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Near stared at his robot. The robot was one of his favorites. He liked it because it was complicated to put back to together after it broke. Examining the little parts, he realized he had never made favorites of people before. The kids at Wammy's House were mostly the same to him. Sometimes they asked him to come outside, but they never ever sat with him all afternoon.

Not today.

You could make favorites of people...but Near hadn't thought much of it before, that was all. There was never really any need to. Mostly, they didn't care too much about him, so he didn't care too much for them either.

Until today.

Today, Mile had come up to him and sat by him all afternoon. For a while, he had been trying to figure out why she wasn't bored, but after seeing her red cheeks, he had guessed why.

And he had such a peculiar feeling himself.

He had never been liked by anyone like that before. This was something new. Near sat down on the bed and put his robot on his lap, staring off into space. It was a little bit crazy to rely on other people sometimes. Because sometimes, they weren't really trustworthy. Near had always been careful about that. He didn't particularly dislike the other kids, but he didn't really like them either.

Except for maybe one.

Mile. And her pretty smile.

Near almost didn't want to think about it. What if she hurt him? He didn't want to feel bad. He didn't like to feel bad. Near looked down at his robot and pulled a screwdriver out of the bedside drawer to tighten a screw in it's arm. He could put her back together when she broke, too. Yes...she had already started to do that to him.

He had been so surprised when Mile had asked to sit by him. She was actually quite pretty. And it didn't at all seem like she would hurt him. She had even stayed there all afternoon. No...she wasn't like the others at all. The other's ignored him. The others barely even thought about him. And Mile? Mile loved him.

Near felt tears pushing at his eyes. But no, he wouldn't let them out. Not even when he was alone. He forced himself not to show any sign of weakness. Not ever. He looked so tiny, especially compared to Mello. There was no way he'd show another sign of being weak.

So he blinked hard. It just felt so good to be loved.

He put his robot and screwdriver down and turned to look at the other robots he had around his little dorm room. There were some he really liked and some he wasn't nearly so fond of. Then he turned to his favorite one, lying on his bed.

If Mile was anything, she was his favorite.

Yes, Mile was his favorite person.

He picked up his robot again and stared at it, remembering her smile.

She had already snuck into his heart.

His very favorite...