Chapter 13: The Place In The Centre of The Digital World, The Sacred Castle

"Evolutionmon, where are we?" Kirk asked. "You don't know? Evolutionmon, why did you tell him about here before." Batmon scolded. "I had to wait until he had powers." Evolutionmon replied. "Just tell me now!" Kirk demanded. "This is the Sacred Castle." Evolutionmon said. "Me and him had our digi-eggs hatched here!"Batmon announced. Suddenly a group of Knightmon came marching towards the group. "We have found the people who you were looking for Evolultionmon." they said. "Thank you, you should resume your duties here, before something else happens." Evolutionmon replied. "Yes, sir!" the Knightmon marched out of the room. The 'people' that the Knightmon found walked into the room. "You're back? It sure took so long."Marcus said upon seeing the people. "Do you have anything to report?" Thomas asked. "Well... We do have one thing." Ash told them. "What is it?" Marcus questioned. "It's Kurata, he has a daughter." Dawn said. "And neither of us could defeat her." Brock added.

"Wait, what do you mean by "we could not defeat her?"" Thomas asked. 'She actually attacked us with digimon attacks." Jessie said. "Well, not really us because we didn't attack her." James said. "Impossible! Isn't Kirk the only one able to do that?" Batmon said. "Maybe, but we only discovered a bit of the prophecy. She could be in it too." Evolutionmon thought. "But, since the cave-ins, no one has gone there in a while." "If Kurata has a daughter, who cares?" Marcus said loudly. "You should care. She could be a threat." Yoshi reminded. "Hold it! What prophecy?" Kirk asked. "It would be more appropriate if I should you the actual thing." Evolutionmon said. "Follow me."

They walked out of the room and into a cave-like place. Evolutionmon began reading the words on the wall. "In a year where chaos will strike, a boy and his digimon partner will joins some allies to help defeat it..." "That's it?"Marcus asked "Nothing else about Kurata's daughter?" "I told you, the rest is probably buried in the cave." Evolutionmon answered. "Man..."Marcus replied. "As we don't know what they are up to, we better stay on guard." Thomas suggested. "If you sense a bad presence, don't be afraid to tell the Knightmon."Evolutionmon added. They all went outside the cave. "So, what's next?" Takato asked. "This." A voice said. "It's that voice. It's that girl!" Ash remembered. A portal appeared from the sky and Kurata's daughter came down from it, so did his bio-hybrids. "Miss us? Well, you'll coming with us!" the girl said. "And this time, we have two choices for you. One: you surrender, two: we do things the hard way." Kouki said. "I've prefer two." Marcus said while clenching his fists.

"Don't underestimate us." Nanami added. "And we'll get what we want too." Ivan said. "Tri-Beam!" the girl attacked. "Ha!" Marcus said getting ready to punch her after avoiding her attack. "Take this!" Marcus jumped in the air and tried to punch Kurata's daughter, however, right after he released his punch, she grabbed his fists in her hand. She smiled. "Trident Revolver!" she attacked with the palm of his hands. "Gah!" Marcus screamed, his hand was bleeding. Damn it! Marcus thought. "You wanted the hard way." She replied. "Marcus!" Keenan said. "Sword Blade."Evolutionmon called out a blade and began attacking the girl. "Sword Fencer" the girl attacked back by using a similar move. Evolutionmon started to go faster, however, the girl's speed was an equal match to Evolutionmon's." That's strange, the bio-hybrids are not attacking, but Kurata's daughter is, what are they planning, unless-! Thomas thought. "Marcus, get out of there!" Thomas shouted. "Ready the portal." Nanami said. "Ready?" a Knightmon said. "Yes sir!" they all replied. " Knight Supreme!" the Knightmon attacked. "Knight Supreme is an attack which Knightmon use to defeat higher level digimon, powerful to attack a Mega level." Evolutionmon said. "Enough talk." Kurata's daughter said. "You're just like your father." Evolutionmon said. "I guess so, we do have the same blood." She answered. Evolutionmon charged her with his sword. But, it stopped when it got close to her.

