Title: You've Got My Head Spinning, Heart Beating Out Of My Chest
Author: Emono
Rating: FRM
Fandom: Wrestling
Pairings: Randiasi
Summary: Randy was indeed impressed with something at No Mercy, but it wasn't their wrestling or their belts.
Disclaimer: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
Warnings: Pre-Legacy, UST, hotness

AN: I'm putting my own spin on No Mercy, so it's kind of accurate to a point. Just look at the scene where Randy's watching Priceless come up to the ring and then tell me he wasn't turned on. Just saying. Forgive any dramatic dialogue, I was watching 300 while I wrote it (damn good movie, by the way.)

It started out at No Mercy 2008.

MVP came out unscheduled, pissed that he hadn't been involved in the pay-per-view event.

Well, Randy Orton didn't take too kindly to the interruption. He had been recovering from a shoulder injury, and they went out there for a play of words. A little back-and-forth, Randy being intimidating and MVP making a dumbass of himself. An up-and-comer facing against a real star, it was pathetic.

Randy was nearly bored himself and ready to beat Montel's ass, when Priceless went off.

//Well look at this// Randy watched Rhodes, Manu, and Ted came out and onto the runway.

While MVP scoffed and leaned against the ropes, Randy waited for them right in the middle of the ring, hands on his hips and eyes on the three men. One in particular. The pretty DiBiase had taken his attention from the start, and it wasn't about to be wavered now. Hay colored hair, fierce blue eyes, lips made for sucking cock.

Oh yeah.

Cody wanted him, he could feel that young Rhodes' eyes burning into his figure. He didn't give a shit what the kid thought, his eyes were only on Ted. He couldn't dissipate the look of raw lust in his eyes even if he tried, not with the way that light shirt complimented the blonde's frame. The first two buttons were undone, giving just a peek of chest. One good flick of his wrist and he could have all that skin for himself. Those dark jeans weren't too tight, unlike his tag-team partner's. Cody was putting it all out there for someone who didn't want a second glance.

Cody started talking, getting right up close in Orton's space trying to catch his attention. Trying to be cool, trying to steal the show and show he was worth something. Randy resisted the urge to laugh in the boy's face, who ended up getting booed by the tough audience. The poor thing, apparently with all that specialized training he'd had as a kid…Dusty Rhodes had never taught his kid how to entertain the fans.

Cute lisp, but not nearly handsome enough to tempt him.

Even Montel was laughing at him.

Cody was getting flushed.

It seemed even Ted was feeling embarrassed for the young Rhodes.

So Cody switched tactics, insulted him, trying to get a rise out of him.

//Nope, sorry kid.//

"Let him coast on his reputation, MVP" Cody looked back at Orton, giving him a cute little smirk "Cause at this point, it's all he's got."

Randy stepped up, glaring down the brunette as he put a mic to his mouth, "Why don't you ask CM Punk if I'm coasting on my reputation."

Cody backed off, realizing for the first time he was playing a dangerous game.

"Hey!" Manu stepped up now "The only reason you even had a chance was because you were feeding off our leftovers. We did the damage."

Or something like that. Randy really couldn't focus when his eyes strayed to the blonde beauty, lingering there hungrily.

"Alright, alright" Randy conceded, stepping back form the shorter man "I can see you two are trying really hard to impress me. And maybe…just maybe…once you've accomplished half of what I have, I'll start taking you a bit more seriously."

Cody looked offended, and Manu was growling.

"The only one in this ring who has earned the right of my acknowledgement, the only real man I see in this ring besides myself is…" Randy stepped in front of the blonde beauty, looking him over once more to prove a point "Is you."

"Me?" Ted stated without really thinking, unsure of what he was hearing.

"Yeah, Teddy, you" Randy reached out, running his hand down the blonde's arm pointedly "Get a few more wins under your belt, and I may even go as far as to consider you my match."

"But…" Cody huffed, obviously pissed at being ignored in order to favor his friend.

