Inspired by BlueLunacy7's On the Edge Of Midnight.

In the Wake Of Tomorrow

By Steph

"For every life there is a death, for every death, there is a life"

War, since the beginning of time humanity has forever being in constant confliction with itself. Nature seemingly manifested itself within us with a need to satisfy this underlying urge for warfare, humans have forever as it seems tried to resist the urge, the very impulse infused within our bloodline, encrypted into the code of our very evolution. The very primal animal instincts that have been the tales of nightmares since civilisation first began.

To the cybertroians, war had just been a part of their existence. Many could not recall the time before the great war, the golden age when Cybertron had flourished with the Allspark sitting in the centre of the great city of Iacon reliving in it's ancient duties of breathing life to the planet. For those who could remember, the shame and horrors of war too often replaced those memories of peace, the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons had ravaged Cybertron, turning innocent sparklings into soldiers, thrusting weapons into the hands of mere protoforms and sending them out into battle to witness the horrors first hand. Leaving the planet devastated, cold, grey and devoid of life.

::One Year Ago::

Three weeks had past since the defeat of the fallen, the United States government once more attempting to cover up the events of the dire battle which had left Earth's fate hanging in the balance. Mission city been hell but this… this was on a whole different scale, people from all around globe had seen 'evidence' to the existence of an alien species living amongst them when the Fallen had broadcasted his message across the world. Now governments from across the globe were working together, trying to convince near enough six billion people that it was all just a hoax, a military experiment, anything but the truth, and it was this that lead the officials of the government to ask the almost impossible…

NEST base, a conference had been called between officials of the government and the autobots to discuss the future of the Autobot cooperation act.

"No" Optimus prime's voice growled deeply, his optics flashing a warning at the human addressing him. Gallaway however was undeterred.

"Be reasonable, Prime, you and your 'friends' have caused us a lot of grief for us, so the very least you could do is provide us with some… compensation if you will" greed was clearly alit in Gallaway's voice.

Optimus's optics narrowed, the usual friendly blue light turning ice cold, one of his huge metal fingers pointed accusingly at the human on the stand just in front of him, this was not the first time Gallaway had asked this of him.

"You have no idea what you are asking, you humans are a young species, entrusting your kind with this knowledge would do nothing but ultimately bring the abrupt end and perhaps demise of your race, given your almost passionate nature for warfare."

Gallaway's face narrowed showing the lines and wrinkles under his pale face and eyes.

"Because of your own intergalactic war, our planet nearly suffered the same fate as your own, millions of people could have died and we are now once again covering up your metal asses."

Optimus growled deeply in his chest and for the first time in his existence he felt like going against his own rule. All it would take was one miss step or bullet…

"With all due respect, our technology is far more advanced then your own, you would undoubtedly use this to your advantage. Mankind is not ready for this kind of knowledge."

The human's face radiated smugness as he dug one of his pale hands into the inside of his jacket producing a small white piece of paper.

"Letter directly from the president" there was an arrogant twinge to the human's words, Optimus noticed and glowered slightly as Gallaway cleared his throat to try and sound important.

"If you wish to continue seeking asylum on our planet, then under the new Autobot co-operation act. In exchange for remaining here and seeking sanctuary, you will surrender your kind's knowledge and advancements in weaponry to give our soldiers the best chances of survival."

Optimus's huge metal body froze for a second, gears visibly whirred on the autobot's huge head. They could not leave, not now, the decepticons would surely return to reek revenge on this planet without them, Earth and all of it's inhabitants would be annulated by the decepticon's wrath.

"It seems we have no choice."

And that was how it had started…

Optimus Prime had seen to its personally what was built with their technology but like with all great powers came a great price. Soon with the new knowledge and advancements new weapons bigger and more deadly then ever had been constructed in secret away from the regulations of the government and watchful eyes of the autobots. The technological knowledge was sold on the black market onto the highest bidder swiftly moving from one country to another, humans were never meant have this kind of knowledge and power without disastrous consequences.

