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I've never really done much with OC's, so if you're one of those OC haters, this isn't the story for you. Basic summary is it's done all from the OC's POV. The OC is a regular teenage girl kidnapped from Earth by the Cyclonians because she showed natural crystal aptitude, and forced to become Master Cyclonis. However, she's extremely tenderhearted. This basically follows all the big episodes with Master Cyclonis in them, but it also includes some fluff in between. And yes, there will be a MC(who really is an OC so I'm just confusing myself)/DA pairing. What I ask is that you give it a chance!

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It was my first high-school dance, and I guess I was enjoying it. Sort of. I've never really been the most social person, but it wasn't too bad. I tried not to think of all the things I could be accomplishing if I were back at home, and enjoy the music. I awkwardly swayed to the beat.

We were in the gym pavilion, and all the lights were off, except for purple UV lights. Everyone was lit up weirdly, and you couldn't tell who anyone was. The music was playing so loudly, I swear, my eardrums were about to burst. The beat pulsated through me, shaking my very bones with its overwhelming vociferousness. Around me, people were grinding. I even saw a few couples making out. Why did I come here again? I wondered.

Try not to think of those new rocks you found that you want to catalogue. Try not to think about that book you could be reading. Try not to think about the minimal amount of homework, which you already did, which you can check and recheck instead of just standing here. Try not to think—too late.

I was a freshman, so that meant I was the new kid in school. Yes, the entire class was also new, but I had never been that good at making friends. I was too much of a bookworm. I wasn't with any group of girls, either. I felt like the only one standing alone on the dance floor; everyone else had someone to dance with.

Not to mention I was completely embarrassed about my clothing. It had said "casual" on the invitation, and I had no idea what to wear, so I was in a cute little dress over some jeans. My mother always tells me I'm beautiful, but I just can't see it in myself. I'm so small, my skin is super-pale, not tan like it's in style, and my hair is long and dark. My eyes are the weirdest color, too—not really a dark blue, almost with a bit of grey in them. I guess you could call them violet. I'm not "beautiful" at all—I just look really bizarre. Usually, it doesn't bother me, as I have my nose in a book more often than not, but tonight, I felt like it was shining a spotlight on me screaming, "Here's the Freshman Class Loser!"

Someone, some random stranger, appeared behind me and started grinding on me. I assumed he was a senior, because he was way taller than me, but under the bad lighting I couldn't see any more. I tried to disentangle myself quietly, but his hands snaked out and grabbed my waist, pulling me in closer. "Dance with me," he whispered, and I still don't know how I heard it over the music.

One side of me screamed, Danger!, but then I thought, It's a dance. We're at a school, and we're in public. He can't do anything, so you might as well enjoy yourself. I couldn't believe I was doing it, but I started to sway with the beat. He smiled, the UV lights flashing weirdly off of his teeth. The song finished, and another one started.

He let go of me, and just grabbed one hand, pulling me outside. I tried resisting at first, but his grip was too strong, and I didn't want to make a scene. There were a few people sitting outside, but none of them were paying much attention to us. Again, my danger sense prickled.

I shivered involuntarily, and he must have thought that I was cold, because he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. He was really warm, so I actually didn't try to shake him off. It was a kind gesture, plus, it did feel nice.

Outside, it was dark, but the lighting was better, so I was able to get a good look at him. He was tall, with black hair that sort of flopped all over. He had really handsome features, one might describe them as "chiseled." He was muscular but not overly so.

Then I saw his eyes, those bright, crimson eyes, and I stopped breathing.

I am such a nerd. I don't even have TV, but I still know who the Storm Hawks were. And I was positive that this was the Dark Ace.

I forced myself to inhale, and keep walking like nothing had happened, but inside, my mind was whirling. First, what the heck was the Dark Ace doing at a high school dance!?! Second, why me? Why did he single me out, dance with me, and was now taking me who-knows where?

I made myself think logically. There must be an explanation for this: maybe he was just some crazy fan who had found color-contacts. That was it. He was some loser senior who took advantage of the new kids and creeped them out. I tried to duck away and return to the gym, but he yanked me around another corner.

