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Bachelor Party

"Come one Snake's you have to have one!"

Snake-Eyes and Stalker where working out, and Stalker was once again, drilling him about a bachelor party. With the wedding less then 2 weeks away, Snakes' didn't really have much time to contemplate anymore. So he signaled to Stalker:

I don't think that would be a good idea.

"Why not?! I had one! You have to have one!"

It's not really my thing….. I just couldn't see myself having one.

"You told me the same thing about the women you're marrying!"

He was right. When Snake-Eyes first met eyes with Scarlett he was instantly hooked. He shared this with Stalker, and Stalker urged his friend to go for it. What was Snakes response? I'm not the type of "go for it" guy….. I couldn't see myself with her. Look at her! When the memory popped in his head he gave a faint smile from under his mask, and shrugged.

You're right.

"See man! It would be fun! Plus we would have so many guys to bring along…. The more guys, the more money…. The better the party will be!"


"Wow…. You're slow. Yes party! Why do you think they're called bachelor parties?"

I thought you just sit down and drink.

"NO! You go out, have fun! You enjoy your last night of being single!"

I don't mind getting married.

"I know that! Still….. Its like being tied down for life."

You make it sound bad.

"No it's not. I'm married! However it is."

Whatever you say Stalker.

"So yes?"


"UH! Damn Snakes! You aren't any fun!"

Snake-Eyes just gave a silent laugh. He then continued jogging, soaking up the soft mist that was in the air.

"Oh my goodness Scarlett!"

"I know…. I'm horrible!"

"I can't believe you haven't gotten your wedding dress yet!"

Scarlett and Lady Jaye where sitting down in the break room. They had been going over the list of things for the wedding, when Scarlett realized she forgot about the wedding dress.

"Me either….. I had so much to do! I forgot about it!"

"How could you forget about one of the main parts of the wedding!"

"Look L.J…. Snakes and I only had a month and a half to plan this! But you're right…. I'm stupid!"

"Yea you are!"


"Well!" Lady Jaye got up.


"Lets go find one!"

"Right now?"

"No on the wedding day, yes now!"


"At that hole in the wall place in downtown."

They had been looking for a dress for 3 hours and were exhausted. They had went to 8 different stores, and still hadn't found one thing. When they arrived at their last hope, which was another hole in the wall place, they found the perfect dress. It was a white slim fit dress that had light ruffles on the bottom. Originally Scarlett didn't want ruffles, but this was no time to be picky. The ruffles weren't to noticeable, and everything else was perfect. She tried it on, and she looked stunning. The dress fit her body perfect and the ruffles on the bottom made her look like a princess.

"Oh Red! You're so beautiful!"

"Thank you! So what do you think?"

"I think…. I hate you."

"I love you too!"

"Look at you! Your so stunning! I wish I was as beautiful as you!"

"Oh my goodness! You are beautiful!"

"I know, but look at you!"

"Oh my, calm down! Stop being so nice! So yes?"

"Duh yes!"

"I'm so excited!"

"I love how it shows off your back, dang who knew strapless was that good of a thing. Wait we need a veil."


"You know, those things that go on your head."

"Oh, right!"

They went up to pay for the dress and asked if they sold veils to their disappointment they didn't.

"What kind of wedding dress place… doesn't sale veils?!"

"This one." Scarlett replied with a frown on her face.

They got in Scarlett car and sat for a minute.

"Well at least we got your dress!"


"Why the sad face?"

"I was supposed to use my moms dress."


"It's ok though, it would be a tad bit to big anyway."


"So what?"

"Aren't you going to have a bachelorette party?"


"Why not?"

Scarlett laughed really hard.

"I don't need one!"

"Yes you do."


"Red, your having one! I didn't just put a down payment on our limo for nothing!"

" What? I have to ask Snake's."

"No you don't."

"Why not?"

"Saturday night, both of you love birds are having one. Flint and Stalker have his set out, and I have yours."

"You didn't have to do that!"

"I did."

"Thank you."

"Oh, I'll have my fare share of fun too."

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