"Hey pretty boy, did you make a move on my girl?" Asked/ shouted the one in the middle.

Snake-Eyes just looked at him like he was nuts, and didn't even bother signaling to him.

"Look man we didn't come here to argue. Maybe it was a mistake, he wouldn't do something like that." Answered Stalker. "We were just leaving."

"What's Stalker doing with them?" Asked Breaker. He was with Dusty, they where at the bar getting drinks. They could see them from below.

"I don't know. Those dudes look pretty mad, who's he with?" Asked Dusty.

"You mean the one he looks like he's defending?"

"Yea the one that's showing off. Look at him, with that white shirt and those black pants! Please! Want to be James Bond!"

"What a jerk, why is Stalker defending him?

"Hey there boys!" Flint called from behind, he was with Road Block, who clearly was almost drunk.

"Look." Dusty said pointing to Stalker.

"What is he doing over there?" Asked Flint.

"I don't know."

"Man, lets get him and hit the dance flo!" Shouted Road Block. "I just want to daaaaannnnccceee!" He sang.

"Who's he with?" Asked Flint, ignoring Road Blocks attempt on trying to sing.

"Some show off." Said Breaker.

"Jealous of a complete stranger?"

"HA! Why would I be?"

"Someone go get Stalker." Dusty threw in.

"I will!" Shouted out Road Block.

"No you will not! I will, you stay here with Dusty, Breaker go look for Shipwreck."

"Yes sir."

Flint walked down to the lower deck of the boat to get Stalker, it took about 3 minutes to get there, but he could hear very faintly the man yelling.

"I wasn't talking to you! Stay out of this!" Said the angry boyfriend.

"Alright lets go Snakes."

Snake-Eyes looked the man up and down knowing how easily he could handle him, and thought to himself it isn't even worth it.

He then turned around and starting walk off with Stalker.

"Don't you turn your back on me! Get back here pretty boy! Oh no you don't!"

Then he tried to launch on Snake-Eyes. All of his friends watched and laughed, thinking he was going to make his point. Before he could actually jump on him, Snake-Eyes showed one of his flashy spins (in the air), and kicked him right in the gut. Before the guy could get up Snake-Eyes kicked him in the back. Then the guys friends got in it. Before all of them could jump Snakes', he punched 3 of them in the jaw with one swing. Stalker quickly took care of 2 of the other ones, by boxing them until they hit the ground. One of the guys jumped on Snakes' back, and tried to slam his head, but before he could move a muscle Snake-Eyes flipped him over the rail, and he hit the water. Before they knew it….. There where no more to fight off. Larissa looked at Snake-Eyes and screamed.


Flint seen everything, and couldn't believe his eyes. Then he ran down to grab Stalker.

"What's going on?!"

As soon as Snake-Eyes seen Flint he ran off.

"Nothing Flint." Stalker said quickly trying to distract him from Snake-Eyes.

"What do you mean nothing?! I just seen you! You where fighting 2 men! Who was that with you?!"


"Don't call him a freak, you lying bitch!" Stalker snapped. "That's what you get!"

"Hey calm down! Lets go now!" Flint yelled.

"Yes sir."

Snake-Eyes ran to the bathroom and tried to put himself back together. He didn't have his coat, his pants where wet, and he clearly needed his mask. He didn't know what to do so he text Flint saying:

Scarlett got in a argument with her parents and needs me. Sorry have to leave early. -Snake-Eyes.

He got that out of the way, but now had to find a way to get back home. He quickly called a cab and went on his way.

"What are you thinking?!"

"Flint, you don't even know!"

"That makes it ok then soldier?!"

"Look that dude was about to get jumped! I couldn't just leave him there!"

"You called that women a lying bitch! What's wrong with you?!"

"She called him a freak!"

"You don't even know him!"

"I'm sorry sir. I'll take my punishment when we get home. I've had a little bit too much to drink. Can we just go?"

Flint looked at his phone and noticed the text. He thought to himself: Well at least he stayed out of trouble!

He would have never imagined that was Snake-Eyes, and as soon as he did…. He dismissed the thought as quickly as it came.

"Lets go." Flint said to the men at the bar. He was very disappointed in Stalker, and wanted to leave.

"What, why?!" They all cried out.

"I said so!"

They all mumbled to one another, and Stalker just stood quiet.

Snake-Eyes quickly tried to sneak out without being seen by his friends, or his newly founded enemies.

However his cab was waiting for him in the front.

Flint was about to get in the limo when he spotted the man Stalker was helping. He looked at him up and down wondering what the whole story was when he seen something ever so familiar. It was a tattoo, a red striped pattern on the mans arm. He was puzzled, then looked up at Stalker who looked extremely angry, and knew why. He smiled at Stalker and asked:

"You going to tell us?"

All the men looked at Stalker in question.

"Never mind." he said.

"You're a good friend." Flint said.

Stalker looked at him, and knew he found out.

Flint just smiled and shouted:

"I had fun!"

All of the guys laughed the whole ride home, and beat one another up about their time.

When Snake-Eyes finally got home, he sneaked into his fiancé's room, and snuggled in bed with her.

He touched her hands and noticed she got a manicure, then he smelt her. She just smiled, and half awake asked:

"What are you doing home so early?"

He then held her tighter and wrapped his arms around her as if telling her go back to sleep. She got the message and quickly drifted out. He felt his phone vibrate and checked to see that Flint messaged him:

Just making sure you got home safely.

He messaged back:

I did. Stop flirting with me. Ha.

Ok then. Cant help myself….. Pretty boy. See you in the morning.

Snake-Eyes didn't know how he found out, but he did. He'd ask in the morning, but right now it was time to truly relax……. and be comfortable.

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