Bullets that were capable of melting through a decepticon's head, bombs that leaked deadly bouts of plasma radiation which could level a hundred square miles with little effort were just some of the deadly examples of what had become of the cybertroians technology meant to save lives.

It didn't just stop there….

New biological weapons that could carry genetically modified mutated diseases had been modified from the autobot's technology. Infesting entire populations with horrific, inhumane illnesses that slowly killed it's victims, chocking on their own blood as their own body cells collapsed and destroyed themselves. Leaving a wave of devastation in their wake and it was not long before all hell broke loose…

Countries began to fire upon each other, releasing tonnes of cancer causing radiation into the atmosphere and like a nuclear meltdown sparked a chain reaction all across the globe. Nuclear and biological warfare raged angrily, the Autobot's did everything in their power to stop the almost inevitable fate but it was too late… Planet Earth succumbed and fell into a nuclear winter.

The Earth's oceans once teemed with life now grey and smoking, huge bubbles rumbled up to the surface spluttering huge puffs of sulphur into the already chocked air, like mother nature sickening at the sight of her once beautiful planet. The once life giving water that ran through the rivers having boiled away to acid scarring the now barren planet. Now a former shell of itself, Earth had become nothing more then a cold lifeless ball of dirt, radiation levels so high that even the most basic forms of organic life now struggled to cling to the world of the living. Oh how ironic it was, earth seemed to have shared the same fate as Cybertron looking like an organic version of the cold, grey metal lifeless planet.

Plane life was the first to go, the radiation levels became so great that those not destroyed in the initial war soon died, chocking to death as their own cells imploded within, eating themselves from the inside out.

Soon, the herbivores followed suit dying of starvation and disease, struggling to cling to the edge of life on the already doomed life.

The carnivores were some of the last to go as their food source too soon died out.

The inevitable collapse of the entire Earth's ecosystems and of course irony and fate left humans to be one of the last species to be left alive, perhaps mother nature's own way of showing her children what they had done to their home world.

Starvation and disease soon began to pick away at the remaining human population, the high toxicity levels of radiation causing cancer to be one of the most notorious killers. Any child born suffered some form of deformity, from severed, missing limbs to double head and body configurations. Cannibalism became common as fear, desperation and the drive to survive pushed people over the edge.

The autobot's tried to help the situation as they had from the very beginning. Ratchet would scour the landscape everyday for survivors and try to bring them to the relative safety of the Autobot's ship, the Ark for treatment and protection from the radiation from the outside, almost all died. Bumblebee would scout the barren wilderness looking for any water, food, any form of life or civilisation. Ironhide strengthen the Ark's security's systems to protect them and their patients on board. 'Rogue' groups of humans now roamed the landscape, they had taken a disgusting delight in hunting others of their own kind and devouring their flesh whilst their victims were still alive. Ratchet had concluded the radiation levels and lack of food and water had drove them insane. The destruction of earth had hit Optimus hard, the bot had felt the devastation of the planet was his doing.

"If only I had not given in to their demands" his normally deep voice nothing more then a low whisper as the sun set below the brown desert landscape. A neon green mech stood beside his commander on the bower of the Ark.

"This was not doing Prime, you gave into their demands so we could stay and protect this planet, if you had not, we would have exiled leaving all of it's inhabitants al the mercy of the decepticons."

Ratchet's normally gruff voice was soft, the medic leaned forward and put a hand on Optimus's metal shoulder.

"Perhaps, but I know deep in my spark I should have done more, another planet has now been lost because of our war."

Ratchet shuttered his optics as he remembered Cybertron looking out on the devastated landscape.

"Just as you launched the Allspark into space, yes our planet died, but by doing that you prevented Megatron from obtaining it, giving us some hope to survive. Just as you did here Optimus, you gave the human race the best chance you could, now is not the time for self doubt, you know what is to be done."

Optimus's optics turned to look at his life long comrade and nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Indeed I do, old friend."

Optimus's optics turned to the small form in the distance just below the hill, his optics blinked.

"Thank you Sam" Optimus's deep voice rumbled. The blue mech turned his head towards the Ark's control screen.

