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3rd POV

A great lesson was learned by everyone this day. Jessica Stanley was able to get help with her eating disorder, and is now steadily dating her dream stud Mike Newton.

Lauren's parents, after hearing what nefarious deeds their daughter had done, sent her to a Catholic all girls reform school ran by her shrew aunt who was one step away from being a nun. Conner refused to even look at her on her last day of school.

Bella had to fight off a newborn vampire army and their crazy leader while dealing with the fact that she loved her best friend, but not as much as her boyfriend. Then she and Edward got married, had a hybrid baby, and sent the Volturi home crying about the lost potential of owning Edward and Alice. In the end Bella's best friend became her future son-in-law and the world kept spinning in the crazy lives of the simple people of Forks, Washington.

The End