A/N: Okay this is the big one that has been in my head for years. This is what for me Hermione is like in real life she is a crazy funky american girl and well if you want to know more read on but so you don't get confused on who is who and where they belong (It will be long so this is Basically the First Chappie. ~Rosie~

Hermione's Family (Full Names and Ages) (Nicknames if important)

Michael James Granger (Father)(56)

Maggie Lila Granger (Mother) (51)


Zach Austin (23)

Mollie Carly (22)

Jamie Maya ( 20)

Hawk(Hawkins) Perry (18)

Hermione Rachel "Zephyr" (17)

Jake Maxwell (16)

Josh Michael (16)

Camilla "Cammie" Holly (14)

Mandi Marie (13)

Dani Kay (13)

Tyler "Ty" James (11)

Joseph "Joey" Alec (10)

Benjy Bryce (8)

Outside Hogwarts Friends important to story

Miri Rosenson (16)

Dakota Halston (17)

Josh Masters (18)

Molly Masters(18)

Becca Fineberg (17)

Setting: Small town in Colorado in the Mountains

Details Hermione is Jewish and Very creative wanna Learn More than read on!