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Breaking the Lines

Chapter 11

"Are you sure there is nothing we can do, Mr. Jones?" the Dean of NYU asked him. Solene just watched him quietly from the couch as he paced back and forth in front of her on the phone. He had been on it all morning, talking to admissions office trying to get her out of the school. Solene thought it was a bit drastic but she was too tired from the night before to protest. It was a relief to her that he was taking care of this for her but she wished she were strong enough to do it herself.

"I'm sure." Hawk said with finality.

"Alright then." The dean said reluctantly. "Selena is no longer enrolled at NYU. I wish her the best and hopefully we'll see her next year."

"I doubt it but thank you." Hawk said coolly before hanging up. He sat down beside her with a heavy sigh.

"Mr. Jones?" She asked. He shrugged.

"I needed a last name for human transactions and whatnot. Jones is very common." He explained.

"Me and Mr. Jones." Solene said with the tiniest of smirks, referencing the Amy Winehouse song she heard when listening to her dad's music. Hawk just rolled his eyes. Solene giggled before sighing, growing serious. "You didn't have to do that."

"Yes, I did. You're not safe there." He told her.

"It was just one girl." Solene said. "One mortal out of thousands. And I shouldn't have trusted her so easily-"

"It wouldn't have mattered." Hawk said, cutting her off. "She was working for a Gancanagh. Have you heard of those before?" Solene froze at the word, fear shooting through her. She knew what it was. Niall had told her about them so she knew to be weary when touching anyone in his court, even when they looked harmless. She remember him tell her about how a single touch from them poisoned humans until they die from withdrawal, no matter how much of it they had. Solene nodded.

"One thing you may not know is that Shadow Bearers, if they are Gancanaghs, can manipulate their poison and how it affects their victims. They can suppress it or cause it to overflow as much as they like." Hawk told her. "The girl you were with was hunting of her Shadow Bearer to find him more mortals. Now that they saw you there, they'll come after you." Solene sighed, feeling tired of the subject already.

"This just keeps getting better and better," She mumbled before standing up and paced through the room. She turned back to Hawk. "So now what?"

"Well, due to the circumstances it may be easy to convince Syracuse to accept you last minute."

"Yeah but that's four hours away. And while I get I need to lay low for a while I don't want to be that far from here. And are sure there's not a school I can go to that's in the city? I just have to avoid NYU, right?" Solene said. Hawk thought for a moment.

"What about St. John's? They're out of the city but close enough to commute. Did you apply there?" Hawk asked her.

"Yeah…" Solene said, thinking about it. As far as options, it wasn't what she wanted but it wasn't bad. She could make it there and then transfer over when it's safe to come back if she wanted. But she didn't want to run away. Not again. She sighed at the thought of having to move away from here.

"I don't like this." She told Hawk, looking him in the eye. "I don't want to run and lock myself away."

"I know you don't want to but there aren't many more solutions left right now." Hawk said. He grabbed her hand and stroked her knuckles. He was slightly surprised when he noticed that she had her contacts in right then. He could have sworn she didn't have them when she was asleep. And they looked a little lighter than usual…

"Fairies talk." Solene said, bring him back to the conversation. "Fairies chase. If I run they'll work that much harder to find me and they will."

"I'll take care of it." Hawk said, a dangerous edge of him voice, reminding Solene of how powerful Hawk was. Still, she wished he didn't have to protect her.

"Of course you will." Solene said, downcast that she wasn't strong enough to do it herself. She stood up and started walking out before another question came to mind.

"Hawk?" she called. He looked up at her, silently waiting for her to continue. "Can half-mortals become addicted to Gancanaghs?" Hawk frowned as he thought about the answer.

"It depends on their mortality." He said. "If they happen to be more human than fey than yes but they can be cured if the Gancanagh is weak enough. They're not hopeless. If they're more fey than human, they won't become addicted unless the Gancanagh is a king or very close to one in power. Even then it can be difficult to tell if their addicted or if it's just strong lust. There's a bigger difference than you think." Solene nodded.