//Yeah, that's it kid, watch how you really entertain them.//

Almost all the females fans were whistling and catcalling as Randy started backing the blonde up against the ropes, the tag-team belt falling forgotten to the canvas.

"Hey!" Cody shoved his way between them, snarling "What about me?! I'm just as good as him."

"Get lost, you little twink" Randy scoffed, barely giving him a once-over "The men are talking."

Cody was tossed away with a harsh swipe of his forearm, losing his balance. The microphone clattered to the ring loudly, giving a small whine of feedback. The male crowd got a laugh out of how red the young Rhodes got, his head ready to pop off if he didn't calm his blood pressure

Manu stepped forward, but all Orton had to do was scowl at him, "Back off."

Surprisingly, the second-gen star did.

Randy Orton knew what he wanted and how he wanted it. Pretty little boys didn't do that for him, he wanted a man under him and that was just what he was going after.

"Think about it, Teddy" Randy cooed almost, savoring the blush that worked it's way across the younger man's cheeks "You…me…an alliance for the new year. I think we'd fit perfectly."

Ted's breath hitched when he pinned effectively against the ropes, a hand on either side of him so their was no mic to pick up the next words.

"Don't you, pretty thing?" Randy leaned in briefly, just long enough to mingle their breath and hiss out the words "I could make you feel things you've only dreamt of, I could take you flying higher than any man. I could wring every ounce of pleasure out of that hot little body of yours. You've never known the satisfaction that I can bring…that, I promise you."

Randy pulled away, leaving him cold under the hot lights.

"But" Randy spoke into the mic now "Until I find an offer I can come to enjoy, I think I'm done here."

Randy dropped his mic, sliding out of the ring like the snake he was.

Ted tried not to collapse onto the mat like a woman, struggling to keep his breath under control.

"And there goes Randy Orton" MVP got his mic back, gesturing to the man "The WWE's (so called) Most Valuable Commodity. Coming soon to a WWE ring sometime around…2012."

Ted brought himself back to the present, to the fight he knew he would be engaged in moments.

But shit if Randy Orton didn't turn him on something fierce.


Cody stormed into their shared locker room, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, "How dare that son of a bitch call me a twink? To think, what I wanted from him…he can fuckin' damn-well forget it now!"

Ted closed the door silently, locking it firmly behind him. He collapsed against he door, sweat shining on his brow, panting.

"Bastard" Cody hissed, grabbing his water bottle and chugging down half the contents. He stripped down to his briefs, grumbling as he searched for his new change of clothes in his cluttered locker.

Ted zoned out completely, glazed eyes not really seeing anything. Oh God, even after that staged ass-kicking, his cock was still interested in what Randy had said. That delicious man had called him out, offered him something much more tempting than an olive branch. What amazed him was that someone had chose him over Cody. No one had ever done that, no one. Even his dad asked why he couldn't do a moonsault like Cody, why he wasn't as outgoing as the brunette.

//I'm not a slut like him.//

He loved Cody, the kid was his best friend, but Christ if he didn't get on his nerves.

"I can't believe he didn't want me!" Cody whined, throwing an overall fit.

//No, he wanted me.//

"Ted? Teddy?" Cody pouted at the blonde, on the verge of crocodile tears "Are you even listening to me?"

"Yeah, Codes, man…I'm sorry."

//God help me, I want him too.//


The underground parking garage was empty of people when Randy decided to leave early to get the hell of there before someone decided to take a swing at his head (again.) He weaved his long body through rows of cars, trying to remember where exactly he had parked. Back towards the wall, if he recalled correctly.

Ah! There was the plain-looking rental. He dug the keys out of his pocket, wishing briefly that he had his motorcycle. God, did he miss his baby. He couldn't wait to do some detail work on her the next time he was home, just the mental image of her sitting there in his garage waiting for him was enough to bring a sigh of content out of him.

