Title: InVestMents
Rating: Anyone
Spoilers: Possible Season 10 Spoilers
Disclaimer: CBS and other, more important, people own CSI. I'm just messing with the characters.
Summary: Sara shows up at Brass's office. Set at the beginning of Season 10.
Author's Note: This is just a little something I wrote because I had a few minutes. I hope you enjoy.


He hated paperwork. Unfortunately, being a captain of a police force meant he was stuck with a heck of a lot of it. The resounding knock on his door was a relief, and Jim Brass eagerly said, "Come in!"

When the door opened, he couldn't help but grin. He'd known she was coming. Just not today. No, he hadn't expected her until tomorrow; not that he wasn't glad. In fact, he was thrilled.

Rising, he rounded his desk, hugged the woman, and said, "It's good to see you, Sara."

"I caught an earlier flight," she said, with a grin on her face, as he stepped back and just looked at her. The relaxed muscles in her face, and they way she stood straight with her arms at her side… she looked good. Really, really good. And happy.

Jim couldn't think of a time when she'd looked so damn happy.

"I thought I'd stop in, say hello, and pick up a vest," she said, leaning languidly against the door frame. Not even the dim shadows under her eyes – probably jet lag – could detract from the way she glowed.

"Yeah, I have one right here," he replied, with a grin. Someone had screwed up, though, and put the wrong name on it.

Rounding his desk, he opened the over-sized bottom drawer, and pulled out the black police vest. "I haven't had time to correct it," he said, exposing the name 'Grissom' on the front patch.

"You don't need to," she replied, reaching out. "Although, I'll still answer to Sidle."

Jim couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. So the old rascal had finally done it – finally got the girl.

Well, damn good for him.

"He's a lucky man," Jim stated, watching her lips quirk.

"Yes, he is," she murmured in response, her upturned lips turning into a sly smile. "He's very lucky."

Laughing, Jim rounded the desk again, and pulled Sara into a hug – this one lasting a little longer and with a little more feel to it. It was good to have her back, even in the short term. And his liked this new side to the woman he'd come to know, admire, respect, and love like a daughter.

He'd spend a lot of time in the past keeping an eye on her, worrying about her well-being, and then finally letting her go.

But in the long run, it had been a good investment.