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Chapter 20: To the Soul Society!

It had been a few days since the Vacation, things seemed fine. Expect for one thing…

Kyon's sister was having nightmares… at first everyone thought it had to do with Kon's disappearance but when he was returned a few days later they continued. They realized while she did seem okay, what ever Lillian did deeply effected her. She had almost constant nightmare… but all they could do was to comfort her.

Until it was the day to go.

"Can I come with you?" asked Kyon's Sister.

"I'm going to be training." Said Kyon, "It's not like I'm going to visit everyone."

"I know… but I'm still going to miss you." Said his sister.

"Hey are you going to miss me?" asked Karin.

"Of course aunt Karin." Said Kyon's sister.

Karin smiled and ruffled her hair.

"I'll come back for a vest soon, okay Masaki." Said Karin.

"Okay…" said Kyon's sister.

The two of them left for Kisuke's house, on the way there they ran into Tsuruya, Yuri and Mikuru.

"So I heard about what happened." Said Yuri.

"It sounds awful hat your sister went though." Said Tsuruya.

"How is she doing?" asked Mikuru.

"She doing fine… except for some nightmares." Said Karin.

"I don't want to know what that woman did to her." Said Kyon.

"I don't either." Said Karin.

They got to Kisuke's house to find the rest were already there.

"It's about time." Said Haruhi.

Kisuke made a gate.

"All right. This leads to the Dangai Precipice world." Said Kisuke, "It acts a buffer to the world of the living and the world of the dead. I know half of you already know what it is. Also this contains converters to allow matter to go into the Soul Society with there being a problem. Now any questions."

"Did they make any preparations to make this an even longer trip?" asked Kyon.

"You'll have to see for yourself." Said Kisuke.

After those that needed to leave their bodies did so and they went though the gate.

Sometime later…

"Seriously!" yelled Karin, "I'm going to give a piece of my mind to who ever did this!"

"At least it going at a slower speed than usual." Said Kyon.

"This is a slower speed?" asked Haruhi.

Fortunately they broke on though to the other side.

There was a loud crash and both brigades landed in a pile.

"You guys okay?" asked Yachiru who was there waiting for them.

"Only if you don't poke us with a stick." Muttered Kyon.

They got up and brushed themselves off.

"It's been a long time Karin." Said a voice.

They turned to see who said, Mikuru squeaked, while everyone else stared.

"Hi Kenpachi." Sighed Kyon.

"So your Kenpachi." Said Tsuruya.

"I don't think I ever met him." Said Ulrich.

"You know you can't fight him yet." Pointed out Karin.

"She is right there is a schedule." Came another voice.

They turned to see Byakuya, with Sora by his side.

"Kaien will be staying with me the first part of the training schedule." He explained.

"You really need to have him stay with you?" asked Karin.

"Yes." Answered Byakuya.

Karin glared at her brother-in-law.

"Come on Kaien." Said Byakuya.

Kyon nodded and sighed, the next few days were going to be a pain.

"Wait…" said Tsuruya who the unofficial leader of the Back Up Brigade, "There's something we need to talk about later."

"I understand." Said Byakuya.

"Sorry about that, but Captain Kuchiki can be a little…" said Sora with a laugh.

"Stiff?" asked Haruhi.

"Controlling?" asked Yuri.

"An asshole?" asked Karin.

"A total bishie?" asked Yachiru.

"You still haven't gotten over your crush?" asked Kenpachi.

"This isn't a crush!" yelled Yachiru.

The other members of the group sweat dropped.

That was when Momo showed up.

"Sorry I'm late." Said Momo, she looked around, "Where's Kaien?"

"Byakuya already took him." Said Karin.

"Oh, okay." Said Momo.

"Who are you?" asked Haruhi.

"Oh right, we never met." Said Momo, "I'm Lieutenant Momo Hinamori of the 5th division, I'm here to show you where you'll be staying."

"Have fun!" said Yachiru, "I'm going to be staying at my place does anyone want to come along?"

"If you value your lives… you will say no." said Yuri adjusting her glasses.

Everyone stared at her when she said that.

"Too bad! But I'll come over for a visit." Said Yachiru.

She jumped on Kenpachi's back.

Haruhi, I'll help you with your training while you're here." Said Sora.

"Thanks." Said Haruhi.

She lead them to where they would be staying.

"So where are we staying?" asked Itsuki.

"At the Captain Quarters of the 5th Division, since Captain Kurosaki isn't currently using it." Said Momo.

"Makes sense." Said Haruhi.

That was when Mikuru squeaked out.

"What is it?" asked Emiri.

"I saw my watch." She said.