But in his mind's eye, he could see a certain blonde straddling his baby…straddling him, even…

//And that's enough of that// Randy scolded himself, knowing this wasn't the time or place //He'll be mine soon enough.//


//Or maybe even sooner than that.//

Randy turned around, raising a brow at the younger blonde who stood there at the end of his car.


"We need to talk about that stunt in the ring" azure eyes narrowed at him "What kind of game are you playing?"

"A fun one" Randy countered simply, leaning against the closed driver's side door "One where you're the other player and the prize."

Something flashed across the man's handsome face, "If this is your way of humiliating, harassing me, trying to make me a bitch, you can just cut it out. It's not funny."

//Oh// it was a soft realization //He thinks I'm not serious, that I'm just stringing him along to embarrass him. My sweet thing, how wrong you are.//

Randy crooked a finger at him silently, all the power he needed in his eyes. Ted was completely disgusted with himself when he did step closer, obeying the older man. Here Orton was trying to make him some pliable bitch, and he wasn't even trying to stop him.

Randy lashed out like the snake he was, catching him at the base of his throat and pinning him against the door. The grip was firm, but not enough to hurt him. Ted still found himself gasping for breath when that perfect body pressed into him, hot breath tickling his cheek. He could feel each curve of his muscle, all hard beneath cloth.

"If I wanted some little bitch to manipulate and ruin, I would've taken that twink Rhodes up on blatant offer" Randy chuckled when he felt the heat radiating off the blonde's face "Oh yeah, he put it all out there for me tonight. But it's you I couldn't take my eyes off of. I don't want some cute little play-bunny in my bed, I want a man."

Ted's breath hitched when a warm palm cupped him through his jeans, a slick tongue tracing a path up his jaw line, "And that's you, Teddy. A bit shy, but we'll work on that."

"W-Whatta you get out of this?' Ted tried to steady his voice, but failed epically as he undulated beneath the confident touches "An…an alliance?"

"Oh, now there's an idea" Randy pulled away, grinning "I'll give me an excuse to touch you out there in the ring, show them all who's claimed you."


"Yes or no, sweetness" Randy purred, savoring the low groan from the slighter man as he dug his palm into the growing hardness beneath the denim "It'll be so good. I promised you something in that ring, and I intend to be true to my word."

Ted gathered his thoughts, remembering the promise he had made to Mr. Runnels about keeping Cody afloat in the sea of the industry.

"If I join you, Cody's coming too" Ted stated as firmly as he could "Priceless is a package deal."

Randy released him as if he'd been burned, scowling, "I'll be damned if I let him put a hand on either one of us. I don't want Rhodes anywhere near my bed!"

"As a wrestling team" Ted bit his lower lip, knowing what he wanted and how to get it just as well as any Orton did "But it'll just be the two of us when the lights go out."

Randy though it over carefully, stepping close again to brush his knuckles over the blonde's button-up. Ted kept his eyes on The Viper's face, the muscles in his abdomen rippling when strong fingers snaked under the hem. Bare skin touched, and it was all Ted could do not to melt again. Just like in the ring. The man knew his buttons already, how to twist him just right and get a reaction.

And here he thought Randy Orton didn't know his name.

"If I let that brat ride my coat tails, I get you in my bed" it wasn't a question, just a summary.

"Every night" Ted promised easily, his drawl a little more pronounced as lust flowed through him like liquid silver "However you want."

"Let me get this straight out for you" Randy pinned him down with his body again, the skilled hand that had been stroking him now undoing the fly of his jeans "I don't want an obedient bitch-pup. I want a match."

"You think I'd spread my legs if I didn't want it completely?" Ted growled, a calloused palm worming past his open fly and elastic to wrap around his aching dick "I'm not so easy, Orton."

"That's my Teddy."

Ted found himself manhandled into the back seat of the car, flat on his back in the dimmed cover. For a second he thought he was going to get fucked right there and then (to be truthful, he wouldn't protest too much), but that wasn't quite the case.