"Okay," She continued to leave the room but stopped right at the edge and turn back to him. She had a smirk on her face. "I want to go to Columbia."

Hawk opened his mouth to say something but she was out the room and he knew there was no use. No matter what he wanted for her, Solene would do what she wanted. And he was glad. Despite how much he helped her, she was being more independent. She didn't need him anymore.

Well, beyond the obvious dangers, he thought.

He sighed, leaning his head back before looking down at his hands. His shadows swirled lazily across his skin, reminding him of the poison that was held in them. He was still a Gancanagh and Solene still didn't know.

He tried to think distract himself from the thought by figuring out how Solene had managed to create that shadow bubble she made yesterday. He knew her mother was of the Summer Court, so why did she have shadows? Question after question that he had ignored for months began forming I his mind once again. Suddenly, Solene became a mystery to him once more. But the question that burned in his mind was how was she not addicted to him?
And how did he suddenly feel less addictive?

"Next Wednesday is perfect for orientation. I will definitely be there." Solene said excitedly into the phone.

"That's wonderful to hear." Said the dean of Columbia University. "I promise that we will do our be to make sure there is no repeat of your last experience. I'm so sorry about that by the way."

"It's fine. What's done is done." Solene replied.

"Well, that's good to hear. So we will see you next Wednesday. Have a good evening."

"You, too." Solene hung up and fell back on the couch, feeling triumphant. She was in her old room, which acted as her dressing room now and where now all the living room furniture was. She was surprised that most of it fit in here. I guess the room is bigger than it looks,she thought languidly. She stroked one of the pillows as she began to think about what Hawk just told her.

If they're more fey than human, they won't become addicted unless the Gancanagh is a king or very close to one in power. Even then it can be difficult to tell if their addicted or if it's just strong lust. There's a bigger difference than you think.

So what am I? She wondered.

She sat and looked down at her arm. When she focused long enough, a shadow appeared on her skin. It zipped across her skin excitedly, still trying to get use to her. She looked up in the mirror. She could tell that her eyes were finally starting to darken. In a few hours, they should be normal again.

She took a deep breath as she felt the shadow stir with her other ones. That was thing about new one. It felt like a fresh tattoo inside of her, or at least how Rabbit and Irial described tattoos felt. It felt raw and slightly painful sometimes when she moved. And there was always the constant sensation of it being there. And she doubted that she could give it back.

But another thing was that, while it wasn't wild like Allocen's, it held that same dark feeling. It felt sinful and poisonous…it felt like lust. The same lust that she was sure came with Gancanaghs. Was Hawk a Gancanagh? And, if he was, was she addicted?

She couldn't help with the desire she felt towards him or the flare up that came with it. Could it be that when she touched him the first time, he poisoned her. She shivered at the thought.

I need space. I need to start college, she thought, looking at the door. She could feel him nearby, something that she wasn't sure she liked or not. And soon.

Solene listened quietly as she took notes in her English class. She jotted down the names of each goddess her teacher said and key points about them. And under each tiny list she made was a tiny drawing of them. They each had accessories to tell what their role was (an owl for Athena, a mirror for Aphrodite, a bow and arrow for Artemis, etc.). She smiled, happy that she was drawing again.

It had been months, maybe even a couple of years, since she last drew anything. She got the talent from her dad and was encouraged to make something every time she visited grandmother in Faerie. Solene could remember the first time her dad found her drawing. She was trying to get the curves of a face right and he spotted her.

"That's beautiful, Solene." She remembered him saying, "Can you paint that for me?" The next morning, not only was the figure she was drawing painted on her parent's wall but a cluster of fey paintings to go along with it. The next few months, as more and more of the court began to retreat from her, the more her father encouraged her to paint. When he told Sorcha, she was thrilled. And revealed at the countless drawing Solene made for her.

But as her shadows began to show more and more often, her drawings became a mystery to her. She couldn't understand it-still couldn't-but it felt like she was drawing or painting a memory instead of something from her imagination.

"Those look great." Solene jumped suddenly, not expecting the voice so close to her. She looked and saw a boy, a mortal to her relief, pointing to her drawings. He looked slightly nerdy but confidant. Or at least was trying to be.

