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Chapter 21: Mikuru's Training

The four members of the S.O.S. Brigade and four members of the back up brigade were eating a breakfast that was provided for them.

Haruhi was glaring at Yuri… who had just finished her breakfast.

"I'm done." She said.

"Where are you going?" asked Haruhi.

"The reason for this trip." Said Yuri, "Training."

Haruhi glared at Yuri as she left.

"I guess I should go too." Said Ulrich.

"Ulrich! Wait!" yelled Haruhi.

Ulrich stopped…

"Yes?" he asked.

"Why did you agree with Yuri?" asked Haruhi, "I figured out why Yachiru did, but why did you?"

"I think you know why." Said Ulrich who left.

Haruhi's eyes widened when he said that.

"It makes sense now." She whispered.

That was when Sora arrived "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked.

"It's nothing." Said Haruhi.

"Oh, okay." Said Sora.

Hey!" came in Momo, "Am I too early?"

"No it's fine, if you two want to eat break fast with us." Said Mikuru.

After finishing breakfast, they started training.

With Haruhi, her training was with Tsubaki, it was using him against Sora's shield.

That's when they heard an explosion.

"That was in the 5th Division training ground." Said Sora.

The two ran into the training grounds to see Mikuru and Momo covered in soot.

"Are you okay?" asked Sora.

"We're fine." Said Momo.

"Yeah." Said Mikuru.

"What happened?" asked Haruhi.

"Just trying a new Kido." Said Mikuru, "And it exploded."

'That's not a good sign." Said Sora.

"I just need opt practice." Said Mikuru.

Mikuru looked worried, like she was unsure with herself.

Haruhi looked at her. She knew she had to help, after all Mikuru was reminding her about her past life.

"Don't worry, we'll help you." Said Haruhi, "Right Sora?"

"Of course." Said Sora.

They began to watch Mikuru to see what she was doing wrong.

They watched as Mikuru practiced. Each time she tired to use the kido, it would blow up in her face. Literally.

It got to the point where Haruhi had to heal her.

"What do you think her problem is?" asked Sora.

"I really don't know." Said Momo, "Rukia never told me about this."

"Maybe it has to do with the difference between here and the World of the Living." Said Sora.

"Maybe." Said Momo.

"That's not the problem." Thought Haruhi.

After Mikuru was healed they decided to have the lunch that Haruhi brought… it also something she made.

"Thank you Haruhi." Said Sora.

Both Mikuru stared at their food, like it was radioactive.

"Um, Haruhi was is this?" asked Momo holding a bowl filled with some weird mix of orange and green.

"That's creamed spinach mixed with tobiko." Said Haruhi.

"I think I'll have a rice ball." Said Momo, she bit into it and found chocolate pudding was in the middle.

"What's wrong?" asked Sora.

"It's nothing." Said Momo.

After finishing lunch…

"Mikuru can we talk?" asked Haruhi.

Mikuru saw Momo who was clutching her stomach. The food Haruhi made didn't agree with her.

The two went to talk in private.

"What's wrong?" asked Haruhi.

"I'm not sure if I can fight." Said Mikuru.

"It's because you're the weakest one in the group." Said Haruhi.

Mikuru looked like she was going to cry.

"I know how you feel." Said Haruhi, "In my past life… when I was Orihime I felt the same way."

'You did?" asked Mikuru.

Haruhi nodded, "I was the one that always needed to be saving. I was able to heal, but I wasn't able to fight well." Said Haruhi, "I was the weakest among everyone else was able to fight…"

"Is that true?" asked Mikuru.

"It is." Responded Haruhi, "I'm, a lot stronger now, and I'm sure you're going to be too!"

Mikuru blinked, "But wait… weren't you weak because Orihime didn't like killing."

There was an awkward silence.

"How did you know that?" asked Haruhi.

"It's been mentioned a few times." Said Mikuru.

"Oh yeah…" mumbled Haruhi, "But that's besides the point, if you want to get stronger you have do it your self!"

"I know…" said Mikuru.

Momo and Sora watched this.

"Is it weird for you?" asked Momo.

"What is?" asked Sora.

"To train Haruhi." Said Momo.

"No… not really." Said Sora.

"Really?" asked Momo, "I would have thought…"

"No… it's fine… really…" said Sora quietly.

Momo looked at her fellow Lieutenant.

Elsewhere, Tsuruya was training herself.

"Need a partner?" asked Ulrich.

Tsuruya glared at him.

"What?" asked Ulrich.

"You're the only one who wants us to win." Said Tsuruya.

"What no…" said Ulrich.

"Don't lie." Said Tsuruya.

"What it's true, Yachiru wants to win." Said Ulrich.

I know that… what I meant is that this isn't the right way to pretext Haruhi." Said Tsuruya.

"Then what is the right way?" asked Ulrich.

"Telling her to stop is only going opt cause problems." Said Tsuruya.

"Then throw the match then." Said Ulrich knowing it was best to leave, "because I'm not going to lose."

Tsuruya glared at him.

Back at the 5th Division Training Grounds Mikuru was feeling better knowing that she had it in her…

However Haruhi then said this, "All right! Now all you have to do is win!" said Haruhi.

"What?" asked Mikuru confused at Haruhi changing the subject matter.

"I can't let Ulrich win… I don't need him to protect me!" said Haruhi.

"Okay that's enough pep talk." Said Momo interrupting.

"We should get back to our own training." Said Sora.

"Okay…" said Mikuru.

"Fine…" muttered Haruhi.

Sora and Haruhi headed back to their training ground.

"So what was that about?" asked Sora.

"I don't know what you mean…" said Haruhi.

"Is this about the fight?" asked Sora.

"Ulrich is agreeing to it just to protect me." Sighed Haruhi, "Like I can't protect myself."

"I see…" said Sora.

"I'm not a weak child…" said Haruhi.

"But he sees you as Orihime." Said Sora.

"But I'm not Orihime." Said Haruhi.

"I know that… but he hasn't accepted that yet." Said Sora.

There two stood in silence.

"Let's get back to training." Said Sora.

Back at the other training Ground Mikuru continued the training. Thankfully none of them exploded. When it was time for dinner they decided to end training for the day.

"Do you think I can win my fight?" asked Mikuru.

"I don't know if I can answer that." Said Momo.

Mikuru looked like she was going to cry.

"I'm sure it will be fine…" said Momo, "You're not the only one fighting."

Mikuru nodded, hoping the others could pick up the slack.

However the fight was still weeks away, which meant a lot of training to go, so who knew how Mikuru's match would go… only time would tell.

Next Time: Yachiru is bored with trianing and dieciedes to spy on Byakuya... and finds out the stress the trainign is having on Kyon... will mange to help Kyon or possiblly make things worse? Find out next time!