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The Marauders go to the beach in France! Will Sirius and Remus finally discover their feeling for each other?

This has male/male slash. If you don't like, then click back. Seriously.


Remus bent down to retrieve his towel from the floor of his bedroom and hastily stuffed it into his knapsack, along with his swimming trunks. He needed to be ready in ten minutes in order to get to the predetermined place he and the other Marauders had said would be the meeting spot before they walked together to the beach. Remus quickly ran a comb through his eye length, honey colored hair and, satisfied with his appearance, set out the door to apparate to Villefranche sur Mer. Once he reached outside his face was met by soft sunlight, so he knew it would be sunny in France. Grinning to himself, he spun on the spot and arrived in an abandoned parking lot about three blocks away from the beach itself. James, Sirius, and Peter were already there sitting in the shade, clad in shorts and sandals and, in Peter's case, a T shirt. Remus grinned at his friends that he had last seen three weeks ago, although it felt like forever since he had seen them that day at King's Cross, the last day of their sixth year. He noticed that they had all changed in some way; James's already unruly hair was becoming steadily wavier in the salty air, Peter had grown a bit [Remus guessed about an inch], making him slightly less pudgy looking. And Sirius… well, Sirius was even more drop dead gorgeous than usual. His black hair was longer, and he had tanned a bit over the weeks they had been apart. Remus felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach as he looked at Sirius's well defined abs that were showing thanks to his shorts-only ensemble. He blushed in embarrassment; partly because of the fact that he was ogling his best friend's body, and partly because of his own body. He was usually nowhere near as well muscled as James and Sirius, them being Quidditch players and all, and he had always been skinny. But this summer, his werewolf metabolism had finally kicked in, and he ate more than ever and his biceps, back, and stomach had all gained their share in muscle. He wasn't used to it, and it felt odd to stand there in the hot sun, half naked and exposing this to everybody so soon. Remus blushed furiously when he realized that he had been staring at Sirius's face for the last few seconds while he was thinking, and went to greet all his friends.

"Moony!" James cried, and went to hug his friend enthusiastically. His glasses reflected brightly in the sunlight, and he was grinning widely as he looked his friend up and down. "Blimey, mate. It's about time you started working out!" He laughed at the look of indignation on Remus's face and turned to look at Peter and Sirius. Peter smiled and grinned up at Remus, giving him a hug before adjusting his rucksack.

"We were wondering when you were going to show up!" He cried, smiling at his fellow Marauders, "Sirius and I thought you were going to skip out on us!"

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world!" Remus laughed, opening his arms and embracing the salty air and inhaling deeply. "It's wonderful!"

"Moooooonyyyy!!" Sirius wailed, running toward his friend, "You didn't give me a hug!" He stuck his lips out in a pout before running to hug him. Remus stepped back at the force, toppling over onto the grass laid area where they had been waiting for him underneath a large birch tree. Remus knocked his head onto the hard ground, grumbling at Sirius to get off him while James and Peter roared in laughter at them. Remus shot them a withering glance before dusting himself off, Sirius still lounging on the grass beside him. Remus looked down at Sirius, who was holding his arms up like a baby would to their mother when they wanted to be picked up.

"Yes, Sirius?" Remus asked, raising his eyebrow. Sirius widened his eyes and looked up at him.

"Help me up?" Remus stuck out his hand to oblige, and it felt like an electric current ran up his arm and down to his toes as Sirius gripped his hand to be helped off the ground. Remus rolled his eyes as Sirius gave him a lopsided grin.

"Git."Remus laughed at the exaggerated look of hurt on Sirius face and followed James as he lead them across the parking lot to walk the few blocks until they reached the beach. Remus stopped for a moment, making the other boys stop also and turn to look at him.

"Rem?" Sirius asked worriedly, waving his hand in front of his face, "You okay, mate?"Remus snapped out of his trance and looked at the boys with wide eyes.

"Yeah…" he said slowly, brushing the hair that was hanging in front of his eyes away, "I was just wondering where we were, er, going to change into our suits." He looked at the group questioningly. Sirius just shrugged while Peter bit his lip, and Remus looked to James. He laughed at Remus's concern, rolling his eyes.

