kumo. I'll teach you how to use your powers to protect yourself.''

Naruto looked up, his lungs gradually taking up more air again. ''You'll show me how to control it?''


Kirabi left Naruto to his thoughts wordlessly and allowed the boy to decide in the comfort of his own privacy.

'Kumo, huh?' Naruto scratched his cheek, feeling a strange sensation in his stomach. Where he would go after escaping Konoha… he hadn't planned so far ahead. 'The people in Kumo must be a lot different than those in Konoha. Kirabi is pretty open about being… whatever it was he said he was and if I'm one too…' Naruto gritted his teeth, this one decision could and would change his life forever and as much as he willed it to be, it wasn't easy. On one hand, he was still in somewhat disbelief he had actually left Konoha and he was dealing with the emotional transition (not that he was aware of it), on the other he weighed the possible pros and the possible cons as to going to Kumo with the tall, scary man he had just met.

"I'll teach you how to use your powers to protect yourself."

The words clearly rang in his mind and only then did he notice how much Kirabi had emphasized on how he would teach Naruto to protect himself, not asking anything in return. The six-year-old already knew his answer by the time Kirabi approached him once again.

''I accept.''


(Weeks Later: Kumogakure Outskirts)

''This is AWESOME!'' Naruto shouted as he stood next to the giant jōnin jinchūriki in a valley, looking up to an enormous mountain that reached the clouds. "THIS IS KUMO?"

''Yeah,'' Kirabi adjusted his shades with an approving nod. "The most beautiful view in the world is on the top of that mountain… nothing but clouds and endless stretches of land and sea, the sun during the day and the moon during the night.''

''So, you're going to train me here?'' Naruto had a grin plastered to his face. ''It's so weird!''

Kirabi chuckled, ''Yeah, I guess it's a lot different your hometown, isn't it?'' The jōnin led the boy down the mountain and chuckled. They had travelled for a couple of weeks before they got here. On the way he had thought the child some chakra control manipulation. Even for a jinchūriki the child had abnormally large reserves twice the amount of many chūnin and even some jōnin he was acquainted with. "Just wait till you see Mt. Unraikyō, kiddo. It's where I usually live, though that's going to have to change now that you're going to live with me."

"Why do you have to move out because of me?"

"You're going to be attending the academy, too, kid," the older jinchūriki replied. "You need to get to know kids your own age, this isn't Konoha."

Naruto seemed haunted by bad memories for a moment but smiled and nodded excitedly, ''When do we start for real? This chakra control stuff you've been teaching me so far is cool and all but I wanna learn to use ninjutsu like you do, Kirabi!'' Naruto had an excited smile on his face typical of that of a six-year-old. It brought a smile to Kirabi's face to know how happy the prospect of an actual shinobi education excited the youngster.

''I have to get you to my big bro first, he's the Raikage of Kumo,'' Kirabi said, ''Hop on, the climb is pretty long and the checkpoints are always crowded. I'll get us up in a second.''

Naruto climbed on Kirabi's back and held on tight to the cornrows-sporting jōnin, ''Checkpoints?'' he asked him, wondering why a shinobi village would need checkpoints if they were settled up in the highest mountains he had seen.

''For the merchants and other folk that want to come to Kumo. They can't climb the mountains like us shinobi can and even if they could, we wouldn't trust them since they could be agents working for other villages to sabotage us. That's why they need to check in before they get clearance for using the elevators up,'' Kirabi explained patiently.

''Sounds cool,'' Naruto said without truly processing the information as a six-year-old would generally do when an adult explained something to them,

''Just hold on tight,'' Kirabi said, setting himself in a crouch position, ''This is going to be dizzy ride!''

Naruto climbed onto the jōnin with practiced ease he had gained after weeks of travelling. Kirabi adjusted his shades and got to his feet and set off at blinding speed, racing towards the mountain.

