Asking a Question

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Part 1

"Severus, have you ever been in love?"

"I would have thought such a memorizing know-it-all could have caught the answer to that from Potter's confession of my memories."

"Well yes, I know that much of course, but I meant in requited love. Both ways, you know?"

"Before I release the obvious answer, may I inquire as to the purpose of your extremely personal question?"

"Just a thought…"

"Well then, perhaps you would at least oblige me with the obnoxious train of female thought that led to the question?"

"Hmmmm...First I was wondering why you came back to teach, then that reminded me of the ridiculously horrid third year essays I graded this morning, you must read Mr. Thomas', it is revolting. Then I pushed that back and very suddenly had to know if you had ever really gotten the chance you deserved with...well, you know, Harry's mom."

"Miss Granger, your mind is truly a frightening place."

"I'm highly aware. All the more reason to keep your Legilimens to yourself."

"You need not fear my invasion to your private thoughts—"

"I appreciate that."

"—although it is more for the sake of my own sanity rather than your solitude."

"Humph, how polite of you, Severus."

"But, of course. And how sarcastic of you."


"Hermione, why did you ask me about Lily? You never have before."

"It's certainly random, I know…well, to you, but I've been meaning to ask you about it for a long time."

"And would I be correct in presuming that you wisely withheld that question until you felt you were on more personal terms with me?"

"Yes, and I had hoped that becoming your colleague would make some sort of difference to you."

"Ah, I see. I am curious as to what clues you have taken to mean that such a question would now be appropriate for you to ask—"

"I'm sorry, if it's not I promise I'll—"

"—but I shall refrain from provoking those reasons from you. For most people, the assumption you made would be…dangerous."

"Please, forgive me, I never meant to upset you. I just…I thought we were friends."

"We are Miss Granger, we are."

"Then why—"

"If you had let me finish my confession a moment ago, you would have discovered that I have come to consider you a significant member of that small percentage that I would not turn away from or hex for asking such a question."

"Oh Severus, I-I…thank you."

"Please refrain from unnecessary sentiment; it was merely an expression of truth not fuzzy feelings. You know, sometimes you still remind me of that insufferable child you once were. No need to blush, Granger, I only meant that it is amusing."

"You evil man."

"It's in my contract."


"Nice return. Glare all you want, but you wanted my friendship. Merlin only knows why."

"Someone has to make sure you don't completely waste the life you luckily have now."

"Which was greatly due in part to your quick thinking, I am told."

"Mockery then compliment. You are a puzzling man, Professor Snape."

"And you are flushed again, so I may continue in the belief that this confusion entertains your otherwise unchallenged wit."

"There are other intelligent wizards in the world than you, you know."

"True, then why are you not out in the world finding them?"

"Because, like you, I still wanted to teach. I saw enough of the world in my time on the run, and it wasn't nearly as fascinating as a good book."

"You are slightly mistaken, surely not in the benefits of a well-written piece of literature, but in your assumptions of my own intentions. I came back to Hogwarts not for a burning desire to instruct, but because I am tired and unsatisfied with life. At least in this place I can feel somewhat at home. I am done with constantly keeping every nerve on edge and watching my back for any type of betrayal or suspicion. I simply want to be comfortable, as I perceive that is the closest to happiness that I may achieve."


"Scholarly response, Miss Granger."

"Oh, who cares? You've admitted to being comfortable with me, so I am not going to try so hard anymore in your little verbal battles. Can't we just talk?"


"What are you sniggering about?"

"That in one statement you revealed that you have been attempting to impress me, scorned my way of conversation, and accidentally stepped on the main component of what I avoided earlier."

"What part was that?"

"That I am indeed comfortable around you."

"Oh…and that's all you want in life now, to be comfortable?"

"Precisely, daunting isn't it?"

"Well, I'm glad I can help."

"As am I…Hermione."

"That's the second time you've called me that today."

"It is your name, is it not?"

"Well yes, but you barely ever use it."

"Does it matter?"

"Not necessarily, but it does relate a sort of intimacy between people."


"I mean, uh-friendship…you know."

"I'm afraid I do not know. Please explain to me what you mean."

"There is no need to mock me, Severus. You can put that eyebrow down."

"Ah, mocking you? Merely an amusement. However, in respect with what you said, I have taken notice to the fact that you only take liberties with my first name when you are upset or annoyed. Almost as if it is well known to your subconscious."


"And judging by your lack of reply and expression of exasperation, I take it you had not realized this fact for yourself until I mentioned it."

"But I—"

"Ooh, be careful or those fumes from your ears will set off the fire detection charms."

"You know, this conversation was supposed to be about you. When did it turn around? Wait, are you avoiding my question? Is that what you've been distracting me from this whole time with your infuriating verbal banter?"

"That's ridiculous. Your question was unnecessary and easily answered by any witch or wizard with a brain, of which I assume you have."

"But, Prof—Severus, it is not so simply obvious. How am I to know what happened in your earlier life emotionally? How am I to know if Lily ever loved you back, or what happened before she married James, or even if there was ever someone else after her?"

"Will you STOP?"

[Hermione's face stills. Fire in Snape's eyes.]


"…You go too far, Miss Granger."

"I'm so sorry, I didn't think. Please, just forget I said anything."

[Snape regains his composure]

"It is of little consequence to my memory. Excuse me, Professor Granger, but there are potion samples in need of grading."

"Severus! You turn around right now and listen to me."

"And why should I? You have caused me enough difficulty for one day, you intolerable Gryffindor know-it-all!"

"Look, I was upset and curious, and it all just came spilling out. I never meant to hurt you; I didn't think it would upset you so much."

"You didn't think indeed."

"I'm sorry..."

"I merely require my solitude, Professor, and I aim to obtain it as soon as possible."

"Severus, please—"

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