Severus and Harry returned from their honeymoon and settled back into their school routine. They went to Gringotts and made arrangements to merge their vaults into a central set, going through everything they had and deciding what to keep and what to donate. Being that he was Lord Prince now, Severus now held a seat in the Wizengamot along with Harry, being that he held the title of Lord Potter. They also had several more properties to dispense with, including Spinner's End and Godrick's Hollow. Harry decided to turn his childhood home into transitional housing for muggle-borns who had lost parents during the war. Remus was living there and working as a counselor and aid to the students who passed through the doors. Harry and Severus also set up a trust to help with the expenses the students incurred transitioning into adulthood.

Harry applied for and took his NEWT's early, passing them all with Exceptional or Outstanding. He started his apprenticeship with his dads, taking Sirius' place in teaching as Sirius was unable to attend classes due to his growing size with the girls. He made the lessons and Harry taught them with Lucius' help. He stayed behind a protective shield as an observer on practical days, giving his input on the student's strengths and weakness in casting and defending against spells.

Draco also took his NEWT's and passed all of them. As he couldn't fly, he used his time to plan the revised Quidditch training manual for the next school year. He was taking over for Madam Hooch, who was moving on to referee for the professional Quidditch league. He also was quite large with the boys, but was healthy in spite of his low weight.

Blaise also passed his NEWT's with wonderful scores and began his Potion's apprenticeship with Severus, which was a great help during classes. Blaise was quite an amazing brewer, and he was able to help the students catch their mistakes without making them feel bad, as he was closer to their own age. He was on the way to beating Severus for the youngest Potions Master in Europe. He and Draco planned on living at the school during the year, and had been gifted, by Harry and Severus, a home of their own near Malfoy Manor for summers and holidays. Harry and Severus decided to let Hermione and Pansy live at Grimmauld, as they both worked in London and it would be easier. They themselves would be living at the manor with Lucius and Sirius, as Harry wanted to spend as much time as possible with his family.

As spring came nearer and the weather improved, the family was actually able to have a picnic outside in early March. With the use of a few well placed drying and heating charms, they enjoyed a wonderful afternoon by the Black Lake, under everyone's favorite tree. They were planning for their summer, trying to decide where everyone was going to live and work out who would watch who's kids during deliveries, as they were all due over the course of 3 months.

Minerva had declared that the school was going to observe the Spring Equinox with a special luncheon and a dance that evening. It was a Sunday, but classes were cancelled for the next morning as a school treat. I was a formal event, and as such, everyone was allowed to Hogsmeade the day before to get final items they may need. Harry, Draco and Sirius were wearing rented muggle tuxedos, as they did not want to buy custom robes for one occasion.

The group flooed into London instead of going to Hogsmeade and while they were there they decided to do a bit of baby shopping. They stocked up on bottles, onesies, pacifiers, and nappies. Harry decided to take them all to Tiffany's, where he had bought Sev's wedding ring. He wanted to show them the baby items that they stocked. He knew that they had lovely silver rattles and things, but he wanted to get a special item for each baby. They had silver birth certificate holders that could be engraved. They had to be ordered, so Harry had placed an order for 6, and would call with the names and dates of birth once the babies had arrived.

They cut their visit short when Draco started to get tired and have some back pain. He was not due for 6 weeks, but being so thin was taking a toll with the extra weight, so they flooed back to the school from the Leaky Cauldron after a bit of lunch. The pregnant men all went to take naps and their husbands got everything ready that they would need for the next day. They then set about making a lovely supper. They had decided that they all needed a hearty meal, and set about to make lasagna, spaghetti bolognese and several loaves of garlic bread. Lucius, unknown to everyone else, was an amazing cook and made, the muggle way, a tiramisu. They were celebrating the equinox, as it was tonight, even though the dance was tomorrow. Blaise was just setting the table when he saw Sev go flying by him in the direction of the bedroom. Next thing he knew, Draco was screaming in pain. He, followed closely by Luc, both ran for the bedroom. All three men were in labour! Draco was enough near term, since multiples are known to be early and he was only 6 weeks ahead. Sirius was still 10 weeks out with the triplets and Harry still had over 3 months left. Severus was very worried about his son, as he was extremely early and he had enough medical training to know the risks involved.

Blaise went to the living room and firecalled Poppy and told her what was going on. A moment later, she and Pansy came through with bags of medical supplies following them. She crossed to the bedroom, pulling her wand and transfiguring the furniture into beds for each of them to deliver comfortably. Pansy pulled the 6 shrunken bassinets out of one bag and resized them. She set them up around the patients according to how many babies each was expecting. Poppy had considered ordering the fathers-to-be out of the room, but changed her mind when she saw how much supportive they were and realised it would make things go much easier.

Sirius' triplets were going to be the hardest to deliver. Poppy had already transfigured the men's clothes into hospital gowns and moved to set up next to Sirius' bed. Pansy was monitoring the other men until Poppy told her otherwise.

Poppy was just about to cast the numbing charm on Sirius to begin the surgery when the room went dark and the walls began to vibrate. A wave of magic passed around the room that was so strong Poppy had a hard time standing. Pansy leaned down over Draco to shield him and steady herself in the process.