"Teletran one, initiate ::Protocol Delta::

Optimus had initiated Protocol Delta, entire evocation of the planet and with them a select group of humans that could perhaps survive the perils of space travel, a chance for both races to start again.

Down below the Ark, upon a sand dune stoodSam Witwicky, last decedent of his bloodline, both his parents having earlier died in a attack by a group of the 'new humans'. Cancerous lumps now fissured out on the young human's rough skin, most of them old, burns and scorch marks now laced Sam's skin, one particularly large one etched into his left cheek. His once bright brown eyes now a dull grey colour as he looked out upon his now dead home world. Starvation and hunger had taken it's toll Sam was surprised himself that he had not succumbed into insanity becoming one of the 'new humans' as so many others of his kind had. He concluded his friendship with Bumblebee and the rest of the autobots had allowed him to retain some of his humanity, something Bumblebee was silently grateful for. Stood beside the young human, yellow and black armour shone slightly in the low light, his optics focusing on the human beside him.

"How it come to this Bee?" Sam's ere voice broke the long silence.

Bumblebee's optics drooped as he too painfully stared out at the once beautiful landscape that had become as much of a home as Cybertron had to the yellow scout.

"I don't know, Sam."

Sam's eyes trailed down to the silver object encased within his hand, his grip tightened until the metal began to bore painfully into his already injured skin, the human visibly shook. Bumblebee noticed the posture of his charge, the yellow mech sank to a crouch one of his yellow hands coming up behind the human to support his now shaky body. His blue optics looking imploringly into Sam's eyes, Sam gazed up at his guardian.

"Sam." he spoke softly as his human leant back into the palm being offered to him. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Bumblebee's spark sank at the sight of his charge, Sam, his Sam, his once smooth skin now laced with burns and cancerous lumps fissuring out all over the human's skin, luckily Ratchet had been able to remove most of them. Scars from previous injuries fanned out all across Sam's skin, his face, his hands. But for Bumblebee it was gazing into the eyes of Sam that hurt the very most, so much hurt, loss, pain and turmoil it sent even the battle hardened scout shaking. Having to resist the urge to scoop Sam up and crush him to his chest to try and sooth away and protect him from the very real horrors of the world.

"I'm sure" his voice though a whisper held a strong note of fierce determination.

Sam had watched as earth, his home had died, he had watched all around him as those he loved had been forcibly taken from him, his parents, Michaela. Gone now, to maybe a better place, sometimes, Sam envied them.

With Earth dying all around him, Sam had taken it upon himself to rebuild the Solar harvester, the lingering knowledge the Allspark had left him with ensuring this. Earth was dying now anyway, a shell of it's mighty former self all he was going to do was speed up the process. No more would the birds sing in the sun-lit morning, no more would the salmon jump the mighty rivers returning to the place in which they were born. No longer would the Artic oceans melt and then freeze again in winter in one of the greatest spectacular changes this far side of the universe. Optimus Prime had been distrot when Sam had announced his plan…

Out on the launching deck of the Ark, a small human approached the autobot commander, Sam shifted uncomfortably he had a plan, a plan that could save both his race and the cybertroians, but it was suicidal, Optimus would surely decline, but still… Sam had to try.

"Optimus?" a soft voice asked tentatively.

The hulking autobot turned to see Sam approaching him, the mech crouched down, his optics turning towards the human.

"What is it, Sam?"

Sam shifted slightly, before speaking.

"You know Earth's dead, there's no bringing it back now, nothing can restore the damage done."

Optimus's metal head snapped back, for over a year now, he and Ratchet had been trying to find some way of perhaps restoring Earth, Sam had been ever hopeful but now it seems, his hope was broken, like so many of his kind.

"We will do everything in our power Sam, do not give up hope, for as long there is hope, there is life."

Sam blinked before shaking his head from side to side.

"The earth I knew is gone, Optimus, and there's no bringing it back,"

"What are you saying Sam?" not liking the way this conversation was heading, Optimus suspected what the young human was planning. Sam looked away from Prime and over to the scarred landscape, his eyes closed before returning them to Optimus's face.