"Thank you." Solene said, before going back to her notes.

"I'm Parker." The guy introduced, holding his hand out. Solene hesitated for the briefest moment before accepting it with a tiny smile.

"Selena," she said. He pulled back with a grin and Solene looked away, not use to this kind of attention.

"Alright class," called the professor. "We are about to discuss the Trojan War, which I am sure many of you are familiar with. But first I would want you to discuss the Judgment of Paris. Who should she have chosen and why? Pair up and start talking."

"I guess you're my partner." Parker said shyly. Solene looked around and noticed that almost everybody around them was paired up already. Parker was the only one left.

"I guess, you're right." She said reluctantly. She turned to face him, placing her notes in front of them.

"So who do you think should've won?" Parker asked. "Personally, I would say Athena. She was the wisest, she would've known how to handle the war the best." Solene thought about his explanation for a moment before shaking her head.

"Not necessarily," she said. "Even the wisest woman can't control the actions of two who are scorned. It would've been smarter f him to say that his opinion was too humble for goddess like them and chose none." As she spoke, Parker looked at her in wonder and awe, as if he found her answers a pleasant surprise. Solene tilted her head in confusion. "What?" He averted his eyes back to his notes

"Nothing," he mumbled before looking up at her bravely at her, staring into her eyes. "You just seem…pretty amazing." Solene smiled at him.

She could get use to college life.

Later that night, Solene walked into the loft, greeted with the smells of dinner.

"Oh, that smells great." Solene said as a greeting. She walked over to the dining room table where Hawk was placing the food. "Should I say 'Honey, I'm home?' Or is that too 'I Love Lucy' for you?" Hawk rolled his eyes at her teasing and the laughter from his reaction. He turned to her.

"Just be happy I made dinner." He told her dryly. Solene looked at hi for a moment, biting her lips. Hawk regarded her curiously. Did something happen today on the campus? Did she see another Shadow Bearer? One of their trackers? However, Solene quieted all questions when she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him.

Hawk was still confused but returned her embrace. He felt her sigh into his chest and he couldn't help but notice how nicely she fit in his arms.

"I've missed you." She told him with an open honestly he wasn't use to with her. But even his curiosity of where the statement came from didn't take away the warmth he felt from it.

"I've missed you, too." He admitted quietly, almost scared of the admission. It was the first they truly acknowledged any type of feelings towards one another. After a few long moments, they both pulled back reluctantly, awkwardly staying silent as they sat down and began eating.

"So how's school so far?" Hawk asked. Solene heard the real question behind it. Did they find you yet? Solene scowled at him.

"It's going great." She said with hr own silent answer. I'm fine. Hawk looked at her for a moment before sighing and leaning back.

"Why are you not worried about this? This is serious." He said. Solene rolled her eyes.

"Because you keep acting like running off to Queens would be any better. They would've chased me down and you know. At least this way I would be like a shadow. There but intangible." Solene said, trying to reason with him.

"As a temptation," he said with a deadpan expression.

"A tease," she corrected. "They'll get bored and look for someone else." She smirked suddenly. "Besides you'd miss me too much if I lived in Queens." Hawk scowled before leaning towards her. The tips of his fingers barely touched her skin but as soon as he touched her, her heartbeat became frantic. She struggled to remain composed, wondering how his touch was so powerful to her. Hawk chucked as he pulled his hand back, his face smug.

"And it you be me that missed you?" he said. Solene scowled and watched his shadows dance on his skin before disappearing as he held his hand out to her. She pursed her lips before reluctantly accepting it. She stared down at their hands thoughtfully.

"Well we'll see soon enough." She said quietly.

"What do you mean?" Hawk asked, equally as quieted as he held her hand, savoring the warm touch.

"Even as close as I am to here, running back and forth between the campus and here is…exhausting. And since I have a dorm, it makes more sense for me to stay on campus for the longer days…." Solene told him tentatively.

