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A hum rose in her throat as she giddily arranged a few flowers. She looked outside the large windows and gave a small smirk. There were people waiting outside, the brisk summer air whipped outside and people were smiling at the lady inside arranging flowers. She tilted her hat, the slim violet ribbon around it hanging off her hat. She smiled as she finished arranging the flowers. She walked to the window and saw the towns people smile at her widely as they saw her flip the sign that said in black bold letters, 'Open' the door was pushed open immediately and a flood of people came pouring in.


"Master, why did you arrange for the horses to be prepared?" A young servant asked, wiping her hands on a handkerchief, the King turned around and smiled.

"No worries, we're going to the town a few miles over, there is this delightful little shop I've wanted to see, heard it's the best in town." The smooth, sleek voice said and the guard arched a thin brow.

"No offense master, but is it really necessary to bring ten guards to a flower shop?" The guard asked and the King turned around and smiled.

"Just bring force if needed, you never know what could happen." He said and the guard nodded.

"I see Master, we'll be ready to leave in five minutes, and we'll leave on your command." The guard replied as he walked out of the room and the King smiled.

Flower shop:

"Thank you, come again!" The manager rang as she handed the civilian who had just paid for a pretty batch of lilies. A young man went up to her nervously, he was the last customer of the morning rush, and the woman smiled.

"How can I help you today young man?" She smiled, the young man, whenever he had come here to pick up flowers for his girlfriend, he had never seen the floral lady ever take off her hat, but he could care less right now.

"Oh, you've seen me in here often haven't you?" The young man asked and the woman smiled and laughed.

"Of course I have, always picking the prettiest roses for your girl, you seem nerve wracked, and do you need some tea?" The woman asked, using delicate, soft hands, which the man found unusual, since most of the women's hands in town were somewhat tan, but hers was completely white.

"No, I'm quite fine, thank you though. I'm actually going to be proposing today, I suppose you have a batch of flowers that would do for the occasion?" He asked proudly, rolling the simple white gold ring with one small diamond in his pocket. She smiled broadly with her pink lips.

"Of course I do, let me show you a fine batch of Casa Blanca, they're absolutely stunning." The woman replied, not even seeing eleven horses being mounted in front of her store, the townspeople coming around to see the commotion, knowing that obviously, the King was visiting. The man looked at the flowers the woman had shown him, he was in love with the flowers at first sight and jumped up and down.

"I love these! I'll take a batch, the same price as usual right?" The man asked; ready to fish out a few dollars as the woman wrapped the bouquet in pretty tissue papers of pink and white. She handed him the flowers and smiled.

"No, it's free, you are proposing, it's the least I could do for one of my regulars." The woman smiled as he smiled and grabbed the flowers.

"Oh thank you! Thank you very much miss, you're ever so kind! What is your name anyways?" The man asked and the woman looked up and blinked, she was surprised.

"Oh, um, that question caught me off guard. I'm sorry; I don't give out my name." The woman said thickly, if she had said her real name, her whole identity would be ruined. The man looked sorrow and he nodded in understanding.

"That's quite alright Miss, I understand, you have a nice day." The man said as he dropped a few bills in the tip jar, like he always did and the woman smiled.


"You stay outside, and go around back and scavenge, there's a house right behind this shop, and I'm thinking it's her home." The man said as he watched his horse travel around, he was looking for something, the horse went on its own accord. The man smiled as he heard a familiar whinny of his horse. The man pushed the door inside, watching the lithe and petite woman set out some new flowers and started arranging colorful bouquets.

The bell rung slightly as he opened the door and the woman did not look up at him as she arranged flowers.

"Welcome to my shop, go ahead and look around, if you have any questions, ask me, I'll be right here." The woman said as the man looked around in the medium sized shop. It was nice, clean, and polished. Flowers were expertly arranged by category, and color. Little paper cranes hung off the ceiling and the desktop where the money was exchanged was neat and clean. In the bright light, he saw a bracelet shimmering from her wrist. It had rubies; he remembered it clearly and looked at his own bracelet.

"Ma'am, I'm having trouble with picking out flowers for a certain lady friend of mine." The thick, velvety voice and the woman almost dropped the pot from the voice. She knew that voice from anywhere.

