Title: Flue
Series: Golden Sun
Rating: PG?
Author's note: November 26th - Golden Sun, Male of your choice/Ivan: use of the Mind Read ability to make up for shyness/Mind Read fetish, depending on which PoV you take - nothing is missed when psynergy flows.


Even with the knowledge that he wouldn't be rejected, Ivan still had a shyness about him. There was something clearer, and more sublime about a thought shared – even if it sometimes lead to accidental side thoughts which shouldn't have come up, which should have been kept to himself and never spoken aloud ever. He could slip his hand in Isaac's without even Sheba taking notice and press words, thoughts into his palm.

It was easier to say things without the thinning, censoring, and dulling effect of speech. Even if Isaac couldn't directly use Mind Read, he could run his thumb across the inside of Ivan's wrist, and without even a glance, a word, Ivan would know.

Nothing was missed when Psyenergy flowed. Even as tacit as Isaac was, when it came to thoughts, he was deep and downright loquacious. Isaac was always thinking, and they were the intelligent, and meaningful thoughts. They were the kind of thoughts that were like whole different worlds compared to the usual ones. Isaac was as far from shallow as could possibly be on the scale. He was philosophical and caring and even kind under the surface, if only one looked.

But most didn't see through the barriers and probably loved someone entirely opposite, a composite of features varying in truth. Some attributed by daydreaming folly, others by misunderstanding.

And truth be told, it was something of an addiction, knowing someone's innermost thoughts, and touching them so deep that nothing else could compare. Throughout the day their hands sought each other's for intimacy, for of course, the usefulness of reading someone else's mind, and comfort. Their hands met and it was a spark of life that would fluctuate between them all day long.