Without missing a beat, Hawk nodded. It was completely understandable and she did warn him of that earlier. Yet, he couldn't help but gain a heavy heart at the thought of her being away from him a little longer than usual.

"I understand." Hawk said. Solene didn't look at him as she pulled away. How long would it before she ate with Hawk again? "But if you don't mind, I want to enjoy my dinner." Solene laughed and relaxed.

They ate and talked all night, both too afraid to stop, not knowing how long this would be the last of a real conversation between them.

She'd be back soon, Hawk thought, hoping he wasn't lying to himself.

"Hawk," Solene called out as she entered the loft from a long day on campus. She was only met with silence as walked into the loft but she knew that he was there somewhere. She walked down the hall to Hawk's room, opening the door. Hawk was sprawled on his bed, reading a book. He looked up at her. Solene looked Hawk over quickly before smiling at him softly as she lingered in the doorway. He looked so handsome and relaxed. She almost blushed as her mind started to take another turn.

"Have you seen my Greek Mythology book?" she asked him quickly, so not to forget why she was there.

Hawk lazily looked her over. Usually, Hawk forgot how beautiful Solene really was. Her beauty was a norm for him, never striking beyond some days when she wears something different, like a dress or something like it.

Today, she was only wearing a v-neck gray and white striped sweater that fit her well with tight grey skinny jeans and black boots. If he saw her more, he would've thought it was just cute. But now…she looked beautiful.

He only wished she was here so he could see it more.

Now with Solene in college, he had the loft to himself more often than he liked. He missed hearing Solene walk around looking for something or sitting with her watching TV or watching her sleep when she took an afternoon nap. Without her, Hawk couldn't help but feel…lonely.

Hawk scowled, irrational annoyance rising inside him. He knew it was misplaced, but he couldn't help but be mad at her absence.

"Its on the desk in your old room." Hawk told her flatly.

Solene held back a sigh at his aloof response. Ever since she left for college, the distance between them was growing, almost as if they were strangers again. Maybe he missed me, she thought, slightly hopeful. But as the silence became awkward between them, she doubted it. She sighed as she out of his doorway.

"Thanks," she said. "I'm going out tonight."

"You usually do." He replied, turning the page of his book. Solene frowned at his nonchalance. Did he even miss her at all?

"I'm meeting some people from class for some coffee. I won't be gone long." She explained, hoping for some type of reaction.

"That's fine. Have fun." He said, emotionless. Solene's face fell more and she began to feel cold as the distance between them grew. Hawk looked over at her and noticed her frown. Instead of asking about it, he just raised his eyebrow, silently asking her, yes?

"Are you really doing this?" She asked.

"I'm not doing anything." He replied bemused.

"Exactly," she said, stepping into his room, closer to him. "A few weeks ago you were doing everything to make sure I was safe. Always making sure we talk. Now you're acting like you barely know me again."

"Well, what do you want me to do?" Hawk said, revealing his irritation. "No matter what I say, you do what you want. Forgive me if I don't jump for joy when you finally get time and you decide to spend it with your 'friends.'" Solene narrowed her eyes at him but a part of her was relieved to finally get a reaction from him. And then she realized the bitterness in his words. He was lonely. "So go and meet them." He turned his back to her and stalked back to his bed. She glared at him before smirking.

"Speaking of friends, I should probably tell you about Parker." She started, watching Hawk. "He just loves to sit next to me in my English class. Today we were talking about Greek mythology and the goddesses and he said that I would make a perfect goddess. I told him I'm more like Persephone than anybody. Then he asked me in this weird, yet cute, way: 'In that case, can I be Hades?' And I was like-" Hawk closed his book loudly. His face was filled with irritation. He turned to her slowly but she wasn't intimidated by him. She rarely was anymore.

"Get out." He grinded through his teeth. Solene feinted an innocent look.

"I just wanted to tell you about my day, Hawk." Solene shrugged, "I thought you would want to know what happens when you're not around. And I just wanted to tell you that I was meeting Parker tonight with the rest of the group-"

"Will you please get out?" he said once again. Solene kept her place, leaning on the doorway. Hawk glared at her, making a small thrill of excitement go through her. She tried to keep his gaze but the anger was too intense for her to handle at the moment. Any longer and she would never leave. She sighed, giving in first.