There was a motorcycle.

Suddenly, this stopped being creepy and started becoming way too real for my taste. He was kidnapping me! I mean, if he really were Dark Ace, I might not mind too much, but this was just some creepy kid who was going to throw me on his motorcycle and drive away.

I squirmed with a new intensity, fueled by the sight before me, but nothing I could do could break his grip. "Stop wiggling, child," he growled. "Master Cyclonis wished to see you. And what the Master wishes, the Master receives."

That froze me up. Master Cyclonis? She was my absolute favorite character! But if she wanted me, she probably had some evil plan that involved me killing people, and that was a definite "no." Among my many flaws, I have the absolute softest heart in the world. I can never hold grudges, or stay mad at someone, or extract revenge (unless it's playful revenge; that's different). Meeting Master Cyclonis doesn't mean you have to cooperate with her, said the evil voice inside my head. I listened.

The Dark Ace seemed to notice my resolve cracking. "Just get on the skimmer," he said kindly.

My scientific mind wasn't convinced, though. I needed solid evidence that this all was real. "Give me a crystal, please," I asked. "We don't have crystal technology here on Earth, so if the crystal works, and I can blast something with it, I believe you and I'll come quietly. If not, then—" He cut me off, handing me a crystal.

"You're a smart girl," he chuckled. "I can see why the Master wanted you."

I looked at the crystal in my hand, feeling rather silly. Actually, I had never blasted anything before. What if nothing happened? I tried reaching out to the crystal with my mind, feeling like an absolute idiot, and to my surprise, I felt its energy. I aimed at a random tree and let it loose. A red bolt of light exploded from the hand holding the crystal and blew up the tree completely.

Wow. So it all was real. And it felt good to use a crystal, like it was something I was born to do. "That's the first time you've touched a Firebolt?" Dark Ace commented, clearly as impressed as I was. "You're a natural."

He climbed onto his motorcycle—no, skimmer—and I scurried up in front of him, sitting sideways. With one hand he made sure I wasn't going to fall off and with the other he started up the engine. Sure enough, after going a few feet, wings popped out and the skimmer lifted into the sky. Another piece of proof that this either was real of I was completely crazy.

As the ground dropped away I began to feel a bit woozy, so I was glad of his arm steadying me. Looking down, I was everyone streaming out of the gym, screaming and making a ruckus. I was hit by a stream of doubts. The Dark Ace brought out the worst in me. First, I was destroying school property, and now I was allowing some stranger to kidnap me. No, wait, he wasn't even a stranger: I knew he was evil. I knew he had bad intentions. I knew he had killed more Sky Knights than I cared to count.

He pulled out a crystal and threw in front of the skimmer, opening up a strange portal. Atmos would lie beyond it. I had time for one last glance at my world before we flew through.

I. Was. Such. An. Idiot. This wasn't some fairytale story! I was being kidnapped by the freakin' Dark Ace, and I let him do it! I started hyperventilating. Why, why, why did I agree to this? Why did I ever wish to go on an adventure, like in all the books I read? I decided that adventures were officially a lot more fun when they stayed on the page.

The Dark Ace noticed me freaking out. Of course he noticed me freaking out! I was practically sitting in his lap! "Are you going to try to escape?" he asked.

I nodded. Stupid, don't give away your plan! But he had taken me by surprise, and I couldn't seem to help but do as he said, or be truthful in answering his questions.

"Then sorry, kid, but I don't have time for that. When you wake up, you'll be safe in Cyclonia."

When I wake up? What—he put some kind of crystal in front of my face, and I couldn't help but stare into its depths. It was a dark red, just like his eyes.

Snap out of it! I told myself. You're stronger than this! You can resist! With amazing effort, I began to wrench my gaze away.

His voice sounded in my ear, slightly frustrated. "Don't resist it, kid. Just go with it. You'll be fine. You'll be safe."

Safe? Yeah, right. Even though I knew there was a fat chance of that, I couldn't help but believe the lies he whispered to me. My eyes snapped back to the red crystal, then fluttered closed. My last thought was, I am in soooo much trouble.


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