"It appears we traveled back in time." Said Itsuki looking at it.

"I guess we failed to explain the Dangai properly." Said Yuri, "Whatever…"

"You were sent back one week to make your training longer." Explained Momo.

"Sorry I should have told you Mikuru went we got out." Said Tsuruya.

"That's okay." Said Mikuru.

They got to the quarters, which formerly had two bedrooms. The girls took the larger of the two, while the boys took the smaller.

"Mikuru." Said Momo.

"Yes?" asked Mikuru.

"Rukia asked me to help you with your Kido while you're here." Said Momo.

"Thank you." Said Mikuru.

As the girls got settled in, Yachiru came barging in with the Kotetsu sisters.

"Hey guys! You want to go spy on Bya-kun." Said Yachiru.

"It hasn't even been an hour." Said Haruhi.

At the Kuchiki compound, Byakuya sat across from Kyon.

"I have discussed it with the elders and they have agreed that as I have no children you are the heir to Kuchiki family." Said Byakuya.

"What?" asked Kyon in shock.

"I understand it would be a shock to you." Said Byakuya.

"What if I say no?" asked Kyon, "I mean, I'm not even a Kuchiki by blood."

"It's Because of your skills." Answered Byakuya.

That's what pushed Kyon, "What skills?" he asked, "I'm not my dad. I haven't even reached Shikai yet."

The room became deathly silently. That is until they heard scratches at the door. Byakuya got up and opened a nearby door. In fell Haruhi, Yachiru, Tsuruya and Kiyone (one of the 3rd seats of the 13 Division). Mikuru, Yuki, Emiri, Yuri and Isane (the Lieutenant of the 4th Division) were also there, but they were listening though the door.

"It hasn't been an hour yet and you're already spying." Thought Kyon.

"Maybe it should be a good time for that meeting." Said Yuri.

Yuki nodded in agreement.

Shortly after they got back to the 5th Division Captain's quarters to find Itsuki and Ulrich playing a card game.

"Wow… the meeting happen already, wow…" said Ulrich.

All 10 were, sat at a table.

"Look, first thing I say I was outvoted on this one." Said Tsuruya.

"What do you mean outvoted?" asked Kyon.

"The thing is, Yuri, Yachiru and I agreed we should switch places with you. With us being the first defense while you become the back up." Said Ulrich.

"What!" yelled Haruhi.

"The truth is, the total combined experience is in our favor, minus each groups aliens of course." Said Yuri, "Let's compare myself and Kurosaki. We're both the same age, and practically grew up together. But I trained since I was a child, while Kurosaki refused training until earlier this year."

"Okay, I'll give you that." Said Haruhi.

"Also I hate to say it Haruhi. If we compare me to you. I have several years more experience if we count both of our lives." Explained Ulrich.

"Tsuruya's the same as me, and Yachiru… I don't think I need to explain Yachiru." Said Yuri, "Our combined experience is a lot more than all of you."

"So what if you have more experience!" yelled Haruhi.

"Before you have a world destroying fit, let us finish." Said Yuri.

"There will be a fight between the two Brigades, and whichever side winds more battles will win." Said Yachiru.

"Like I said, I'm against it." Said Tsuruya putting her hands in defense.

What happens if there's a draw?" asked Haruhi.

"We didn't think of that." Said Yachiru.

"How about if there's one, three or all five draws… then you will win." Said Yuri, "But I doubt that's going to happen."

"Fine." Muttered Haruhi.

The two brigades agreed on it.

"All right you five, you better get stronger!" yelled Haruhi to the rest of the Brigade.

Kyon sighed, Yuki was emotionless, Itsuki looked nervous and Mikuru looked nervous.

Not long afterwards, Kyon and Yachiru left the Captain's Quarters.

"Why did you take their side?" asked Kyon.

"I want to get the front line." Said Yachiru.

"I should have known." Said Kyon, "Wait why does Yuri want to take over?"

"She doesn't." said Yachiru, "She e-mailed me last week the idea, saying that she was going to get Ulrich to agree to it. She told me it was someone's idea to secretly test you guys and that I shouldn't tell anyone of you."

Kyon stared at Yachiru, "Crap! Pretend I didn't say anything!" she cried out.

Kyon sighed, "I won't say anything." He said.

"Good." She sighed.

That night Kyon looked at the ceiling of his gust room.

"A secret test." He thought, "I wonder who's idea."

And so the training would really being the next day, after all, this training could change a lot things.

Next Time: Mikuru is worried about the upcoming fight, as she isn't the strongest member of the Brigade. Will Momo and Haruhi be able to help her? Find out next time!