Emilia rolled over and looked at the little six year old in blue pajama with little hearts on them at the side of her bed "Lucia, it's past you bed time."

"If I went away forever like the doggy did, would you get a new son?" Lucia asked innocently.

"No, Lucia" Emilia sat up and looked at her little boy "Why?"

"Daddy was downstairs watching TV, and I asked him, and he said yes." Lucia said, starring at his socks.

"Sweetie, Daddy says yes to anything while he's watching TV. He didn't mean it."

"What if bad people took me away? Would you get a new son then?"

"No. We'd stir the whole world into a frenzy looking for you" Emilia assured him "You could never be replaced."

"…What if you went away like the doggy or Daddy's friend did? Would he get a new mommy?"

"He'd better not" Emilia grumbled before pulling Lucia up onto her lap "And Daddy's friend went away forever a different way. He can still come back, he just chooses not to."

"So the doggy would come back if he could?" Emilia nodded "Did bad people take him away and keep him from coming back?"


"Then where is he?"

"He's sleeping in the backyard" Emilia said tiredly. She'd had this part of the conversation to many times.

Lucia laughed "No he isn't!"

"Get back to be sweetie." Emilia ordered, ruffling Lucia's hair.

"But… but what if Daddy went away with his friend? Would I not have a daddy anymore?"

"Of course not! You need a male role model. I'd get you a new daddy. But Lucia, why did you even go and ask Daddy this?"

"I had a bad dream where Daddy got me a little brother he gave more love to after bad people took me away…" Lucia wrapped his arms around his mother like he feared he'd be kidnapped should he let go.

"It was just a bad dream, sweetheart. Climb into bed with me. I'll keep scary dreams away."

Lucia smiled and crawled under the sheets onto his mommy's lap. As long as she was there nothing bad could ever happen to him.