By: Karen B.

Fourth Season Spoiler Warning 4-20

Summary: E/O 100-word challenge. Word: Scratch. Two drabbles. Dean pov / Sam pov -- the moment Sam's blood addiction is revealed.

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Sam was bent over the demon bitch. What was Romeo doing? Killing her with a kiss.

He shifted his head, scratch that theory.

I caught a glimpse of the horrible, well hidden secret.

Baby brother's teeth were sunk deep in her neck, sucking the blood from her veins. He pulled away, leaned back slowly. The blood was covering his cheeks, and dripping from the corners of his mouth when he noticed me. The look in his eyes told me everything I needed to know; I had no idea who Sam was anymore.

Back pedaling, I struggled not to lose it.



Blood tickled my throat as I sucked it down. Pulling away I leaned back slowly, feeling his eyes on me. I hadn't wanted Dean to find out this way, hadn't wanted him to find out at all. Neither of us breathed, only a heartbeat shared between us. I could handle anything. Could handle Ruby, could handle having to lie to Dean. Could handle the evil thing inside me. What I couldn't handle was big brother's bullet piercing scrutiny, like I was the troll under the bridge.

Scratch that theory.

Dean had no idea what it was like to be me.

The end