It took several hours to climb the mountain of Kumo. On the way up, Naruto found himself having a harder time breathing. According to Kirabi, it was because air got thinner the higher they climbed up. During the climb, Naruto could've sworn he saw other people than merchants and civilians, as if he was being watched. 'They're probably those weird guys that wear animal masks all the time.'

''Nearly there, hold on extra tight 'cause I'm gonna fly!''

''W- what?'' Naruto shouted over the bellowing mountain winds, thinking he had hadn't heard Kirabi properly but the man had already shot up the air like a bullet, roaring in laughter with his arm spread, ''Raikō Jōshō!''

Naruto screamed with the sudden movement. Kirabi sped up so fast he couldn't see where they were going. He couldn't even distinguish the clouds and rocks. The tunnel vision was getting to him and the lack of air was almost unbearable, he felt the world go dark when they broke through the clouds. It was a cold sensation but a welcomed sensation nonetheless considering his senses came back to him.

(Jutsu: Raikō Jōshō – Lightning Climb!)

Naruto gasped and wretched as he emptied the contents of his stomach. He was grateful the climb was over and curled up into a ball, holding his stomach. The strain had even been placed on his stomach and it nauseated him.

''Yeah, you'll have to get used to that,'' Kirabi said offhandedly, not perturbed in the slightest. He had experience to thank for that. ''The air up here is different though. It's just like down below.''

''So, you're saying everyone vomits the first time they get here?'' Naruto asked, whipping his mouth with his shirt sleeve.

''Not necessarily. Civilians get supplied with oxygen tanks at the elevators. Most shinobi go through bodily stress while climbing, their body has to constantly adjust to the pressure and oxygen in the air. Don't worry though, you'll get used to it,'' Kirabi glanced at his watch, ''Come on, bro's about to go on his break and he doesn't like to be disturbed during his breaks.''

Naruto nodded and ran after Kirabi, who had already started to make his way.


(Raikage Tower)

''I'm telling ya, just let me see big bro, he has to see this kid immediately!'' Kirabi argued with the Raikage tower guards. One of the chūnin was giving him a particularly hard time and was getting on his nerves. ''You're just going to get an ass kicking if you don't let me through, Jei.''

Jei, another black-skinned Kumo chūnin, shook his bald head, ''No can do, Kirabi-sama, the Raikage-sama is finishing up with the Ryūsa clan head- hey!''

Kirabi yanked Jei a foot off the ground and threw the chūnin aside, ''Let's go,'' he said to Naruto who stood behind him with a pleased grin. The other chūnin did not dare to attempt to get in their way, too intimidated to even think of crossing Kirabi. Kirabi wasn't known to be a man to use force to get to his destination, but if he did, it was best to just shut the hell up and pray he wasn't going to take his frustration out on you next.

They climbed the long white marble steps of the Raikage tower. Naruto looked back and looked in awe at the view below. The Raikage tower was a beautiful building and was built on the highest part of the mountain village thus it looked over the whole village. Kumo was much bigger than Naruto imagined.

''You coming?''

Snapping out of his daze, he caught up with Kirabi. The black jinchūriki led them into the building, climbed twelve stairs and they finally arrived. They heard raised voices and Kirabi sighed.

''My brother and the council don't get along,'' he explained, ''They've been trying to remove him since the day he got the position as Raikage, that was two years ago.''

''And let me tell you another thing!'' a voice boomed, Naruto presumed it was the Raikage, ''I am not going to give some arrogant dicks like you any more special treatment if I can help it! Land taxes stay the fucking same, now get out of my fucking office you fucking weasel!''

Another raised voice shouted in reply, ''We will see that in the council meeting then, Raikage-sama, but you shall not like the outcome!''

''Yeah, go run to the other fools that haven't done a missions since fuck knows when!'' the Raikage shouted back. ''Go on, run home and have your clan elders bitch at you!''

Just when the duo reached the office, the doors flew open and an enraged man in fine silk robes stormed out. Naruto didn't get a chance to look at him.