"Relax, Moonikins." Remus growled at the obnoxious nickname while Sirius gave a bark of laughter, "My dear old auntie has a beach house nearby. I'm sure she wouldn't mind us using the cabaña."

"Are you sure?" Remus shuddered as the image of an old, withered lady discovered him undressing on her property, and chased him out and into the public.

"Course I'm sure. She's dead, isn't she?" James laughed at the look on Remus's face. "What? I inherited it, being the dashing young lad that I am. Come on, then!" James walked smartly across the street; his friends following close behind, not knowing where they were going. Remus looked around him, locking eyes with Sirius. He grinned at Remus and nodded his head forward in a motion suggesting they catch up with their bespectacled friend, who was racing ahead of him towards a large, cream colored house with a terra cotta roof. Remus and Sirius nodded to each other, and sprinted forward, running past James.

"Last one there has to run across the beach naked!" Sirius yelled, whooping in joy as they overtook James and Peter, running towards a small yellow building surrounded by shady trees. The pair reached the front door of the cabaña at the same time, roaring with laughter despite their shortness of breath at the picture of James sprinting ahead of Peter, who was trying to run as fast as he could to avoid running around the beach naked. They leaned against the door and watched as James got to the cabaña first, shouting in triumph as the last Marauder came jogging behind, panting and out of breath. James high fived Sirius and Remus and then laughed and pointed at Peter.

"Ha!" he cried, unable to contain his glee, "Now you've got to display your bits to the whole beach!" They all laughed at the look on Peter's face, and lined up to use the small cabaña to change into their swimming trunks. Sirius went in first, so Remus went to explore around while he was changing. Underneath the trees was a picnic bench, which was a few feet away from the change room. A tall palm tree was planted by the huge house that was nearby. A stone wall was past the grove of trees, which had a road running along it, the trees giving privacy to the house. Across from the road was a railway, and nearby that were a number of shops and hotels. And the beach was right by a parking lot that held all the cars the Muggles used to reach the beach. The beach wasn't too crowded, but was certainly not empty. Remus snickered at the thought of Peter trying to cross the whole beach and back, naked. Those poor, innocent beachgoers.

Remus walked over to the bathhouse and knocked on the door. Nobody answered, so Remus figured Sirius was done and lounging with Peter and James on the picnic table. He turned the knob and peeked inside, gasping as he saw a naked Sirius standing with his back to him. Remus couldn't help but stare at Sirius's bare arse, and then stopped himself. He was not going to ogle Sirius Black's backside. He wouldn't let himself take advantage of Sirius like that. Sirius slipped on his trunks and turned around, and looked at Remus questioningly.

"Like what you see, Moony?" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, and Remus couldn't help but blush.

Remus forced himself to scoff at Sirius. "No, I just was going to tell you to hurry up. It's almost eleven and we haven't even gotten to the beach yet." Sirius shrugged as he put his clothes into his pack.

"Alright. See ya, Moons." He slapped Remus's rear playfully, and Remus stared in horror at Sirius's retreating figure heading toward the picnic table. Well, not quite horror. Remus quickly changed into his blue, white, and black board shorts and stuffed his khaki shorts into his knapsack. He exited the room to see that James was the only one who needed to get changed; Peter was going to just strip at the beach and put on his suit when he got back to their spot. His fellow Marauders looked up when Remus approached the table, and James leapt up to run to the cabaña.

"Back in a bit!" He called back at them while he jogged to the changing room. A short while later he emerged wearing red and gold swimming trunks. Sirius snorted as James turned for them. "What do you think?" He grinned. Sirius ran his hand through his long black hair.

"To be blunt, Prongs, it looks like a Gryffindor flag was thrown up on your swim suit." Remus laughed as James's smile turned into a scowl.

"Whatever, Sirius." He huffed, "You're just jealous because I'm showing house pride while you're wearing mere black and white swimming trunks." James puffed out his chest proudly, ignoring Sirius's bark of laughter at James's idiocy. "Come on, lads! Let's show these Muggles how to really party it up on the beach!"


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