'Crap, how did he find me? After all of these years, I thought he stopped his search for me. Now he found me! Crap, hopefully he doesn't recognize it's me.' The woman said as she wiped her hands on the clean, dull red dress made out of cotton she had bought and turned around.

"What kind of flowers do you need for your certain friend of yours my majesty?" The woman asked as she gave a slight curtsy and still kept her head bowed. The man smirked and walked around and pretended like he was interested in the flowers.

"Flowers that are purple, her eyes are a lovely shade of purple, you get lost in them every time. I want to tell her I love her. I think about her every day, do you have something of that description?" The man asked and the woman nodded thickly.

"Of course I do, if you would follow me." The woman walked hurriedly, her black flats hitting against the polished floors. She led him to batches of Amaranth. He knew what Amaranths meant, and he snickered at it.

"Immortal love, they mean immortal love." The man recited as he ran a hand through spiky white hair that never changed and the woman swallowed.

"Yes, it is quite interesting that you know the meaning of Amaranths. They're quite beautiful, are they not King Hitsugaya?" The woman asked as her hand tightened into fists at her sides. She shuddered; she felt his warm breath on her neck.

"It is, isn't it?" Hitsugaya breathed as he saw the woman's hand shoot out to punch him in the gut and he caught it deftly as he slammed her against the wall in between the racks of flowers. Her hat fell off, and violet eyes widened at surprise as he looked at her. "It is, isn't it, Rukia? " He looked at her and saw her lips parted in surprise and her breathing hard. "You taught me what all of those flowers meant yourself." He hissed as he caged her in.

"W-What are you doing here?" Rukia asked as she looked up at him with flashing violet eyes.

"Don't you mean, how did I find you?" He said in a tight voice and Rukia glared up at him.

"Then enlighten me, I've spent two years in hiding, how did you find me?" Rukia said as she looked at him.

"I've had spies, I finally figured out you were here since a lot of civilians kept on gushing about the tiny cherry blossom trees that you gave out to people. No other floral shops carry cherry blossoms, but I know that cherry blossoms are your personal favorite." Hitsugaya commented in a harsh voice.

"Fine, I did specialize in being the only floral shop that sells cherry blossoms, but that doesn't give you the excuse to come in here and try to ram me up a wall!" She hissed and tried to push him off, but he pushed his body against hers to keep her in.

"I'll let you go when you tell me you don't love me." Hitsugaya hissed and Rukia glared at him.

"Fine, I don't love you. Now leave." Something felt like it had been stabbed in her chest when she had said those words but she ignored it. Hitsugaya looked at her and threw his head back and laughed sarcastically.

"How convincing of you Rukia, now, tell me the bloody truth. I know you left after Momo's execution. Did you not want to marry me or something?" Hitsugaya asked calmly and Rukia sighed in frustration and looked down.

"It's much more complicated than that. I suggest you leave before you get even more hurt." Rukia said as she looked away from him and swallowed a thick lump.

"I've been hurt these past two years, why don't you hurt me some more?" Hitsugaya snorted and Rukia snarled.

"I couldn't marry you, it would be wrong for us to get married immediately; I didn't even love you anyways." Rukia said coldly and Hitsugaya snorted and looked away.

"Yeah, and Hyorinmaru totally didn't sense Shirayuki behind your shop." He said with tones of sarcasm. "It's funny how you hide your feelings Rukia. I know you better than that, now stop being scared and,"

"That's why I left!" Rukia yelled as she looked at him and Hitsugaya looked down at her and calmed down.

"W-What?..." Hitsugaya was permanently shocked and Rukia leaned her head down on his chest.

"I was scared of being able to stay, and marry you completely. I couldn't come to the terms that," he felt her hands pull at his shirt. "I completely and utterly felt like a fool for falling in love with you." Hitsugaya felt thick tears stain his shirt and he tilted her head up.

"You're so stupid." Hitsugaya said, "I love you too, you big idiot." He smashed their lips together, but it relaxed into something sweet and gentle. Rukia kissed back, the pressure of her lips making him smile and he released his kiss.

He got on his knee as he sunk to the floor in front of her and he smiled as he looked up.

"Now, you know I hate asking things twice, but I'm pretty sure this time, it's fine. So, Rukia Kuchiki, will you marry me?" He asked with a bright smile while already slipping a nice gold ring with a huge emerald on her finger.

"Yeah, now don't make me say it twice. Kiss me." Rukia said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her down to kiss her.

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