''Kirabi! Why are you back so early and-'' the Raikage cut himself off, seeing the boy next Kirabi looking at the Raikage with an mixture of fear, awe and admiration. ''Who's this?'' the Raikage asked once more, but with a softer tone.

''What, no 'hello' or a hugs'' Kirabi grinned, entering the office and sitting down in front of the Raikage's desk with a laid back posture. Naruto jumped on the chair next to his. ''This is Uzumaki Naruto. He's an-''

''Aha, I know who this is,'' the Raikage cut off Kirabi, ''This is the nine tails' jinchūriki, right?''

''Yeah, how did you know that?'' Kirabi asked.

''There's been rumours all over the place,'' the Raikage said, ''About an Uzumaki kid with the power of the nine tailed fox...'' the Raikage trailed off, as though he meant to say more. For a moment the Raikage looked at Naruto as though he had met him before…

''Funny,'' Kirabi laughed, ''I never heard of that gossip.''

''So,'' the Raikage said, cutting to the point, ''You want me to accept another troublemaker in the village? We got you and Yugito already.''

''There are others?'' Naruto jumped up in his seat with an excited glint in his eyes, ''You mean more like me and Kirabi?''

'Such disrespect,' the Raikage grunted, 'But what can I expect if he's been under Kirabi's influence longer than a day?'

''Bro,'' Kirabi ignored the blond jinchūriki, ''I want to train the boy to use his powers.''


Taken back by the abrupt answer, Kirabi looked at his brother and repeated, ''No?''

''No,'' the Raikage firmly repeated.

''Why?'' Kirabi demanded standing up and slamming his hands on his brother's desk. ''Why can't I teach the boy? He's a good kid and-''

''Could also be a spy,'' his brother cut off, ''Why waste resources training our enemy?''

''He ran away from home for reasons you should know and understand,'' Kirabi argued fiercely, ''He agreed to become a Kumo shinobi, he's agreed to be a protector of this village just like me and Yugito!''

The Raikage stared into his brother's eyes, shining with determination behind his shades. ''Alright,'' he gave in, ''But he'll be on probation and under heavily guard. I won't be able to send him on any missions close to Konoha for a while in case in they recognize him.''

''That's fine, I'll teach him myself and he isn't the ungrateful kind. He'll come to love this place and he'll do everything he can to protect it.''

The Raikage sighed, ''You're putting your big brother in a rough place. The council is already looking to kick my ass out of the tower. Just stay out of trouble- the both of you.''

''I promise nothing!'' Kirabi fist-pumped. He turned around and grabbed Naruto by the collar of his shirt yanked him off the seat and dragged the child with him. As they left, Naruto clapped his hands together and made a respectful bow to Raikage, who just chuckled at the idiocy.


(Six Years Later: Kumogakure Academy for Shinobi Arts - Naruto Aged: 13)

Graduation day.

Naruto had been looking forward to this day ever since he was enrolled into the Kumogakure Academy for Shinobi Arts. This day would be a landmark in his career as a shinobi and he couldn't be happier. In actual fact, Naruto could have graduated years ago, he was certainly skilled enough, but Kirabi never consented to the idea, not even for a second did he consider allowing Naruto to miss out on connecting with his peers. The same went for the blonde's less-than-amiable counterpart, Nii Yugito.

Yugito was the jinchūriki of the Nibi no Bakeneko and she had been brought to Kumogakure a few months before Naruto. Naruto didn't know what her circumstances were, but from her disposition and Kirabi's implications, she had lost control of the Nibi as a child and had done something horrible. Yugito originally hailed from a small allied village from Yu no Kuni (Hot Spring Country) and that was all she had ever revealed to Naruto about her past. Though the two trained together under Kirabi most of the time, they certainly did not see eye-to-eye. Unlike Naruto, who was laidback and rather friendly, Yugito was an impassive, straight by the book type of shinobi who believed strictly in following and upholding all shinobi codes and regulations, values she would almost always impose on Naruto whenever he acted out of line. For his part, Naruto believed Yugito to be arrogant and too bossy to get along with, hence why the two never became friends. That, and because Yugito was a prodigy by genius standards and excelled quicker than Naruto did, in all shinobi arts but one: taijutsu.