"You think I would get myself stabbed, they you're foolish." She said. "...Squad Eleven , report to duty at Area Twenty-seven." Evolutionon said. "What are you up to?" Kurata's daughter asked. "You'll see." Evolutionmon replied. "Reporting for duty, sir!" several digimon said. Evolutionmon were to them. "Hello, I haven't seen any of you in a long time." Evolutionmon said while smiling. "Neither have we sir." A digimon said. "Ex-captain Evolutionmon."a Fujinmon said. "So, how you like being captain now? But now's not the time for talking, do you have the glove?" Evolutionmon asked. "I always have it with me." Fujinmon said and gave a glove to Evolutionmon. "What are you up to?" Kurata's daughter asked him. "Nothing." Evolutionmon replied. "Nothing at all, Kyra."

Kurata's daughter, now known as Kyra, looked at the digimon who had just said her name. "How do you know?" She asked. "Everyone else looked at Evolutionmon. "As I said, I did nothing, except remember."Evolutionmon replied, and he shot an arrow. "Kyra! It's time." Nanami said. Kyra went back to her comrades. "Time for the Data Squad to taste the power of Kurata's new upgade." Nanami added. " Come out, Chaosmon." Instantly, groups of Chaosmon appeared. "Now have a nice time, these are copies, nor is anyone of them are real." she said before her and her comrades left.

"Get ready for battle." Batmon alarmed the squad. "You know, we might want to digivolve. Evolutionmon, let's try the trick we made before." Everyone else evolved their digimon.

"D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!"

All of the digimons began attacking. But then, a baby Kiimon walked straight into the battle field. Some Chaosmon dodged the attacks and attacked the Kiimon.

"Digital Devolt!"

The Chaosmon that tried to attack the Kiimon was regenerated into Digi-eggs! Batmon and Evolutionmon were the ones that slashed them. "Now, as your old captain, we must attack. Squad Eleven, move out!" Evolutionmon commanded. The squad members attacked the Chaosmon. "That should be than last Chaosmon."Fujimon thought. "I feel kind of dizzy boss."Marcus' Agumon said. "What do you mean by that?" Marcus asked after getting some cloth to stop the blood. "I feel it too..." Lalamon added. "We all feel dizzy!" Lunamon said. "Hey, boss... the digivice, it's looks different.."Agumon noticed. Marcus saw his digivice and noticed something. "Hey! They look like when we could evolve our digimon to Ultimate level." "Then that might mean, we can't past Ultimate level anymore." Thomas discovered. "Then that means we're in trouble." Yoshi said.

"Excuse me, but could you stay for a bit?" Fujimon asked. "Why is it?" Marcus asked. "We need help patrolling the area." Fujimon answered. "Why not?" Yoshi said. "Well... I admit our forces had some trouble defending against the Chaosmon." a Knightmon said. "LAZY! HOW COULD YOU? YOU'RE THE TOP SQUAD!" Evolutionmon yelled. "I guess the old captain still has spirit in him..." Batmon whispered. "Forgive us...captain..." said the squad. "Now...let's go patrol the castle. All of you split into groups. The DigiDestined, split into three groups. Tamers and DATS, split into two other groups. Everyone else, follow me." Evolutionmon said, crossing him arms. Everyone obeyed. Kyle sighed. "Why do I need to be in the same group with a crybaby!" he said pointing at Amy. Amy argued back. "Says the complainer!" While Kyle and Amy were arguing. Evolutionmon was losing his temper. "...QUIET!" he said in front of them. They were scared, that they stopped. "Can't you people act normal for once..." The old captain mumbled. "Captain...your temper..." Fujinmon said. Evolutionmon looked pretty mad. "What about it?" he asked. Fujinmon was nervous, "Nevermind..." he said. Evolutionmon looked at the groups. "The castle is like a hexagon, and the walls are long, so that should keep you occupied." Everyone stared at Evolutionmon. "What are you waiting for? Go now!" he said. "Yes...sir..."they mumbled.

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