When Three Worlds Collide

Note :I DO NOT own Digimon or Pokemon I own some characters because I made them up. This story takes after the five seasons of Digimon and the 12 seasons of features something but not all things like the digidestined from the Adventure series didn't grow up to adults and the Tamers and they still have their Digimon and the Frontier gang still have the spirits with them and the Data Squad like the Adventures and Tames still have their Digimon. Enough of that start reading!

Chapter One : The Same Old DATS

At DATS the usually same things happen every day, a group would capture a fight and capture the digimon in its digiegg when a digimon gets detected. Until one day... "Commander, there's a Digimon signal coming from outside the building!" said a voice 'We can't detect anything else but it's a Mega level digimon!" said another voice "Get Marcus, Yoshino and Thomas in here now!!! " Miki, Megumi keep on scanning the digimon." Boomed a voice supposedly the commander's. As the three got there the commander asked them "Find out what is the problem and put a end to it." "Yes commander" said the three and they when off.

Outside of the building

The digimon sneered "So this is the human world, but not until it gets destroyed!!!" "What kind of digimon is that?" said Marcus. The digimon heard him "I am UltimateChaosmon one of the strongest digimon ever created. I use my Ultima Burst to fight my enemies and my Broken Destroy to hurt them, get in my way and I'll show you!" "Is he an enemy or is he a friend?" said Thomas "I don't care if he is a friend! Said Marcus "I'm fighting him!!! Agumon come on out!!" and then Agumon appeared " Ready boss!" "Ok let's go!!! D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!" and then "Agumon double warp digivolve to... Shinegreymon!!!" "Let's go Shinegreymon!" shouted out Marcus "Right boss, Glorious Burst!!!"said Shinegreymon a huge fireball coming from Shinegreymon's hand appeared and shot UltimateChaosmon "Ha pathetic human." and he just grabbed the attack like it was nothing and use an attack "Ultima Burst!" it got Shinegreymon and he crashed to the ground. "I don't think he is a friend anymore." said Thomas "Neither do I." said Yoshi "Ready Lalamon?" "Ready replied a voice. "Ready Gaomon?" said Thomas "Ready sir" replied another voice "D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!" they both shouted "Lalamon double warp digivolve to... Rosemon! " "Gaomon double warp digivolve to... MirageGaogamon!!" "Shinegreymon get up" said Marcus "we have to fight get up!" "Sorry boss but he is too strong" said a weaked Shinegreymon "Whatdoya think all opponents are strong at first but in the end we will win" encouraged Marcus "You are right boss we will win!! Shining Blast!!! UltimateChaosmon got hit but wasn't hurt very badly. "You damaged my wing now I'll damaged your wing! Broken Destroy!!!" A beam was going to hit Thomas and Yoshino "Thomas!" said MirageGaogamon "Yoshino!" Rosemon sid as they protected there human partners they got hit by the beam "Sir the beam was powerful." Said MirageGaogamon "That power it's so stong..."Replied Rosemon. As just the beam was going to hit Marcus and Shinegreymon, Shinegreymon took the two beams of power that could revert a digimon back to a digiegg, but somehow it didn't happen to Shinegreymon mysteriously.

At the Crier's house...

Keenan was playing with his baby sister Ruka and Falcomon "Falcomon you sense something bad?" Keenan asked "Yes I do Keenan something like a digimon near the DATS building" answer Falcomon "Mom me and Falcomon going to DATS." Said Keenan "Ok dear be careful" said his mother "I will" he said and he and Falcomon "I hope he will be ok. I don't want him to be lost again." Said Keenan's mom "Michelle, Keenan will be alright with Falcomon he will still be ok." Said "Keenan's dad " I hope so Kevin." Michelle said.

At the battle...

"Come on Falcomon Let's go" Keenan said "Ready when your are Keenan" replied Falcomon "D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!" "Falcomon double warp digivolve to... Ravemon!!

"Let's go Ravemon" shouted Keenan "Right" Answer Ravemon as they flew away almost to Marcus, Yoshino and Thomas. "It's about time you showed up." Said Yoshino "Let go Burst Mode" said Thomas " Hey Nerdstien couldn't you think of that before!!! Sceamed Marcus "Enough of that let's just consider fighting the enemy not ourselves!" Yoshino said " Fine but he started it!" Marcus said "Let's go already!" "Charge! D.N.A. Burst Mode!" they all said "Shinegreymon Burst Mode, MirageGaogamon Burst Mode, Rosemon Burst Mode, Ravemon Burst Mode!" the digimon said "I will take more that power to defeat me!!!" screamed UltimateChaosmon "Ultima Burst!!!" and a beam almost hit the digimon but glady missed "Jewel of Heart!" said Rosemon Burst Mode. The attack hit UltimateChaosmon but only made his wing right hand with scars "Final Mirage Burst!" said MirageGoagamon "Final Shining Burst!!!" added Shinegreymon Burst Mode "Mourning Dance" said Ravemon Burst Mode. UltimateChaosmon had been hit but he was still fighting.

Will the Data Squad Win? Find out next in Chapter Two: The Digidestined Return! I mean the Adventure Gang. Review please.