Disclaimer: I don't own 9, or any of the characters, heck I don't really own the plot, just the tweaks...

To Clarify: I just saw the movie 9 and I loved it! But I hated the character 9. He had no personality!!! This story is told in the point of view of 7.


Chapter 1

When I first opened my eyes, he was there, and I hope when I close them for the final time, he is there too. The world was different when I awoke. It had colors, though dying ones, and our creator still lived. The TV was on all day, but all it showed were scenes of mayhem and death. The creator told us it was to show us our mission. I looked away.

Gradually, all eight of us were "born". The ninth was hanging there, not moving. We were all fearful. The creator was dead, this ninth of us was dead too. We didn't have time to be afraid for long. An explosion ripped through the silence of mourning. 3 and 4 ran behind me as I clasped 5's hand. 1 took immediate charge. He told us he knew of a place the people on TV had called "sanctuary". As a metal claw burst into the house, we ran. Scenes of chaos littered the ground. Huge metal beasts crashed into cars and buildings. It was worse than what the creator had shown us. Running into a tin can, the eight of us huddled close.

For now we were safe. The beasts couldn't find us, but we knew we'd have to leave sooner or later. It was then that the tin can started to shake. A huge red eye glared down at us. Bolting out of the other end we ran underneath a huge helmet. I was squeezing 5's hand even tighter now. We looked up towards each other, but then looked down at the ground. It was then that 1 told me to go on ahead, to scout. I grudgingly let go of 5's hand and crept out of the helmet. Just outside, a huge beast stay waiting. I ran past it hoping to distract it and turn it away from the others. All seven of the others ran even closer towards the large building. A second beast ripped the helmet off of them, and hurled it into vast oblivion. The seven of them scattered as I felt a pain in my gut. 5 was slower than the rest of them, and the huge metal terror was closing in on him. I glanced forward and turned back the second I heard a sickening crash. 5 was still ahead of the monster, but his eye was crooked and distorted. 2 rushed to help him, and a sigh of relief rippled through me. But to my horror, a huge foot was above their heads ready to smash the both of them. I told 3 and 4 to take the lead, and I ran towards 5 and 2. Jumping, I hit both of them out of the way of the beast. 5's face was just centimeters from mine and if I could've, I would've blushed. Instead, I composed myself and held out a copper hand to help him up. 2 was already catching up to the others, and I steadily helped 5 catch up too.

We had finally made it to the sanctuary. 5's burlap head was resting on my shoulder, and my copper fingers were tight around his. We sat down in the huge building as 1 did a head count. 3 and 4 were no where to be seen. 2 took to repairing 5. He removed the bent eye and placed a piece of leather in its place. I was there the entire time. When 5 was fully functional, 1 sent the two of us to explore this new home. We knew there was a top floor, but it would take hours to climb it. We came back towards the group and told them all we had seen. 2 immediately set to figuring a way up to the second floor. 5 and I sat down on the cold floors instead. He rested his head back on my shoulder. As I was gazing up at the sky, I felt a heavy weight. He had fallen asleep.