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The Past Life of Haruhi Suzumiya

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Kyon's Family

Haruhi was walking home after a afternoon of surfing the internet and making sure that Mikuru wore that new costume she got for her. And now all she had to do was plan for her next idea how to find Time Travelers, Aliens and ESPers…

That's when she heard a horrible roar.

"What was that?" she asked herself.

That's when she heard a loud booming sound, as if something big was walking towards her. That's when something seemly came from the sky and jumped right in front of her.

She looked at what it was, it was a giant monster with a white skull face and a hole in its chest. It looked at Haruhi with a hungry look in it eyes.

Normally Haruhi would be ecstatic as seeing a strange creature. However something told her to run away. And she did as fast as she could.

"What is that thing?" she thought.

That's when two hazy visions popped into her head, one was of a snake like red and black monster and the other was a purple octopus like monster… and both of them had a mask and hole just like that monster.

"Where did that come from?" thought Haruhi shaking her head of the visions.

Because of those visions she tripped on a rock. She looked up at the monster who was bout to grab her when suddenly she heard someone shout.

"Hey! You shouldn't pick on a girl like that!"

Haruhi turned to where the shout came from, it was a man in his mid or late thirties, for some reason the two things that grabbed Haruhi's attention was his scowl and his orange hair.

Fortunately the monster turned it attention on the man.

The man took out some sort of strange thing and pressed it against him self. Suddenly there were two versions of the man, one who was dressed in the way he was simply collapsed while the other wore a strange black outfit that resembled something a samurai wore, he also carried a giant sword that resembled a giant knife.

The samurai man ran towards the monster… it was then Haruhi passed out.

"Have a nice day, brother"

"I bought leeks, butter, bananas and bean jam jelly."

"I'm not afraid."

"Shoten Kisshun! I reject!"

Haruhi jolted awake to find she was in a bedroom.

"Where am I?" she asked herself.

That's when the door opened and a rather short woman with black hair entered the room.

"Oh good you're awake." Said the woman.

"Where am I?" asked Haruhi.

"My husband found you in the middle of the street, you passed out for some reason." Said the woman.

"I see." Said Haruhi who couldn't shake off the strange dream she just had.

"So your Haruhi." Said the woman.

Haruhi looked up, "How do you know my name?" she asked.

"I heard about you from my son Kaien." Said the woman.

"Kaien, I don't know anyone named Kaien." Said Haruhi.

"That's because you probably know of him by his nickname." Said the woman.

"His nickname?" asked Haruhi.

Before the woman could answer a young girl entered the room. Haruhi recognized the girl… as Kyon's sister. It was then she realized that her son Kaien, was Kyon.

"Mom! Daddy and Mr. Hat and Clogs are fighting again." Said Kyon's sister.

"Did you try to them?" asked the woman.

Kyon's sister nodded.

"Did Kaien try to stop them?" asked the woman.

Kyon's sister nodded again.

"I'll be right back." Said the woman with a smile then left the woman.

A second after she left, Haruhi and Kyon's sister heard this.

"Don't fight! We have a guest!" yelled the woman.

It was followed by the sounds of beating.

"Mr. Hat and Clogs?" asked Haruhi turning to Kyon's sister.

"He's a family friend." Said Kyon's sister.

That's when the woman once again entered the room "Haruhi if you wish you can have dinner here if you like."

"Thank you… um…" said Haruhi who honestly didn't know Kyon's last name.

"Rukia Kurosaki." Said the woman named Rukia, "I figured you didn't know my son's last name."

Haruhi didn't know why but the name felt familiar somehow.

And so Haruhi joined Kyon's family for dinner, Haruhi quickly discovered that the man she saw before she passed out was Kyon's father Ichigo and also joining them was a man with blond hair wearing a green and stripped hat, he was Kisuke Urahara a family friend vesting from Tokyo.

"So Kyon why didn't you ever tell me your full name?" asked Haruhi as she ate with the Kurosaki family.

"I tried telling you, but you never listen." Muttered Kyon.

"Oh sure you have." Shot back Haruhi.

The two glared at each other… which earned a laugh from Kisuke.

"Boy, those two remind me of when you were their age." Laughed Kisuke.

Both Ichigo and Rukia blushed at this remark.

Haruhi suddenly got a headache.

"What's wrong?" asked Kyon's sister.

"I just have this pounding headache." Said Haruhi, "I had since I saw this monster."

"Monster?" asked Ichigo.

Haruhi nodded, "All I can remember was its face which was like a skull and it had a hole in it's chest." She explained.

"So you saw a Hollow." Said Kisuke.

"A Hollow?" asked Haruhi with interest.

"Yes, Hollows are Souls of the dead who have lost their hearts and are transformed into horrible monsters. They feast upon the souls of the living and dead in order to stop of the pain." Explained Kisuke.

"Really?" asked Haruhi, she felt like she heard that some place before… but couldn't remember when.

Kisuke took out a fan and hid his smile behind it, "Just kidding. I'm sure it's something you saw before you passed out." Said Kisuke.

"It was probably like that weird dream you had involving the blue giants attacking the school." Said Kyon.

"Funny… I don't think I told you about that dream." Said Haruhi glaring at Kyon.

Kyon began to sweat…

"Mom! Can I have more?" asked Kyon's Sister.

"Sure." Said Rukia with a smile.

"Can I have some too?" asked Kisuke.

"Get your own." Muttered Ichigo.

This earned a whack from Rukia.

Sometime after dinner, Haruhi was leaving.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to leave on your own?" asked Rukia.

"I'm fine." Said Haruhi, that's when she got another headache.

"I should walk you home." Said Kyon.

"I said I'm fine!" yelled Haruhi who stomped off.

"Well, well Kaien, looks like you have a feisty girlfriend." said Kisuke with a laugh.

"She's not my girlfriend!" yelled Kyon glaring at the family friend.

"Either way… she saw the Hollow." Said Ichigo, "Chances are more and more will show up."

Kyon gritted his teeth.

"Kaien. You have to make a choice, keep living your life in denial, or face your destiny and practice the family art." Said Kisuke.

Kyon gritted his teeth, he knew that if he didn't do anything… "Fine, I'll train…."

"Don't worry Kaien it won't be as bad as you think." Said Rukia with a smile.

"If you say so." Muttered Kyon.

And so with that a new adventure would begin… but wouldn't really get started for another week…

Next Time: It's been a week since anyone has seen Kyon, he has been absent because of a "Family Emergency". However Kisuke Urahara reveal to Yuki, Itsuki and Mikuru where he's been for the past week... not only that but he reveals the truth of Haruhi that none of them even would have guessed.