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Amu and Kukai, probably like strawberries and cream.

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"You did well today, Kukai," Utau cheered and threw him a towel.

"Thanks," he said, the sound of football boots came suddenly, two dozen pairs of them all clicked and banged against the concrete.

"I don't think so," I commented, sticking up my nose, "Your loosing it, Kukai."

"Amu!" Utau nudged me.

"Oh? You think so, Hinamori? It sounds like your up for a challenge!"

Of course Utau was now hopelessly in love with him, and that's why she nudged me. But I knew Kukai longer and better and knew his game and was able to comment on it any way I liked. Utau didn't know this, of course, because this was one of the only practice's of his she got to attend due to her busy schedule. Kukai always thought everything was a challenge.

"I don't think so, Souma."

"Suit yourself. I'll get a match with you someday!" he swore, giving me his signature thumbs up and taking a long drink from a bottle.

As we were walking home, Kukai and Utau obviously didn't trust me to walk home myself, Kukai's phone went off. I didn't know he was a fan of C-ute until I heard that ring tone. Embarrassed, he flipped it open.

"H-Hello? … Yes. … He, what? … I had no idea. … Are you sure? … Of course. Ok. … Bye."

Me and Utau were listening intently, but of course only got to hear half of the conversation.

"Is everything okay?" I asked him, as he put his phone away.

"It's just…Matsuda broke his leg."

"That's horrible!" I cried, knowing that Matsuda was their mid-field and their best yet, too.

"He won't be able to play in the tournament this year."

"What will you do?" Utau asked, finally speaking up.

"I'm not sure…all our substitutes are going on a school trip for the first two weeks in summer and we have no other replacement," he explained, worried.

"I'm sure you'll think of something," Utau told him and put her hand on his shoulder, "Right, Amu?"

"Of course. Your real smart, Sempai!" I told him, hoping he would feel better.

He nodded and I waved goodbye to them as soon as I reached my house. Inside waiting were four Charas.

The next day, school went really slowly and I almost fell asleep a few times in class. I came out and saw Kukai, surrounded by girls, at the school's gates.

"Kukai-sempai? What are you doing here?" I asked, happily. But I remembered that the Guardians weren't to meet up today.

"I want to ask you something," he said, taking me by the hand then looking at the group of his primary school fan girls he finished, "Alone!"

They left 'Kyah-ing' making me wonder what he had to ask me.


"Oh sempai…" I blushed, turning my toes toward each other, "I wonder why you picked now to ask me this."

I was prepared for him to ask me out on a date.

"So you know what I'm going to ask you?" he questioned, in shock.


"Oh, how did you know I was going to ask you to join the team?"

"Ehh?! Join the team?! You mean your football team?!"

"Yup. The boys are waiting for you to come down because they don't believe your as good as football as I say you are. You have P.E. today if I can remember from last year…so you have your P.E. gear…that will do. Let's go!"

He pulled me by the hand down the road, my schoolbag almost falling out of my hand once or twice and pushed me towards the girls' changing rooms in his school. They were much bigger then ours and it was flooded with girls of all ages. There was benches and huge lockers, too. I found an empty space in a corner and began to undress. When I was done, I stood out among the other girls, who were wearing hockey, tennis, gymnastics and basketball gear…all in green. I was wearing the Seiyo academy P.E. outfit, a navy leotard, a white shirt and navy shorts.

"Hey…you don't go to school here," one girl commented when she seen my outfit.

"I know…I'm with someone else," I explained, trying to shove my skirt into my schoolbag, I wasn't prepared to use a locker that wasn't mine.

"Who?" asked another girl, with her hand on her hip and flicked back her short, black hair.

"He's a boy who goes to this school, he's not here right now, obviously," I managed to say, nervously.

"Well, I don't think your aloud get dressed here," explained a kinder, tall girl with chestnut hair, zipping up her bag and sounding as if she wanted to help me rather then judge me.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I apologised and bowed to them all, "He said I could…"

"Who is he?" another girl with long, blonde hair asked, just finishing getting on her shirt.

"Souma Kukai."