"Fine, Hades," she mumbled, stepping out the hallway.

"What?" Hawk snapped. Solene flinched. She forgot he could hear every word she said. Stupid faerie hearing, she thought, turning back once again to Hawk.

"Hades," she admitted, boldly. "I called you Hades." Hawk raised his eyebrow.

"Why?" he asked bemused.

"Because you act like the king of the dead. You're always so gloomy." Solene got a mischievous glint in her eyes. A slow smirk crossed her face. "Although, I could be your Persephone." Hawk's jaw dropped at the blunt comment before he composed it into a menacing scowl.

"I'm not keeping you here," he said with menace in his voice, "You knew my choice from the very beginning. The only reason why we're in the predicament we're in is because your stupid deal. So please, Persephone let yourself out." The words slapped Solene in the face. Hawk saw this and his face relaxed. "Solene, I…" She held up her hand to stop him. She could take it at the moment. She pushed past him to the front door. She opened I before turning back to him

"Why can't just admit you miss me?" She snapped. She didn't give him a chance to answer as she slammed the door behind her. Hawk sighed as the daunting and lonely silence greeted him once more.

"Are you alright, Selena?" Parker asked her a second time as he placed her drink in front of her. She jumped at his voice, realizing she zoned out again.

"Oh, I'm fine," she said, trying to regain her composure. "I'm just fluster by something that happened earlier today."

"You want to talk about it?" Her mind ran back to their argument from earlier. She could not believe she said he could pretty much keep her captive and she would be fine. How embarrassing, especially with his rejection.

"No." she said quickly. "I'm fine, really. And I can't believe everyone's so late." She said, noticing that none of their friends were there and it had been fifteen minutes since they were suppose to meet.

"I guess it's just me and you." Parker said with a shrug, instantly leaning in. Solene leaned towards him.

"I guess it is." She said with a smirk. Parker chuckled, sounding slightly nervous as she moved closer to him.

"Selena," he said. Her eyes snapped to their hands and tugged gently but he tightened his grip. She glared at him but he ignored it. "I know we've only known each other for a few weeks but I think that maybe...we should try dating?" She held back a sigh. She knew Parker's feeling for her. She also knew that weren't as innocent as they seemed, especially by the way his eyes were always roaming over her body.

But she was tired of waiting for affection from someone. She couldn't help the lust flared up as Hawk came to mind again. She made a fist unconsciously, still mad at him and mad at herself for still wanting him even right now.

"Selena," Parker called. She looked at him. He looked her in the eye for s moment before leaning in. She wanted to lean back but stopped herself. Why not give in? It's just one kiss…

"Excuse me," Someone growled. They immediately leaned back, startled by the interruption, and Solene looked up. She wasn't sure whether or not she was relieved or angered that Hawk was standing over her, glaring at Parker.

"Hawk, what are you doing here?" She asked.

"Who's this?" Parker asked annoyed.

"He's just a friend," She quickly reassured him, "Who still hasn't answered my question." She added with a pointed look.

"Easy," he said not missing a beat. "I'm taking you home. Obviously you're in less than good company." Hawk glared steadily at Parker, who was starting to cower in his seat. "Let's go."

"What? No!" Solene protested. Hawk rolled his eyes. "I'm not leaving."

"Fine." He said. Before she could do anything, she was out of her seat and over Hawk's shoulder.

"Put me down!" Solene exclaimed as Hawk carried her over his shoulder. He rolled his eyes as she kicked at him and banged on his back, ignoring her as he addressed Parker.

"Have a goodnight." He said. Hawk turned away from him and walked out the restaurant, past the gaping crowd and into the night. Once they were out, they disappeared within seconds.

"Hawk, let me go!" Solene screamed. "Put me down! Now!" Hawk plopped her down on her bed ungracefully. She stared at him in anger as the bed bounced under her before pushing herself off the bed and at his chest. He stumbled back a couple of steps but was otherwise unharmed. She grounded her teeth. "Why did you do that?"

