Title: Hand in Hand
Day/Theme: 9/15) inevitable flooding of one's soul
Fandom: Golden Sun
Character/Pairing: Isaac/Ivan
Summary: So when he offered the solution, soft and stammering slightly even then that Psyenergy can be transferred by touch, Isaac took his hand without another word spoken.
Rating: PG?
A/N: this came about from a stray thought after the whole meeting Ivan scene ("Does that mean they held hands all over the continent to read all those people's minds?)


Ivan took a breath as he focused on the woman's mind. She was an ordinary housewife, but sometimes it was these kinds that showed the kind of information they needed. Isaac's fingers closed over his. Ivan was glad deep inside that Isaac wore gloves, for he wasn't sure what he'd do if their bare hands were touching this much. He'd probably sweat, or feel nervous. However, it was necessary, and he had grown used to the contact. So much so that all Isaac had to do was nod in the direction of the person who they needed to get information from, and Ivan would slip his hand in Isaac's. Transaction complete.

This was far easier than relaying a thought to Isaac through retelling. At times he would forget an aspect or paraphrase, and at times, that could be disastrous. It wasn't so much that Ivan lacked memorization skills, more that he was unused to being the center of attention. When all eyes were turned to him, even familiar ones, he felt anxious. It was a common enough problem, akin to stage fright.

So when he offered the solution, soft and stammering slightly even then that Psyenergy can be transferred by touch, Isaac took his hand without another word spoken. Other times, Isaac had gripped his wrist or arm, always in a gentle, yet firm manner.

While it was for the good of everyone, that didn't stop things from filtering through. Thoughts, brief touches, things lost on everyone else. As much as Ivan tried to lie to himself, he knew that he liked this closeness, and how this part was monopolized. He liked the feeling of his psyenergy threading itself through Isaac's body, and how it flickered, shimmering as earth and air met. When they touched, he could relay a thought in an instant. It felt smooth and liquid, and so much easier to express the purity of a feel before dissolving it into words and speaking it aloud. He liked the aftershocks as the energy that had become theirs vanished like sparks into the air.

He had never said a word of the things beginning within him, but when they were like this, a path of force, unbroken and connected.

It was a simplified, stripped down. Even a faint touch, passed off as nothing but business could speak wonders. As Isaac's hands left his, Ivan felt the feel of leather, and Isaac's thumb stroking down the fleshy rounded part of his palm. It was a secret, brief touch, a quiet admission, and it said so very much.


While Garet and Mia had never said anything about their method of pooling psyenergy, upon joining the group, Sheba had many things to say about it.

"So basically, you held hands all the way through Weyard? How romantic," Sheba said, with a smirk.

"Er, I wouldn't say all of Weyard," Ivan said, "There were places where Mind Reading wasn't needed...and any touch could do, even a poke in the arm."

"Mmmhmmm," Sheba said, " And yet you kept holding hands instead of poking arms. What's next? Cure All via kissing?"

Piers turned a lovely shade of rosy pink. Felix cleared his throat and looked the other way. Apparently there had been just such a dire situation that had called for such things.

"Obviously I need to try the way your team does things," Sheba said.

"Aww, but I liked your sarcastic retellings of people's thoughts," Jenna cut in.

"Indeed, Jenna. I dare say you'll like the 'new ways' even better."