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Chapter 3

When darkness had fallen, I couldn't help myself anymore. I had to explore that vast wonderland down there. As I attempted to slip through one of the many cracks in our large building home, I heard a voice.

"You're going out there aren't you?" 5 sounded concerned, but as if he already knew the answer.

I nodded. "Don't tell 1, okay?"

An half smile formed on his face, but then he continued to look sullen. "Be careful."

I stuck a copper hand on his shoulder, "I will, I promise."


I started to run. I couldn't get the strange feelings out of my mind. Only one thing really stood out in my mind. 5. If something happened to him, I would die. A huge building loomed over me. My instant curiosity overwhelmed my fear. As I walked into a gaping hole in the side I heard a queer, oddly familiar clicking noise.

Small optics peered out of the darkness at me. They were getting closer, clicking rapidly. Two stitch punks surrounded me. I pulled the boys into a hug. 3 and 4 scanned me carefully as if to say "Where were you?" I ruffled their hoods. They clicked in happiness.

"You have to come back with me!" I was excited, the others would love to see them alive. The boys frowned and shook their heads. "Only for a while, please?"

They looked up a little swayed by my please. Then four nodded his head. Three looked around, and started projecting a clip onto the walls of the old building.

1 was there looking angry. "How dare you go into the Emptiness! Are you stupid or something? You don't belong here if you disobey me!"

They looked up with fear in there eyes.

"Well, that's pretty bad I admit..." then a devious smile formed on my face. "I could sneak ya' in just to see 2, 5, and 6."

The twins were so excited that they decided to keep my rebellion in their photographic memory.