"I was doing you a favor and you know it." He said. She looked at him disbelief before punching his chest uselessly.

"A favor? You messed up my date! I was perfectly fine before you came." She shouted. She kept on hitting him as she spoke. He growled and caught her wrist, pinning her down to the bed. Solene struggled under him, trying not to drain him, but knowing she would if he didn't get off soon.

"Listen to me," he growled at her. She stopped struggling at the sound of it. It was filled with shadows and temptation, not unlike the Dark King. "He only wanted sex. I could tell. Why? Because he could barely keep his eyes on your face."

"I don't need you to tell me that!" Solene said through her teeth. She started to struggle but he tightened his grip on her, bringing his face closer to hers. She paused at their closeness.

"Oh so what would you have done if I didn't show up? Give him what he wanted?" Hawk exclaimed in her face.

"Why do you act like I need you to look out for me?" Solene asked, loudly.

They stayed in their deadlock for a long time. Soon, Solene's eyes got darker and her lips parted and she felt the constant temptation she always felt to touch him come over her. It was overwhelming. Solene knew she should have looked away but she was stubborn and began to loose herself in his midnight eyes. Hawk fought against the urge to lean down as he glared at her, knowing what would happen if he gave in. Solene sighed quietly and he felt the temptation of her skin taking over him. She relaxed as he held her and touched the back of his skin.

Hawk felt himself getting pulled further into her but didn't relent, trying to find an answer that he could tell her. There was no way for him to twist his words. And he wasn't going to tell her the truth. He sighed letting her go. He stood, walking to the door.

"Oh, so you're just going to leave?" Solene said, suddenly angry all over again. Hawk didn't reply as he left. Solene let out a groan of frustration, pulling at her hair. She never felt so confused in her life. She waited for the lust to wear off before she stood, going to the kitchen for food since her night was, clearly, over.

A few hours later, Hawk walked slowly to the door or the loft. His shadows got excited the way they always did as Hawk listened out for Solene. It was silent except of the occasional sound of a page turning. She was reading, probably on the kitchen counter. It was her favorite spot to read when she was frustrated. He wondered if he was gone long enough for it to wear off. It was always hard to tell.

Hawk sighed leaning back against the wall. He knew what he did was stupid. He completely understood why she would be angry. He shouldn't have embarrassed her like that. Hawk knew he was being ridiculous and overreacted but he couldn't help it. His jealously just came over him in a way he couldn't control. He didn't want it to. He didn't know he was looking for her until he found her and was going to leave as soon as he saw her. But that was before he saw Solene laughing and playing around with some stranger. It was before he saw her leaning towards some stranger with the same look she gave him all the time…

He banged his fist on the wall, breaking the silence around him. He heard Solene pause inside. It was scary to him how in tune he was to her. Hawk knew his time avoiding her was up. He suppressed a sigh as he opened the door.

Solene watched up with a calm look. Hawk relaxed slightly as he spotted it, not realizing he was tense. Solene didn't move or blink as Hawk came in. He hung his jacket on the back of the sofa, moving slowly towards her.

"Hey," Solene greeted softly. She gave him a small smile and he knew her anger was gone. He frowned as her felt a little guilt over ruining her night.

"Hi," he told her. He entered the kitchen quietly, stopping at the entrance. Solene closed her book, setting it aside. She kept her gaze on the counter.

"I was wondering when you were going to come in," she said. Hawk raised his eyebrow at her. She tried to focus on breathing right, hoping Hawk didn't notice. He stepped closer to her.

"You knew I was out there." He said, more of a question than a statement. Solene nodded as she looked away.

"I knew you were here the second you stepped inside the building." She confessed in a whisper. Hawk tensed as he felt his excitement peak. So she could feel it too. She could feel him just as well as he could feel her. Solene shoulders became tense, as he got closer to her. Hawk stood a couple feet away and looked at her patiently. Solene eventually looked up at him.