"The Allspark's knowledge never quite left me, there's still enough there, I could rebuild the Solar harvester, you have the matrix, I could activate the it, giving you guys the energon that could be harvested from our sun."

Optimus's spark swell in gratitude at Sam's bravery, but he could not ask that of him, he had already asked enough.

"I cannot ask that of you, Sam"

Sam's eyes narrowed, "your not asking anything of me, I'm telling you, you guys could have another shot at life, rebuild Cybertron."

"But Sam" the autobot started only to be interrupted.

"But nothing Prime, this could give you guys the chance that Earth doesn't have anymore, please, my last request, live for us, give my race and yours another chance." His voice grew very soft towards the end.

Optimus's optics caught the Sam's eyes, seeing the resolve in the human's eyes.

"I... very well, you have my permission, we will select a group of humans to accompany us back to Cybertron, if you wish…"

Sam smiled, a sort of bittersweet resolve.

"I know what your going to ask Prime, thank you, but Earth is my home I was born here and I wish to die here, besides Cybertron is no place for me, one of us has to be here to activate the harvester and I'm sure no way in hell going to let you do it."

Once more Optimus's optics widened in shock, one of his metal fingers reached out to touch the human's head.

"Thank you Sam, I salute your courage, may the Allspark watch over you."

The giant mech then processed to bend his body in the form of a bow, the highest gesture of honour and respect a Prime could give.

And so here Sam stood at the foot of the newly constructed solar harvester, he looked at the silvery object encased within his hand, the matrix of leadership, how fate had a funny way of tying the strings of destiny together. Sam had learned that he had earned the matrix and so as the true welder here he stood where the primes of old once stood all those thousands of years ago.

Shakily Sam moved forward, holding out the matrix towards the harvester, a metal slot opened revealing a key, the matrix quivered within the human's hands and like a starving man reaching out for his food the matrix shot out of Sam's hands and drew itself towards the key, clicking into place. Sam's eyes began to blur with tears hastily he blinked them away, and hit the button just above him, his eyes closed as he heard the sounds and hums of the machine beginning to power up, readying itself to take the very last thing that was dear to Sam.

Blue light began to gather, drawing in on its self like a black hole drawing in light getting larger and brighter, the solar harvester began to crackle with energy. Sam felt his body begin to shake as shock, weakness and sadness overwhelmed him, the human turned his back unable to watch as the dreadful machine. It all became too much, Sam's legs crumpled beneath him, a metal hand caught him before he hit the unforgiving ground, drawing his body against a warm yellow chest.

"Bee" he breathed, and all of a sudden he felt comforted.

"Shhh" the yellow bot murmured, sinking into a sitting position just beside the silver machine and drawing Sam's body closer to his spark hoping the gentle hums could offer some comfort to his distressed charge.

Sam tried to push his head up to gaze at the Bumblebee's optics but the yellow mech gently held him in place, his yellow hands tightening slightly, humming gently in his chest.

"You need to go" the human ushered quietly, his heart clenching at the thought of both being alone and Bumblebee staying with him, it was selfish he knew it, but a big part of Sam also just didn't want Bee to go.

"This thing can send out a large enough wave of energy to kill you."

Tears splashed against yellow armour as Bumblebee tightened his embrace, metal hands closing protectively whilst the humming echoed through the guardian's chest rippling deeply into Sam's body.

"I'm not going anywhere Sam, I'm your guardian, for better or for worse, I'm not letting you die alone."

Sam felt his eyes squeeze shut as he heard the engines of the Ark blasting upwards towards the stars, he felt comforted as the yellow mech began to rock gently.

"Thank you Bee" he breathed. Snuggling down in his guardian's embrace just as a point of light blurted upwards, engulfing the Earth's sun, ending the world as we know it.

In the wake of Earth's death, new hope can be given to Cybertron, a chance to rebuild the devastated planet, a chance for both human and cybertroian to start afresh. Time would only tell...

To be continued...

Revised version, correcting past typos and mistakes. Also would like to thank everyone for sticking so long with this story, I intend to finish it. I'm posting a preview of the next chapter 'Dark Matter' shortly.

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