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Chapter 5: First Steps

The seven Arwings flew down and landed in a clearing on Thorn Tail Hollow (around the same spot that Fox landed his Arwing the first time). "Alright. Here we are," Marcus said, as he jumped out of his Arwing. "Nice place. You gotta just love all this greenery," Kobayashi commented when he saw the surroundings. He really liked any place that was filled with trees or any other aspect of nature. That was also why he had chosen an attire that looked like he was trekking through a forest, with his clothes being a light and durable pair of green and grey shirt and pants. He had picked out those clothes along with Wanko, who had decided to wear a light red safari outfit, complete with a tan safari hat, and his usual headband. After all of them had gotten out of their ships, and out on the ground, Neo called for them to gather around. "Before we begin, Krystal, could you please focus on your knowledge of Saurian language," Neo said. "Pardon me?" Krystal asked, surprised at the request. "Just do it," Neo said with a sigh. Krystal just nodded, despite her uncertainty, but decided to comply. Neo snapped his fingers, and a silver mist floated out of Krystal's head. He snapped his fingers again, and the mist seemed to split apart into a total of 7 duplicates, which floated into each of their heads. "Can you all understand me?" Neo asked, now using Saurian language. "Yeah, but how did you do that?" Marcus asked surprised, since he had never seen Neo do that. "Something I copied recently," Neo stated flatly, before switching the subject, but not before he heard Fox's dry comment "Definitely beats a translator," which Neo shot him an annoyed look for. "Now then, Fox, what's our best move next?" he asked, before Nia cut in. "Dad, I've tried sensing around the area, but the magic on this planet is interfering with my mind sight. But even then, I sensed some weakening life force coming from nearby," she said, indicating that whatever she had sensed wasn't too far away.

They all headed toward the direction Nia had pointed, and came to the entrance (a rather fancy entrance) of a cave, that looked like it could double as a house (The one where the Queen Earth Walker was found). "Okay, so how do we get in?" Wanko asked when he noticed that the entrance was closed and that there was no handle on the door. Almost as though to answer him, the door slid open, but what came out wasn't what they had hoped. "Sharp Claws," Fox said, remembering the dinosaurs he had faced on his first mission on Sauria. In total, there were seven Sharp Claws, one for each of them. "Seven of us and seven of them? I was expecting them to try to at least out number us," Nia said, a little bit surprised that they weren't outnumbered.

The seven Sharp Claws immediately went for the seven of them, each intending to take one out. Marcus easily avoided the Sharp Claw that went after him. After a few unsuccessful tries, the Sharp Claw got impatient, and carelessly swung its club at Marcus, only for Marcus to take advantage, and effortlessly grab the club, before using it to hit the sharp claw several times with its own club, which was still in its hand, before deciding to finish the brawl. "It's over! Raikouken!" he called out, as he drew his sword, which sparked to life with blue electricity, before he struck the sharp claw with it, electrocuting it with intense lightning. The energy surged through the Sharp Claw, before he quickly fell down, and was clearly down for the count. Nia was busy dealing with her assailant, or rather, it looked like she was dancing around the Sharp Claw, and oddly enough, she almost looked as though she was in some sort of serene light, as she had a calm look on her face. After a moment, she turned toward her opponent, before saying in a gentle voice, "Now sleep. Dreamscape," before she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword, and moved at an incredible speed around her opponent, before stopping behind the sharp claw. For a moment, it looked like she never even drew her sword, but proved otherwise when the Sharp Claw fell down as sword marks appeared all over him. Wanko had a big smirk on his face, as he easily swatted his opponents club away using the metal rod he had just made out of a towel. "Maybe you should think before you act! E-Magnum!" he called out, before he fired a bullet, which hit the ground right under the Sharp Claw's feet. Looking down, the Sharp Claw laughed, thinking that the bullet had missed him, only for the bullet to suddenly glow, before igniting in a jet of flame, leaving the Sharp Claw slightly charred, before it fell down as Wanko merely blew the smoke from his gun. Kobayashi back flipped away, as his opponent tried to catch him with a swing of its club. Having missed its target, the Sharp Claw tried again, but this time Kobayashi was ready. "The two star sacred weapon! Fudo!" Kobayashi called out, causing a large arm made out of wood, with a steel guard to appear, causing the Sharp Claw to break its club against it. "My turn! Frozen Root!" Kobayashi called out, before unleashing a blast of freezing wind, freezing his opponent solid. Fox and Krystal had already pushed their individual opponents against each other. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Fox asked, as he readied his sword. "I am. Let's get them, Fox," Krystal said, as she readied her staff. "Spirit of Wind, hear me! Gale Blast!" Krystal called out, summoning a strong wind, which caught the two Sharp Claws, trapping them in a miniature tornado. "Fox!" Krystal called out, as Fox immediately jumped forward. "Right! Solar Storm! Sky Blazer!" Fox called out, as his sword ignited with fire, before unleashing a storm of fire at the trapped Sharp Claws. "Gale Blazer!" Fox and Krystal called out in unison as their individual attacks combined, becoming a tornado of fire, which left the Sharp Claws charred and out of the fight. Neo calmly dodged the attacks from his opponent. He merely stepped back a step to avoid each strike, quickly tiring the Sharp Claw out. "Sorry, but I'm done messing around. Photon Blast," Neo said calmly, shooting a quick blast of light from his hand, easily defeating the tired Sharp Claw.