"Let's get a taste of what's to come, huh?" Randy chuckled darkly, yanking the blonde's jeans down to his lower thighs and looking him over "Damn hot, DiBiase. Just like I knew you'd be."

Ted didn't have time to put two thoughts together before his aching cock was engulfed in The Viper's steamy mouth. Fuck, this man wasted no time. Randy worked his cock expertly. Using his tongue to massage the vein along the underside, keeping his lips tight around the flesh, taking him down his throat and swallowing.

Ted's fingers dug into the seat, struggling to keep his eyes open and watch his body played by the master. No woman compared, not even close.

And the few men…well, this was a completely different level.

"Oh God" Ted moaned out, trying to arch into the generous mouth only to be stopped by two firm hands.

"My name" Randy pulled back to growl, bright eyes alight "Say my name, Teddy."

"Randy!" Ted tried not to scream, but the feeling of that sauna-like mouth going down on him so swiftly was too much. His thighs tensed and quivered under the assault, his mind whitening out in bliss.

Ted's release built up in the pit of his stomach, molten pleasure piling upon itself with each perfect suck and motion. It was all a blur, but he could taste Randy's name on his tongue more than once.

Randy moaned around his cock and Ted knew he was done, arching up tight as a bowstring and clawing at the seat.

Randy nearly purred as he swallowed down every drop, not letting a taste go without being savored. The young DiBiase tasted better than he thought he would. Mmmm, his boy ate a lot of fruit.

"Someone's got weakness for strawberries" Randy grinned down at the dazed blonde, licking the last of his seed off the tan belly.

"Yeah" Ted flushed, he couldn't believe Orton had swallowed let alone tasted enough to pick out his favorite treat.

Randy raised a brow at him, "You like, Teddy?"

"Uh huh" the blonde admitted softly.

"You're going to love every second of being mine" Randy reached down, running his thumb along the exposed hip bone "Mmm, my sweet Teddy…my initials would look so pretty just here…"

Ted nodded, knowing he'd give the man whatever he wanted.

Emono: Ow, ow, ow *ducks, cowers* Stop it! Stop it already!
Randy: *pauses*
Emono: Son-of-a-bitch, man! These two have been assaulting me for two weeks now! I've got a big three-part story to write guys, I don't need all this Randiasi!
Ted: *raises brow, holds up hand* We're only going to stop when we're satisfied that people have been exposed to our awesome-ness enough
Emono: *whimper, pout*
Ted: Yes, cower, slash-writer. We demand three more ficlets spun off this story right here!
Emono: B-B-But Teddy-bear, this was only supposed to be a one-time thing. To give you a bigger part in No Mercy and-
Ted: *lowers his hand, Randy whacks the author once really good*
Emono: *dazed* W-Whatever you want Teddy-bear, it's all yours!
Ted: You made me a villain in He Thrusts His Fists, and it's high time I get some spotlight. I'm just as cute as Cody!
Cody: *shrug* He is you know
Emono: But I love Candy!
Randy: *growl, smacks her with chair again* You're a Randiasi-bitch now! You will no longer write me with Cody! It's hot, but I want Ted
Emono: But I-I have Candy in my huge story-verse
Cody: Guys, please cut her a break. People like that story, and she needs me and Randy together to finish it. We're the second main pairing
Randy: *looks at Ted* Baby?
Ted: *reluctantly nods* Alright then, but that's it. From now on, it's Codiasi and Randiasi…and that one time with all of Legacy
Jack Swagger: But what about me?
Emono: Sweetie, you're in the big fic, remember? And that one with Miz?
Swagger: Yeah, but still…*dramatic sigh*
Emono: For all of those who read my other stories and want lemon, I'm sorry…these two bastards came in, pushed Junk and Miz-Swagger and everyone else out of the way and demanded all the sex scenes for their own. They're greedy, that's why they're perfect together.

This was originally rated FR-13, but then Randy pinned Ted down…and I couldn't stop him…not that I was trying or anything…you know how it is *blush*