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Challenge Word: Scratch.

Word Count: 100.

A/N: Dean whump? Kinda, but also funny. I imagine this takes place circa season one. I imagine a lot of things, though. :'( Enough of my issues! Enjoy the story!
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Summary: E/O Challenge: Scratch. --Dean totally doesn't have an issue, but Sam just won't let it go.--

Man Up

"Man up, dude; it's just a scratch."

"A scratch? Dean, there's a flap of skin hanging off!"

Dean lifts the bloody gauze from his left arm, narrows his eyes at Sam and his stupid... being right all the time. Sam seems to take his silence as agreement, because soon he's lifting Dean from the bed nearest the door and dragging him outside.

"The hell, man?!"

"We're bringing you to a hospital."

"Look; I'll let you stitch it up if it'll make you happy."

One look at Sam, and he knows he's lost. Hospital it is.