Taijutsu was Naruto's pride and joy. He loved ninjutsu- pretty much any form of jutsu aside from genjutsu, but taijutsu was the single one art nobody his year could beat him in, aside from maybe Yugito. Naruto's skills in taijutsu had been cultivated and perfected from years of fighting Kirabi, one of Kumo's strongest shinobi and the experience had helped. Sure, he broke a few bones here and there in process but what he got in return was worth it. Kirabi had estimated he could be jōnin-level in taijutsu if he kept it up, and Naruto had, always coming out on top in any physical confrontation class taught in the academy, hence why today during the kenjutsu examination he could practically feel the apprehension of his classmates.

Naruto was brought out of his musing by a nudge from fellow student, Sawada Tokashiji, a short-of-stature student he got along with rather fine. Trudging up a few steps, the next pair were called for their kenjutsu examination.

"Next, Kobayashi Nobori versus Seido Hari!"

Naruto cupped his mouth and shouted, "Kick his ass, Hari!".


(The Next Day: Mt. Unraikyō)

''Come on, show some back bone!'' Kirabi threw a punch meant for Naruto that crushed a tree easily instead, ripping through it like a hot knife through butter. The jōnin turned and went to grab the genin but missed. ''You can run, but can you fight?''

Naruto landed in a crouch, lodging two kunai blades in the earth to slow his skid. They'd been training for two hours straight with no breaks. He was near his limit.

''Shut up!'' Naruto shouted back, charging at the jōnin with his blades in front of him in a defensive hold. He jumped in the air, somersaulted and heel dropped Kirabi on the left shoulder. The Kumo jōnin didn't even flinch and delivered and open hand palm strike back. Naruto flew into a tree, cursing his teacher under his breath.

''What was that?'' Kirabi goaded, mockingly cupping his ear and feigning hearing problems. ''You hatin' on tha masta' cuz you're not a…,'' the jōnin rubbed his chin momentarily before snapping his finger. ''You hatin' on tha' masta' cuz you got sent flying and now your bitch ass be cryin'!''

''That doesn't even make sense! I'm not even crying!'' Naruto shouted at him, throwing a dozen of kunai blades at Kirabi, ''You 'raps' suck, just face it!''

Disgruntled, Kirabi smacked away the barrage of projectiles and held his fist up in an angry manner. ''What was that, boy? You want an ass whoopin' deluxe today? Ya midget!''

''Bring it on!''

Student and master charged each other. Kirabi open his arm, preparing to crush Naruto in one of his signature bear hugs, but Naruto slid through legs and pulled down the jōnin's pants, revealing white heart-print boxers. Naruto fished out his camera from his pouch and quickly took a few pictures of Kirabi with his pants down, ridiculously hopping about as he tried to stop him.

''You midget bastard!'' Kirabi shouted, ''Give me that camera, right now!'' he roared, pulling up his trouser and chasing his student off the training grounds.

''These are going to be spread all over the village!'' Naruto shouted, speeding up.

''I'mma kill you, Uzumaki!''

''Try to catch me first!''

Kirabi shouted profanities at the genin graduate, 'The little bastards running to the village and I ain't allowed to use any techniques in there. That clever little punk!'

Naruto laughed hysterically, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, with an enraged Kirabi behind him.

''I'm going to cut you up, boy!'' Kirabi shouted, catching up with Naruto.

Naruto laughed, ''That's if you're actually going to catch me!''

With a burst of speed, Kirabi jumped in front of him, his arms wide and tackled Naruto, pinning the blond on a rooftop below. ''Haha! Not so funny now, huh?''

Naruto grinned, a twisted look on his face. ''Actually, this is so funny since you didn't notice me slip away.''



