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Warning: Slash, attempted rape, abuse, m/m f/f sex..don't like it, don't read it.

Chapter 1


Harry's traditional birthday celebration would begin soon. To have two minutes of peace from the beatings would be the best gift, but he knew even that was too much to ask for. Hearing the locks on his door being slowly opened, Harry took a deep breath and prepared himself for the worst.

Uncle Vernon had hinted, "This will be the worst birthday you've ever had boy." In all the years Harry had lived with the Dursley's, the only real recognition of his birth had been the drunken beatings by his Uncle and the harassment from his cousin Dudley.

"Why did I leave my wand packed with my books!" Harry thought. This year held the promise of his being able to fight back, as Harry was now of age and could use his magic outside of school.

Unbeknownst to Harry, his parents had given him an amazing gift when they sacrificed themselves in saving him. Their magic had been transferred to Harry. Harry's father, James, had been one of the best practitioners of wand less, non-verbal magic ever known. His mother, Lily, had been the brightest, most talented earth witch of her age.

Vernon came into the room reeking of rum and pot. His intention - to rape Harry and them beat him

to death. "We'll dispose of the body just before we leave for Brazil and our new life." he told the family at dinner that night. Although he didn't tell them his entire plan, they had discussed retiring from the drug trade, which had become the family business, and leaving everything behind. Neither Dudley nor Petunia were happy about leaving their friends, but being rid of the "baggage" that was their house guest would be a relief.

Petunia, although ready to be done with it all, did worry a bit about Harry. He was, after all, her only nephew and the only child her sister Lily had had the opportunity to have. And even though she would shed the occasional tear for her lost sister, she was far too afraid of Vernon's violent streak (and of magic) to not go along with the plan.

"At least Harry will be released from the torture he's been receiving and will be with his parents again," Petunia thought as she prayed that Vernon would make the end quick for Harry.