They were darker than usual but he could see all the colors in them. He was stunned by the way the blue swirled into brown mixing with black. Hawk didn't turn away as he began to close the distance between them. He wasn't sure why he did; knowing nothing good would come from the action, but suddenly felt the overwhelming need to be closer to her. Solene's breathing became uneven. She gripped the counter to stop herself from reaching out to him, biting her lip. Hawk stopped right in front of her, her legs on either side of him, as he placed his hands right beside her thigh so they were almost touching her. Hawk looked in her eyes. If you looked close enough, you could see the shadows in them.

Come here, they said, come closer.

Hawk enveloped Solene's sigh with his lips, pushing against her softly. Hawk's shadows raced out his skin as she kissed him back. Solene moved her hand to his hair, giving into the temptation that was in front of her. She crushed him to her. Hawk held her; happy she was wearing a short sleeve shirt. He touched her skin. Solene moaned into him softly as she felt Hawk's shadows press onto her skin. It felt like they were trying to crawl into her. She shivered, hoping they would.

As the kiss continued, Hawk started feeling weaker. Solene felt herself losing control over the need of Hawk. Yet, that didn't stop them from pulling each other closer until there was no space between them. Solene wrapped her arms around his beck and tangled her fingers in his hair. Hawk grasped at her hips, pulling her against hi,. Both knew something was wrong but neither could or wanted to stop.

Hawk had to use every piece of strength he had to pulled away breathless and dizzy. Solene looked at him stunned at what just happened, her eyes wide and wickedly innocent. Hawk saw his shadows crawling along her skin. He retracted them back into his skin. Solene suddenly felt cold without the pulsing, warm temptations. Hawk pulled his way out of her arms and walked to his room, slamming the door behind him. He fell to the ground, shivering, his strength coming back to him. He gripped his bed sheets in his hand, ripping them easily but holding on for dear life. He licked his lips, welcoming the taste of Solene, as he fought not to go back to her.

When the door closed, Solene collapsed on the counter. She shook with a deeper need for Hawk than she ever had, wishing his shadows would have consumed her when they had the chance. She took a few deep breaths to try and clear her head before sliding off the counter. On wobbly legs, she rushed from the loft and stumbled out the building.

The frigid winter air hit Solene the second she stepped outside. It helped clear her head enough so she could stumble away from Hawk. But the farther away she got, the more the memory pressed itself into her mind. She shivered as she practically relived the memory over and over again, her shadows spinning uncontrollably.

She hugged herself as a hollowness filled her. Hr skin tingled as it fought to go back to Hawk's arms for more. She tried to clear her head but the desire was unbearable and uncontrollable. And she had a fear that the only was to fix it was to go back for more and more…until she really was consumed. She let out a shuddered breath, fog coming from her mouth in tiny clouds. She focused on that…and heard a noise behind her.

She turned and saw a lone fey staring at her. The fey stood as still as a statue as it looked at her. Solene could its claws glinting in the moonlight that accompanied its willowy figure. It didn't look vicious but with many fey, looks were deceiving. And as it gave Solene a fiendish smile, she knew it was no different.

She turned calmly and started walking back towards the loft. Solene could hear the barely there step of it as it stalked her. Solene tried to subtly speed up but the fey only matched her pace. Solene tried to calm her heartbeat but it was too loud. Don't run, Solene, she tried to tell herself. Don't run. But her panic won out and she went into a dead sprint.

Solene ran through a maze of alleys but the longer she ran, the louder the cacophony of fairies became, until it felt like a stampede. She felt the wind whip around her as she slowly moved towards the loft to safety, to Hawk. How did she get so far away so fast?

She ran until she felt herself trip up on something she couldn't see. She landed on her face and tried to crawl but felt a hand on her ankle. She closed her eyes, ready to scream but just as quickly the hand was gone. She squeezed her eyes shut as she heard the sounds of fighting go on behind her until the alley suddenly fell silent.

Then he only heard someone step close to her and sigh irritably.

"What did I tell you about rare and beautiful things." said a voice from the grave. Solene's eyes snapped open. She turned and stared at the ghost from her past. Or the wraith, to be more accurate. She was speechless, only able to say one word.