The Naruto he caught turned out to be a clone. Cursing, Kirabi launched himself of the rooftop, utilizing lightning chakra. ''Screw it! I'd rather have another lecture than being humiliated like this!''


A half a mile away, Naruto landed in front of the Raikage's tower and came to a stop, resting his hands on his knees. ''I mus- must've lost him,'' he panted. ''Stu- stupid Kirabi-teme.''


Naruto looked up to the sky to see Kirabi coming down, one of his seven blades in his hands.

''Shit!'' was all Naruto could say before he was crushed under his sensei's weight.

A quick and brutal beating later Naruto got to his feet and held his head. ''That hurt!'' Naruto complained, nursing the bump on his head.

''Now let that be a lesson, boy,'' Kirabi said, ''Ya can't defeat the undefeated, ya can't outrun the lightning and ya definitely can't-''

''Okay, I get it!'' Naruto cut off his sensei, earning himself another punch in the head. ''WHY?'' Naruto rolled over the floor, fighting back the tears in corners of his eyes and gritted his teeth, cursing his sensei.

''Ya need to learn respect, boy!''

''What's going on here?'' a loud voice demanded.

Looking to their left, they saw the Raikage walk down the stairs of the Raikage tower. The Raikage, or the 'bigger version of Kirabi-teme' as Naruto had once put in, scowled at the pair, crossing his arms over his chest and shaking his head. "It's you two jokers again!"

''Yo, big bro what's da' dealio?'' Kirabi made some hand motions both Naruto and his elder brothers found embarrassing to watch. The Hachibi jinchūriki continued undisturbed with his rhymes that were found in poor taste.

''Raikage-sama!'' Naruto said with comical tears, clinging on to the Raikage's leg. "Save me!"

''I said, what's going on here?'' the Raikage demanded once again, eyeballing his brother and shaking his leg to remove the blond nuisance. ''What's all this ruckus about this time?''

''He hit me!'' Naruto said, childishly pointing at Kirabi, who pointed back.

''He took a picture ma' draws!''

''But he hit me!''

''Ma draws, man! Ma draws!''

''ENOUGH!'' the Raikage shouted. ''Kirabi, there's a jōnin meeting in twenty minutes, go prepare yourself! This has to be third fucking time I reminded you.''


''And stop using that ridiculous language!'' the Raikage added as his sibling took off. ''And you!'' The Raikage turned to Naruto, ''You blonde little nuisance motherfucker, get out of here or I'll find you some nice D rank missions to do, got-''

Naruto had already taken off at the words ''D rank''.

''Stupid brat, givin' me problems every day!'' the Raikage mumbled. ''What are you looking at?'' he shouted at a staring chūnin who immediately faced the other direction. ''Ugh, I need a drink,'' the idea of Naruto's undoubted revenge through pranks in the near future got another heavy sigh out of the Raikage, "A strong drink."


Naruto walked down the roads of the village with his hands in his pockets, grinning to himself. He had sent a clone with the camera footage to his apartment. By tomorrow, everyone would see them and have a good laugh at his sensei's expense. 'A little humiliation will teach him to mess with me!'

''Yo, Naruto!''

Naruto turned around, recognizing his friend than made his way to him. ''Yo, Hari!''

Seido Hari was a slim, thirteen year old genin much like Naruto and was Naruto's best friend, aside from Kirabi. Hari was wearing green-grayish cargo shorts, a black shirt and a black bandanna that partly covered his left eye. He had spiky hair, wore his headband on his left bicep and white ninja-to on his back, along with all other standard ninja equipment.

''Yo, what are you doing here?'' Naruto asked stuffing his hands in his pockets as Hari caught up to him,

Hari placed his hands behind his head, grinning, ''I just came back from the academy - we're on the same team!''

''Oh yeah, we were supposed to pick up our team info today, huh?'' Naruto remembered. ''I forgot about that. Who else is our team?''