"That was easy," Nia commented, as they walked away from their defeated opponents. "Yeah. Too easy if you ask me," Krystal said, as she didn't think it should have been that easy. "Last time I fought these guys, they usually disappeared after I beat them, but they didn't this time," Fox said, a bit surprised at the difference. "You'd think with Xeno involved, we'd have to fight a few heartless, or maybe some other monster," Kobayashi said, not noticing the Sharp Claws getting up, though the way they moved resembled a broken doll being pulled up by its strings. "Ummm...Kobayashi..." Marcus said, pointing toward behind his team mate, prompting Kobayashi to turn around, just as the previously defeated Sharp Claws were engulfed in darkness and turned into seven medium sized heartless, which all looked like raptors. "You just had to say it, didn't you?" Wanko asked rhetorically, as they prepared for round two.

"*sigh* we really don't have time for this. Unlimited," Neo said, summoning his keyblade. Neo disappeared for a moment, before reappearing behind the seven heartless, and the seven of them burst apart, as they released the hearts trapped within them. "That's that, now...How do we get in, aside from smashing the door?" Neo asked, when he noticed that the door the Sharp Claws had come from had closed. Fox looked up toward the top of the door, before smirking slightly. He quickly drew his sword, before firing a small fireball, which hit the symbol that had appeared on the top of the door. The door flew open, just as the symbol turned green. "That's how," Fox said, sheathing his sword.

Walking in, they were greeted by the sight of two elderly Earth Walkers on the ground. "These guys are...," Fox started, surprised at the sight. "The (former) King and Queen Earth Walker," Krystal finished just as surprised, as they quickly approached the two of them. "Are both of you alright? What happened?" Fox asked them. "Please, help. He captured our son, and our grandson. We don't know where Tricky is, but they've taken our grandson, prince Topsy, to Ice Mountain. Please save him," they pleaded. "Alright, we'll do it. Come on, let's get going," Fox said. "Wait," Neo suddenly said. "What is it, Neo?" Fox asked. "Is it really a good idea to leave them alone? What happens if Sharp Claws, or worse, Heartless, find them?" Neo replied. "Mr. Lumino has a good point there, I think some of us should stay behind," Wanko said, analyzing the situation. "Hm, you got a point there. That reminds me, the first time I was here, I had to collect 6 white grub tubs for the Queen when she had been injured, and since there are both of them now, we'll need to collect 12 white grub tubs to heal the King and Queen," Fox replied. "That means we'll have to split into 3 teams then. One team to find the prince, one team to find white grub tubs, and one team to guard the King and Queen," Nia said. "Right," Marcus said, before asking, "Hey dad, do you still remember the layout of Ice Mountain?" Marcus asked. "More or less. I'm sure I'd remember if I was there," Fox replied. "Okay. Do you still remember where we can find white grub tubs?" Marcus asked again. "Yeah. They're in the well not too far from here," Fox replied, pointing toward the direction of the well. "Alright then, since we know where to go, now we just have to decide the team members," Neo said. "Well, I can keep watch here. I'll blow away any Sharp Claw or Heartless that tries coming here," Kobayashi said, volunteering himself to guard the (former) King and Queen Earth Walker. "If we're going down a well, I'll light the way," Nia said, volunteering herself to find white grub tubs.

"Alright, we have volunteers for two teams, but I don't think they should do this alone," Neo said. "In that case, I'll go with Nia to find those grub tubs," Marcus immediately said, volunteering himself to go with Nia. "And I'll stay here with Kobayashi," Wanko said. "Alright then, I guess that leaves the three of us to go to Ice Mountain," Fox said, referring to Krystal and Neo. Just then, Krystal looked toward the (former) King and Queen Earth Walker, and noticed that they seemed even weaker than before. "Actually, I think I should stay here," Krystal said, motioning toward the two injured Earth Walkers. Looking toward them, Fox and Neo both nodded. "Your right. If we leave them be, they might not survive," Neo said. "Yes. That's why it might be better if I stayed here, so I might at least be able to keep them alive until Nia and Marcus can get the white grub tubs," Krystal replied. "Alright, we'll leave to you Krys," Fox said. All seven of them looked at each other, before nodding. "Alright everyone. We don't have much time, so let's go," Marcus said to his team. "Ryokai," they all replied, before immediately heading off toward their destinations.

-Starfox X-

Author's Note:

Done. Chapter 5 of Starfox X. So here are the list of teams for the next chapter:

Rescue team (Find Prince Topsy): Fox and Neo

Retrieval team (Find 12 white grub tubs): Marcus and Nia

Guard team (Protect the (former) King and Queen Earth Walker): Kobayashi, Wanko, and Krystal.