What will happen to Harry when Lilly and James give him up for adoption in order to train his twin brother, Henry, the false boy-who-lived? What happens when the Malfoys adopt him and perform a blood- binding ceremony, in order to make him their real son? What will happen at Hogwarts when the Malfoy boys (Draco and Harry, now named Adrian) arrive, the closest of brothers and biggest of mischief makers? And what will happen with Ron and Hermione?

Chapter One: In Motion

Somewhere in London, November 4, 1981

The woman hurried through the clustered streets of London, toward the gray stone building in the distance. She pushed through a throng of businessmen in suits and batted away the umbrellas that dripped rain onto her scarlet- red hair, earning several dirty looks from the passersby.

But she didn't pause for an instant, for she knew that if she did, she would turn back around and abandon this desperate act and go back home. A taxi rushed past her on the wet street, spraying a bit of water onto her bare legs. She could've taken a cab, she supposed, but this felt like a better way to do this, like a penance before the sin, a punishment for this atrocious thing she was doing. Tears started to mingle with the raindrops pouring down her face. A drop fell onto the small bundle in her arms, causing it to stretch and yawn contentedly and snuggle closer to her.

She smiled bitterly, tears streaming more steadily from her emerald- green eyes as she looked down at the small boy in her arms, barely a year old and already somewhat famous, his brother the hero, the boy- who- lived and had defeated the most evil wizard in recent history, restoring peace to her world and ending the "terrorist" attacks on those who were not part of her world.

The building was drawing nearer.

She was probably only a block away now, but she kept walking, determined to see this through. It wouldn't be fair for him to grow up in his brother's shadow, always the second best. That was why she had to do this, for the greater good.

She stopped outside the wrought- iron gate, looking up and the grim building she'd come so far for.

The dark, but spotless, walls looked somewhat intimidating, almost seeming to ask, "Are you sure?" The small grounds were littered with rusty bicycles and old playground equipment, and the walk to the door had hedges on either side. Huge trees towered over the path, casting it in shadow.

Slowly, she pushed the gate open, trying to stifle her sobs. The little boy in her arms stirred again, blinking up at her with sleepy eyes, identical to his mother's, sparkling almond- shaped emeralds under unruly tufts of black hair. His tiny hands reached up at her, trying to touch her face as she carefully set him on the stoop outside the door, setting a large envelope next to him.

"Goodbye, Harry."

She planted a last kiss on his forehead, rang the bell, and ran off the porch.

The boy watched his mother run into the sparse grass, look at him one last time, turn on her heel, and vanish.

He began to wail pitifully, searching around franticly, wondering where his mother had gone.

Just then, a tall, grandmotherly woman came out the front door. Upon seeing the small, screaming boy on the stoop she sighed, bending to pick him up.

"Where's yore Mummy, then, Tyke? Left you, she has, I suppose. Them'll the adoption papers, I'll wager. But don't worry, Tyke, Grammy Nora'll take care of you," she said holding him close as she scanned the deserted grounds. Sighing again, she picked up the envelope that had come with the little boy snuggled into her arms.

The envelope read:

In Regards to Harry James Potter

Unknown Location

"Ahhhhhhh, everything is going according to plan…." purred a sinister voice.

A huge snake coiled around his feet, hissing its approval.

Glowing red eyes shone with triumph.

The plan was in motion…..