"Natsumi Hinata..."

The yellow frog like creature cricked his neck and smirked at the screen in front of him that showed a young girl who had pink-ish hair, who was running around playing soccer.

"Age, fourteen. Species, Pokopenian. Gender, female."

The screen changed, to another red frog creature, its face pulled in a scowl as it talked to a green one.

"Giroro-senpai," he went on, "Age, early twenties. Species, Keron. Gender, male."
The Keron's smirk grew wider.

"But not for long," he muttered darkly, "Ku-ku-ku~!"

"And so, to summarise the meeting-"
"We've made no progress what-so-ever in the invasion of Pokopen!"

The green Keronian glared at his dark red comrade. The red one raised an eyebrow over its scarred eye, smirking. "Well its true Keroro," he snickered, "You've been doing house work for the Pokopenians, and Dororo's been trying to SAVE this goddamned planet, goodness knows what Kururu's been doing in that little lab of his, and Tamama-"
"HOW DARE YOU INSULT GUNSO-SAN!" the black-blue one screamed, waving an arm at the Corporal.

"Ku-ku-ku," the yellow one snickered. The lighter blue one simply sighed.

"Leader-dono," he said, "I refuse to be insulted by Giroro-dono."

"Tamama, quit glaring at me," the red one growled."
"Ya' don't hafta listen to him," the green one – Keroro – said, rolling his eyes at his childhood friend, "Now, can we please get on with it? Does anyone have any ideas at all?"
"I have one," the yellow one chuckled, sitting up, "I'll just go get it now..." With that, he walked out of the room.

The rest of the platoon members blinked at each other, frowning. Twenty or so minutes later, the yellow one – Kururu – returned, a gun-like appendage clasped in his hand.

"Oh no," Giroro said, edging away from his team member, "What's that one do?"
"I'll show you," Kururu snickered, aiming the gun at the Corporal.

"H-hey, now-now Kururu," Keroro cried, jumping over his desk towards the intelligence officer, "Don't go making any rash decisions. Tell us, what it does first, before we even THINK of whom to test it on!"

"And that someone is so not gonna be me," Giroro growled, backing up against a wall.

"I'm going to hide under here Uncle, okay?" a blonde girl called Mois said, slowly sliding under the desk, "So's I don't get, how they say it, blown up?"

"Ku-ku-ku," Kururu snickered, "Oh Lady Mois, it's nothing like that."
"What does it do then?" Tamama asked, blinking his large eyes. Kururu snickered again and aimed the gun towards Giroro.

"Well, if Giroro-senpai wasn't such a wuss, I would show you," he said darkly. "It better not do what that aging ray did to me," Giroro said, wincing.

"Oh," Kururu laughed, "It won't."


Kururu's claw pulled gently at the trigger. Then, for Giroro, all went dark.