A/N: As I'm sure you all know now I have decided to revamp this story a bit. I wanted to build the love story between Stefan/Elena in my fic a little more strongly and I started thinking what if things went a bit differently?

Chapter 10

Elena slowly and painfully crawled her way up the stairs to her room. She'd lost the last of strength she'd had pretending she was fine with Damon.

She was on her knees as her hand gripped the handle of her door knob. She slowly pushed herself up and she whimpered at the extreme soreness she felt from between her legs.

The door opened and she walked inside. She gasped and tears sprung to her eyes.

"Hello, Elena."

Klaus was standing right in front of her, a smug smile on his face.

"No, no." Elena shook her head desperately. "How do you know where I live?"

Klaus quickly made his way to her and Elena quickly ran to open the door but his hand slammed it shut just like earlier. "I live in you, Elena." He laughed, breathing against her neck.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Elena whimpered, fighting against him. She spun around to kick him but her foot met air. She tripped and fell down.

Elena sat on the ground dazed for a moment. She felt her body still shaking. He'd looked so real, he'd felt so real.

She let out a light chuckle at the fact that she'd thought he was actually there in her bedroom. He didn't know where she lived. She'd only met him tonight.

The chuckle turned into a laugh, the laugh turned into a hysterical laugh, and the hysterical laugh soon turned into deep heart wrenching sobs.

Elena sobbed into her hands, her small body curled up into the corner.

I live in you, Elena

Elena abruptly stopped sobbing.

God, she still smelled him. She still felt him on her, still felt him in her. He'd touched every part of her body in the most repulsive way and in this moment all she wanted to do was to scrub him off.

Elena quickly stood up and ran for her bathroom that was adjoined in her room. She shut the door tightly behind her, locking it.

She pulled the dress over her head and tossed it to the ground, making a quick note to throw it away and she would. That beautiful, blue spaghetti strap dress was now a painful reminder of this horrible night and what she had lost.

Elena pulled the shower curtain back and stepped in, turning the water on. She stepped under the hot spray and let the water pour over her. She closed her eyes.


Elena spun around and was stunned see Stefan standing in front of her, his arms were wrapped around her. "Stefan,"

Stefan's eyes were soft and pained. "Why, Elena? Why did you let him touch you?"

Tears sprang to Elena's eyes. "Stefan, I didn't…I didn't want him to! I'm so sorry. You have to believe me!"

"We don't have a chance now." Stefan softly said before backing away from her.

"No!" Elena shrieked, reaching out for him desperately. "No, Stefan! Don't leave me, please! I told him no, I swear to God I told him no!"

Stefan just continued to shake his head sadly. "It never would've worked, Elena," And then he chuckled and his eyes changed from sad to a taunt. A taunt at her. "You're nothing but a spoiled immature child. What would I have possibly wanted with you other than the obvious? That's gone…and so am I."

"Stefan, why are you saying this?! I fought him! Please!" Elena cried brokenly, as she reached out to grab him, her hand hit the wall.

Elena looked around the stall for Stefan but he had vanished.

"Stefan," Elena cried as she once again realized that he had been a hallucination just like Klaus had been. The only difference was she'd wanted Stefan to be real.

Elena slid down the wall as she began to quietly sob into her hands. "Please." She wrapped her arms around herself. "I can't do this alone."

"Damon," Stefan stood up eagerly as he saw his brother walk through his front door. "what happened? Is everything okay?"

Damon wore a wary expression as he shook his head. "I wouldn't call this night an okay one, no bro."

"Well, what happened?" Stefan pressed. "Is it Elena? Is she-?"

"She's safe at home, Stefan." Damon quickly assured his brother.

Stefan breathed a sigh of relief. "Good….that's …that's good. She should be home."

Damon just shook his head. "I'm not sure home is any better than where she was."

Stefan nodded in agreement. "No argument from me there."

"You know about her parents, then?" Damon surmised.

"Some." Stefan replied. "Elena's talked some about them and what she has told me…." He sighed sadly. "Are they really as awful as Elena makes them out to be? I mean, I don't think she's lying or anything….but…what kind of parents don't give a damn about their own child?"

"The selfish kind, Stefan." Damon replied solemnly. "The kind that are so into money that nothing else seems to matter. You see, Alaric and Jenna Gilbert are elite socialites and unfortunately Elena's paying the price for it."

Stefan's eyes went dark. "It's not fair, Damon. I never went one day thinking that our parents could care less about me and Elena…she thinks like that every day. She has…she has her fake parents and her fake friends. She doesn't have anyone."

"She has you."

Stefan nodded in agreement. "She does. If she ever forgives me that is. I just…I feel like each second that goes on with her in the dark thinking that she means nothing to me is another second for her to shut me out completely."

"It's a possibility." Damon agreed, thinking back on what had occurred tonight.

"That can't happen. I have to…I have to tell her something. I mean, I can't tell her the truth…not yet, but I have to…" Stefan was caught between his desire to tell her everything and his desire to do right by her.

"There may not be any time for you to do damage control, Stefan." Damon said. "I think I need to tell you something. You're uh….you're probably gonna be pretty pissed at me, but if I tell you….if I tell you about that party…I think you might understand where I was coming from."

Stefan groaned. He knew that tone all too well. It was the 'don't be pissed, I did it for your own good' tone. "Oh God. What the hell did you do? Did you… you didn't tell her to stay away did you?" At Damon's shake of his head, his eyes went wide. "Oh God, it's worse! You told her it was all lies, didn't you?!" At his brother's guilty look, Stefan punched the wall in anger. "You did! You didn't tell her I loved her, did you? Please, please tell me you at least did me that one courtesy!"

Damon shook his head once again, knowing what was coming next.

