Author's Note: Written for E/O's Drabble Challenge, the word was "scratch".

Disclaimer: Though I don't have any paper on a share of the Winchesters, I don't think Mr Kripke minds that I play with them. After all, he is playing with me!

Word count: 100 (Cristo I'm good!)

Beta: The Tribble Master. But all mistakes still in here are all mine, because after she read it I, er, changed a few more things... SORRY!


A Lapse in Judgment

John winces while the doctor wraps a bandage around his head, matching his bandaged hands.

"Idiocy, John" he scolds "You're lucky to get away with superficial burns".

The nurse walks in, "Staying to remove the gasoline before it blew up the garage? Heroic."

She winks and John blushes. "Your wife" she continues and hands him the doctor's office extension.

"Mary" John coughs.

"John! How badly did...?"

"Not a scratch, honey."

The sudden, frigid silence confuses him. "Mary?"

"John Winchester, are you talking about the car?"

John winces again and the doctor chuckles, murmuring: "There's one woman who'll side with me".


Vampire Virus is complete, in case anyone was waiting...