As the lights came back on, everyone was shocked to hear the cries of the babies. All six of them were resting in their bassinets with a tempus charm floating overhead, showing their time of birth to be 7:22 p.m. on March 22. The babies all were born at the exact moment of the equinox. The magic coming out of the bassinets, which had rearranged themselves so that the babies were all next to each other, was incredible. The power these children would have when grown would be incredible.

The fathers were resting comfortably as Poppy and Pansy ran diagnostic scans over them. Severus, Blaise and Lucius were all hovering over their children.

"Harry, he is beautiful, he looks a lot like you. He has your eyes and nose and my hair."

"Sirius, they are beautiful. They have my hair and your eyes. They have your complexion and my nose. They are perfect."

"Dray, oh Merlin, they are so handsome. They are the perfect blend of the both of us. They have my complexion and your hair. One has my eyes and the other has yours."

Poppy cleared her throat. "What are you naming these amazing babies gentlemen?"

Sirius and Lucius had already decided on names. "We would like to introduce our daughters, Athena Rhiannon, Kalliope Devika, and Aurora Candra."

Pansy sighed, "Those are beautiful names. Have you decided on godparents yet?"

Sirius answered. "We have. We are going to ask Remus and Minerva to do it."

Draco reached for Pansy's hand then. "Pans, Blaise and I would like you to be the boy's godmother. We are going to ask Neville to be their godfather. He is one of the bravest people I have met next to my family and I can't think of anyone else I would trust my children with."

Pansy leaned down to hug Draco and whispered in his ear. "I would love to. What are the names of my godson's?"

Blaise answered her. "We would like to introduce you to Altair Evan and Seginus James. We wanted to honor Harry's dad and mum since without their sacrifice and love, we would not be where we are today. They gave up so much for Harry to survive and his life is what has brought us all together as a family."

Harry was at a loss for words. He could not believe his brother and brother-in-law were doing that for him.

"Thank you so much guys. I can't begin to tell you what this means to me."

Severus wrapped his arms around Harry and held him tight. They had talked about names, but nothing serious. They did know who they wanted as godparents though.

"Harry, I know we haven't decided on a name, but would you like to share our choices for godparents?"

Harry nodded his head. "We are going to ask Hermione and George to be the baby's godparents. Sev, you know that last set of names we agreed on, how about that?"

Severus was overjoyed. He loved the name combination they had last talked about, but was not sure that Harry was totally happy with it.

"Thank you Harry, I love that name. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce you to Ian Jackson Black."

With the evening was complete, Poppy and Pansy left the new family to themselves to settle in. Severus had asked her to notify the Headmistress of the births and invite her down the next morning to meet the children.

A few weeks later, Harry received a letter by owl announcing the birth of Thaleia Callista Longbottom, born on April 1st. She had her mother's hair and her father's temperament, which really was the best of both possible outcomes.

End of term found the young Black men graduating, all with honors. Draco and Hermione tied for top of class, with exactly matching scores. Hermione had been accepted into university to study law, as she intended to work towards a position in the Ministry as a liaison in the Magical Creatures office. She wanted to make sure that no one ever treated anyone as Remus had been treated throughout his life.

Harry, Draco, and Blaise all had decided on their training paths and were already working in their apprenticeships. The babies were all happy and healthy, and were already showing magical abilities. Toys would randomly come flying through the air if one of the kids wanted one, and all the men had, at one time or another, been hit in the face by a flying plushie.

11 years later…..

The Black family left the manor together to go to Kings Cross Station. The children would be starting as first years and they had spent the summer travelling around the world. Everyone was excited, even if they had grown up at the castle and their dads and uncles would be their teachers. Everyone expected to either be sorted into Slytherin or Gryffindor, as that was where all their parents had been. Harry was the new head of house for Gryffindor and Blaise and Draco were sharing duties in Slytherin. Severus was the Headmaster, as Minerva had retired last year. Sirius was Deputy Headmaster and he and Severus had buried the hatchet so to speak, forgiving each other for past hurts and insults. The family was as close as anyone could imagine.

The met the Longbottom's there, as Thaleia was starting in her first year along with the Black children. They were all close friends growing up, and if the castle was still standing in 7 years it would be a miracle.

George and Luna had married after she graduated and she had taken over running the Quibbler from her father. Ron and Issy were also married and she was still teaching at the school. Ron had surprised everyone and done training as a Healer, and was starting as the MediWizard at the school this year. Poppy had retired along with Minerva and they were travelling to America to experience a different wizarding culture.

Hermione and Pansy were still living in London, having gotten married 2 years ago and were in the process of adopting a baby. Hermione had finished her law training in half the normal time and was on her way up in the Ministry. She was up for promotion to Assistant Minister of Magic, and everyone was speculating that within five years she would be the youngest Minister in history. She would also be the first female minister ever.

Pansy was enjoying her leisure and had opened a boutique for wizards and witches in Diagon Alley that sold both wizarding apparel and muggle clothes. She remembered how stuffy her school robes were, and had worked with Severus to redesign them to make them more wearer friendly. Gone were the house ties for girls, replaced with colored jumpers and the ties were optional for the boys. White shirts were still required, but not necessarily the button down ones. Everyone was looking forward to the future, and were happy on their path there.

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