Title: Letters from France

Author: landofthekwt

Rating: PG-13

Prompt: Kyoya (Ouran High School Host Club)

Giftfic for Luxken27

Word Count: 635

Warning: None

Summary: Kyoya is irritated by Tamaki's text messages.

Kyoya gazed at the text message on the screen of his cell phone. The idiot was at it again. It was not bad enough that he hid in his home afraid to see his mother, afraid of his father, afraid of his grandmother. No, he sent chatty text messages to Kyoya of all people asking how his friends in the host club. Of course Kyoua would not know how they were. They were in Japan along with Tamaki. He was in France acting on Tamaki's behalf.

The idiot could not leave well enough alone. It was bad enough that Kyoya had to know the secret that Tamaki had stayed behind in Japan afraid to go on the sophomore trip to France because he was forbidden from ever seeing her again by the terms of agreement between Tamaki's father and grandmother. Bad enough that he knew the story of Tamaki's mother and her devil's bargain to save her family's fortune.

Her plight was familiar to him. His family just like hers was beholden to the Suoh family. They had served their lords for generations. At least the price of her family being saved was only the loss of a son and a husband. There could be other sons and husbands. So long as the Suohs existed his family could not escape their duty to them

He had inherited this duty by being born into the Ootori. Like being a number three son, Tamaki was just another burden in life to be managed. That is what he did best. Tamaki might have founded the host club, but it was Kyoya that made it work. Tamaki need not know the details. If he did, he would merely get in the way to keep it from operating efficiently.

Cover stories almost never work. Especially Tamaki's The idiot went out and instantly spotted by Haruhi. So much for his excuses with Haruhi. Let Tamaki sweat. He had put Kyoya in this position. Better to let him sweat the details of how he came to be in Japan when he was supposed to be in France. Then maybe he would not send out any more of those inane texts to waste his time.

His talents were best when he investigating. If he was not being bothered by Tamaki he could put aside the tour which had no interest for him and concentrate on his true mission: finding Tamaki's mother. Although he was doing the idiot's bidding and acting in his place, at least he would reach the objective that he had set when Tamaki sent him on this mission.

He would serve his lord and king by finding the woman who had given up her so be she alive or dead. He would know the truth. Even if her son could not be here, his vassal would act in his place. Once she was found, he would interview her.

Despite the fact that neither seemed worthy of such devotion, Kyoya would do his duty. The King had tasked him with bringing him a report on his mother and he would do so despite any personal cost or inconvenience to the future when he performed services for Tamaki, he would ask just one thing of his lord, to shut up and let him do his job.

He snapped his cellphone shut and turned off the power. Now he would not have to read any more letters from France.. He would not have to make excuses to Haruhi or any other host club why Tamaki was not answering his cell or explain to Haruhi what Tamaki was doing in France.

Let the idiot deal with the consequences of his actions and let his faithful servant complete the assignment he had been given without any further interference from Tamaki or any other person.