Title: Another Dream

Fandom: The Faculty

Pairing: Stokely/Delilah

Rating: PG-13 (T)

Disclaimer: I do not own The Faculty or the characters, if I did Delilah and Stokely would have their happily ever after...or something like that =]

It always came back to this.


Waking up and realising that it was just another dream. Beads of sweat dripping down her head. Sighing. Breathing heavily and forcing her eyes open to take in the reality of the situation. That she was alone. In her bed. In the middle of the night.
It had simply been another dream, Stokely reminded herself, her thoughts flickering back briefly.

...Their hands mingled together, hers running up the most beautiful woman she had ever saw's thighs as her beauty frantically glided hers over breast's. Whispers, sighs and deep breathing the only sounds to be heard.
Arousal thick and release being sought. Stokely's hand slid up the beauty's thigh further, almost reaching it's destination resulting in a passion filled moan of frustration, nearly there just a little further and.

Another dream indeed.

One of many Stokely had been having. Over and over again, a multitude of varying situations. These dreams so good, so believable, so intense that she didn't want to wake up, but inevitably always did.
These dreams, of course, all about the same person. The same person who she was absolutely sure had no feelings towards her, other than her obvious animosity of course.

Undeniable and constantly recurring dreams. Dreams she desired to re-enact, to make reality. That she justified to herself had the dreams been about anyone else and had the reality been any different she would have acted upon them. Any other person that wasn't her. That wasn't unattainable yet perfection personified.

Worst of all...

The one person on this earth that hated her...

Delilah Profitt.