"Well, fuck, Damon!" Stefan snapped, running a hand through his hair. "How the hell am I supposed to convince her of anything now?"

"Stefan, I get that you're pissed but there's a whole lot more going on with Elena than just her teacher being in love with her." Damon stated. "You didn't see her at that party. She was…something definitely happened."

The anger left Stefan's eyes and was replaced by worry. "Well, what happened?"

"The 911 call I got, that was Elena." Damon said.

Stefan's eyes widened in shock. "Elena, called 911? Oh my God, what happened to her? I thought you said she was okay!"

"She is, Stefan." Damon stated calmly. "At least physically anyway. I kept trying to get to her to tell me what happened. She was passed out when I got there and when she came to….well, it wasn't just me who wanted answers. Caroline and the others got pretty shitty with her for calling the cops."

Stefan's eyes darkened at the thought of those bratty self centered kids. "Well, it doesn't matter what they think. I know, Elena okay? I know her better than anyone. I know her and she would never do something like that if she didn't have a good reason."

"She claimed it was an accident." Damon recounted. "She said that she'd had too much to drink and accidentally called 911. I didn't believe her, but what could I do, Stefan? I couldn't force the girl to admit to something that I had no idea of even happening. Caroline kept grabbing her and it scared her. At one point she completely freaked out and told her not to touch her."

"Maybe it was the alcohol?" Stefan asked. "I mean lots of kids get really drunk and they don't like it when someone tries to yell at them or tell them what to do."

Damon shook his head. "In any other case, I'd say maybe, but….you didn't see her eyes when she said it. They weren't full of confusion, they were full of terror. I know intoxication and I know when someone's scared. That girl was scared. She wouldn't talk to me though and Caroline told her she was no longer welcome in her house, so I drove her home."

"Wait a minute." Stefan's eyes turned angry once again. "So, Elena called the cops because something obviously happened and instead of being concerned, Caroline just tells her she wants her out of her house? What the hell kind of best friend is she?!"

"She was very upset about the fine and the probability of her being grounded for the rest of her high school career." Damon explained with a roll of his eyes.

"Well, boo-hoo!" Stefan snapped. "Maybe she should've thought of that before throwing a party that Elena never wanted to go to to begin with! She's blaming Elena for a party that she threw and was her idea?!"

"She's blaming Elena for ruining the party and getting her ass in hot water along with the rest of the student bodies."

"That's incredibly selfish." Stefan stated with a roll of his eyes. "No wonder Elena said she'd like to throw her friends off a cliff." He muttered.

Damon's eyes widened. "She said what?!"

Stefan just waved it off. "We were joking one day and….nothing, forget it. So, you took her home. Is that where you decided to make yourself God and tell her I lied and that I loved her?"

"Still mad about that, huh?"

Stefan nodded. "Yeah, I'm a little peeved. I'll get over it."

"I told her to call you." Damon said. "I don't know what happened to her, but I do know that she should talk to somebody."

Stefan nodded. "Well, thank you. I mean that, by the way. Thank you for getting her home safely and thank you for…." He chuckles. "I'm even thanking you for telling her my feeling for her."

Damon smirked. "Well, you're welcome. I do have to go though, I promised Meredith I'd at least be home by one."

Stefan nodded with a finger pointing towards his door. "Go to it."

Stefan's cell starts to go off.

He grabs it off the table and it says "Elena"

"That's Elena." Stefan said.

Damon smiled softly. "Well, Good luck." With that, Damon leaves, shutting the door behind him.

Elena was all wrapped up in her terry white robe after her long shower.

She was curled up under the covers in her bed, with the phone pressed to her ear.

She needed to hear his voice.

She needed to hear the only voice that ever soothed her, with the hope that maybe just maybe it could even soothe her now.


Elena moved her lips to say something, but it's like it wouldn't come out. It's like her vocal cords were paralyzed or something.

She heard Stefan sigh and she knew he knew that she was on the line.

"Elena, I know you're there."

This time something did come out but to her horror, it was a whimper from her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she realized that she was crying.

It wasn't bad enough that she had broken down like an idiot and called him and said nothing but now she was crying?!

God, she was such a loser.

"Elena," She could've sworn she heard his voice slightly break. "Please….please, don't cry. Just…just talk to me, please."

Elena didn't say anything, couldn't say anything. She didn't even know where to start.

Did she start with how he broke her heart, how that party and Klaus had completely ruined her life, or with how Damon claimed he really did love her? There was just too much and she didn't know how to say any of it.

She heard him sigh and for a moment she was terrified he was going to hang up. Selfish as it was of her, his voice was the only thing keeping her grounded, the only thing that was keeping Klaus away.

"I'm glad you called me. I wasn't sure if…after what…." This time she was defiantly sure she heard his voice break and it caused her to cry a little more. "Oh, baby I'm so sorry. I didn't…I meant nothing that I said to you tonight, okay? I want…I want everything that you said. It's still not….damnit it's still not what I want for you! It's not what I think that you deserve, but damn it I love you and I almost don't care."

Elena cried harder at his words. He was saying everything she'd desperately wanted to hear but it was too late now. If he…if he knew about Klaus, he'd never want her.

"Baby, I know I hurt you. I know that. I am just…I am so sorry. We could…we could have something real. I know we could. I know we do. Just, please….I need you to talk to me. Say something, anything." His voice was desperate and urgent.

This time words did come out but they were the last ones she'd ever meant to say and she would never figure out why out of everything she could've said to him, these were the ones that popped out.

"I want you to forget you ever knew me. Just stay away, Stefan."

With that, Elena hung up and turned her cell phone off, carelessly tossing it a few feet away.

She put her head in her hands and proceeded to break down in heart wrenching sobs that would last all through the night.