This kind of just popped into my head so this will be a short.

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Lauren and Jessica's Pay Back

Sun Sun Go Away


What the hell does Bella Swan have that I don't? She's not even pretty. She's not knew anymore either so it's not like she's got the new toy thing going for her anymore, but she still has Eric, Tyler, and Mike fawning over her. Plus the way that Edward Cullen worships over her is just disgusting, she must have something on him and that's why he treats her like she's the best but that's so false.

EPOV (Thoughts of other will be italicized.)

"What Stanley thinking about? Is it something funny?" asked Emmet. I wonder if I can use it to prank her. "Nothing interesting Emmet and no I wouldn't be able to prank her with any of it," I said bored. "She has a really pissed look on her face it has to be something Edward just tell use," begged Alice. I wonder what could make her look like that. I've never seen her look that annoyed. "Fine, she just envious of Bella so she trying to find out why she's so special," I said annoyed that anyone could ever think that way about my love, "Don't even think that you're not special Bella. "I thought you couldn't read my mind?" she stated in her smart ass way. "I don't have to be to know because of the look on your face and Jasper told me on accident," I said lovingly. "Edward there is got to be more to it than that your holding back really what's the rest?" questioned Rose. She cannot only be jealous of Bella; I mean there are me and Alice as well! "Well she's annoyed that all of the guys at school are interested in Bella. And she thinks that Bella is blackmailing me to date her. By the way Rose the reason she's not jealous of you or Jasper is that Emmet and Jasper scares her stiff. But for some God awful reason she can shake this obsession she has for me, it's nauseating." Sun all over Forks. "Damn!" Now I was going to have to leave Bella alone at school, maybe I could sneak her out? Don't even think about it Edward Cullen she has a huge test coming up and Charlie would kill her she has to go to school you can last a day. I guess that plans out. "Would you two mind including the rest of the family in on what's going on!" whisper yelled Emmet. "It's going to be an unusually sunny day tomorrow and I can't sneak Bella out of school because Charlie would kill her and she has a test," I answered a little miffed.


Great know I was going to have to deal with school all by myself again. Time to try and avoid Mike, Tyler, and Eric. Maybe I will just hide out in the Library. No the will expect me there. My truck? Nope. "Bella stop changing your mind every five seconds you're giving me a vampiric sized head ache!" Alice pleaded. "Sorry Alice I'm just trying to figure out a place to hide from Mike, Tyler, and Eric. They always get hopeful when Edward's not around, dumbasses." I hate it when he's not at school. "Sorry Bella I don't see any way for you to avoid them," Alice informed me apologetically. "That's it I'm faking sick. Who cares if I have to repeat calculus?" "No Bella you have to go anyway I see you're going to get an A on the test you will be fine." Fine. I guess I will live.