"Kukai-sempai?" a bunch of girls all yelled at the same time.

"She's joking!" "How dare she make fun of Kukai-sempai like that!" "Who does she think she is?"

My 'cool and spicy' attitude kicked in at that moment.

"Excuse me, but I'm Hinamori Amu and…Kukai-sempai just happens to be my good friend. Now, if you'll excuse me…" I said, pushing my way through the girls and out the door. Phew.

"Hinamori Amu?" I heard a girl from inside wail, "Didn't she date a thousand older guys here?"

"I heard she did more then just date them!"

"She's being moved up to Kukai's class when she joins this school because she picks on teachers!"

"And she doesn't even have to be smart…she cheats through all her tests too!"

More and more rumours started. So I was known in Kukai's school too…I think I would prefer to be "Hinamori Amu who defeated a football team, whose parents are famous and who dates French boys" like what's said in Seiyo then what they say about me here. It seems to be so different here…

Kukai and a bunch of other boy's in uniform came out of the changing rooms.

"Hey, Hinamori!" Kukai called to me and I waved back.

"Wow…it's really true," I heard a voice say as we walked off, "Trust our God, Souma-sempai to find himself someone as popular as Hinamori Amu.

Kukai handed me a pair of old football boots.

"I borrowed these from my friend's sister. They should fit you."

I was glad they were an old pair, because they fit nice and snug.

"They fit. Thanks-"

"So this is Hinamori Amu?" a boy who I recognised as their defence say, "If she's as good as the rumours about her say, we should be okay."

He left laughing.

"Don't mind him, the rumours aren't so bad," Kukai consoled me and pulled his laces tight.

When we got to the pitch, a boy kicked a football in my direction, obviously to test me, and I stopped it right away.

"Try and take a goal," a big, beefy boy called to me, "Just you try…Koshiwa's our best goalie ever!"

I was glad I left Ran at home, or she would be too tempted to Chara change with me at that moment. I took two steps back from the ball and quickly looked up to see my target. I ran and kicked the ball smoothly at the same time. It flew through the air and glided past the goalie's head. He tried to catch it, but it was too late. The ball was sent flying through his hands and into the back of the net.

They even asked me to do it again a few more times, but their goalie was too easy for me. Then they asked me to do it while tackling some of the biggest on their team. I instantly knew that they would rely on pure strength to stop me, but I was smarter then that. I was quick on my feet and dodged the first boy with no trouble at all. For the second boy, I leaned to the right, but swiftly controlled the ball and flew past the left. For the last boy, I held the ball between my feet, jumped in the air, and sent the ball flying over my shoulder. The confused boy didn't see where it was going, and I ran behind him, taking the ball and with one hard kick, let it roll between the goalie's legs.

"Sh-She's good," one of the boy's admitted, scratching his head.

"Good. But not as good as you, Kukai-sempai!" smiled another before ruffling my hair.

"So the girl joins the team!" Kukai proposed, thrusting his fist into the air. The other boys nodded.

"But wait…Kukai! I'm pretty sure girls aren't aloud on the team. The referee might think of it as an advantage to the team…" I cried, when I suddenly thought of it.

Kukai took his yellow and green cap from his head and stood behind me. He gathered my hair and put it up in the cap. He walked around me to see if I looked okay.

"Does she look like a he, boys?" he asked his team-mates, turning to face them.

"Not really…" one boy sighed.

"Of course she does!" he argued, then turned back to face me, "Think of yourself as Tadase or Nagihiko…not all of us were born with such manly looks!"

Two of his team-mates gave him a high five and they flexed their muscles, as if they were huge and manly. I couldn't help but laugh out aloud. A quick training followed and I ended up exhausted at the end.

"What's wrong Hinamori?" asked the familiar voice behind me.

"I ran our of water…" I explained as I rummaged through my bag.

"Have some of mine," he replied, offering his only drink.

"Eugh…no thanks."

"Why? Geez I haven't even taken a drink from it yet."



I reluctantly took a long drink from it then handed it back. I wiped my forehead

"Thanks, Kukai. You're a lifesaver."

I walked home after that, happy.

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