''Yugito,'' Hari said with a grimace.

''Great!" Naruto said sarcastically. "Why do we get have get here? She's so damn annoying.''

''Our sensei?''

Hari grinned, ''Yotsuki Kirabi-sama.''

Naruto shrugged to hide his relief, though he had always expected to end up with Kirabi as his official sensei considering he had been under his tutelage for over six years. ''That's good. It's Yugito who's the problem.''

Hari nodded, ''I know, she is such an elitist. Always on about regulations, codes of conducts and rules.'' The pair continued their discussion as they walked down the road to their apartments

''See ya,'' Hari said a few minutes later as he turned to go right. Naruto merely held up his hand and made his way to his apartment.

Hadn't time gone by quick, he wondered. He could clearly remember the day he came to Kumogakure. He instantly fell in love with the village hidden amongst the clouds. It had been a weird feeling at first, to walk down the streets without being met with scorn or have something chucked at him but he soon grew used to it and found people to bond with.

After that, training had begun and he was enrolled into the Kumogakure shinobi academy. Outside of the basics he was taught in the academy, Kirabi taught him and Yugito, much to Naruto's dismay, advanced shinobi techniques mostly in chakra control and taijutsu.


(Kirabi & Naruto's Apartment)

Naruto closed the door behind him and went to the living room, calling, ''You home, Kirabi?'' when he remember the jōnin was at a meeting. He sighed, taking of his training clothes. The weighted clothes made his neck and shoulder ache sometimes.

The blond went for a quick shower and changed into a new set of clothes; a pair of black cargo shorts with orange trims, a black shinobi t-shirt and a black, sleeveless combat jacked with a lot of pockets. Naruto dropped himself on the couch, flicking on the TV and grinned. His favourite anime was on and he didn't have a lot of time to watch it.

''And here I thought you were maturing a little bit,'' a feminine voice said from behind.

Naruto shifted slightly to look at the open window, pulled an immature face and turned his attention back to the TV. Perched on the windowsill was a beautiful blond girl with blue eyes clad in light purple shinobi garb. She wore a tight shirt that left her tummy revealed, baggy shinobi pants and a white sash around her slim waist. ''What do you want, Yugito?''

''I came here to tell you -''

''We're on the same team, I know,'' Naruto cut her off, making it abundantly clear he wasn't interested in speaking to her as he got and approached her. ''Anything else?''

Yugito scoffed, ''So much for a civilized conversation. I only came here because the teachers at the academy said you didn't show up to get your team roster. How undisciplined. You're a Kumo shinobi now, you must be on time for all -''

''See ya later, neko-chan,'' Naruto said pushing her off the sill, ''Don't forget to never come back.'' Yugito twisted in the air with impressive agility and landed on all fours the ground and glared up to Naruto, who lazily waved at her. ''Bye!'' he shouted once more before closing the window and returning to his TV program.

''Bitch,'' he mumbled to himself.

When he thought about it, Naruto couldn't quite remember what had really set off their feud. Naruto and Yugito had never really gotten along. Initially they had no problems, but it soon became clear Yugito was a natural at being a jinchūriki unlike Naruto who found it much more difficult to work with the Kyūbi. Though it was unfair to shove the blame on her, Yugito had often made a point out of belittling Naruto over his failures and the one time she suggested Kirabi find a new host, the implications had gotten Naruto so enraged it got violent and the two had to be separated and Yugito now lived a few doors down.

One thing was for sure, this wasn't going to be easy.

Author's Notes

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Jutsu Used:

(Jutsu: Raikō Jōshō - Lightning Climb!) - D rank, supplementary, short to mid range. The lightning climb technique is an old technique developed by Kumo shinobi to climb obstacles much faster by utilizing lightning chakra. The more chakra channelled, the faster the user is propelled up in the sky. However, this technique is only for short use and very taxing on chakra. Rapid use can result into torn muscles and chakra depletion - if not monitored carefully.