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Silence met Severus when he entered his quarters. The potions master proceeded from the entrance towards the room his children were sharing and quietly opened the door. What greeted the man was a sight that made him smile softly. Alexander and Arabella were on the floor between their transfigured toddler beds. The little boy was trying to engage his sister in a game of wizards and dragons while Minerva was sitting in the corner on a rocking chair watching them.

The potions master stepped farther into the room. "Hello children."

Two tiny faces snapped in his direction and before he could blink, Arabella was up and hugging his leg.

"Hi daddy," Alexander greeted from his spot on the floor.

"Hello Alex, did you behave for your grandmother?" Severus asked while lifting his daughter into his arms. The little girl in turn wrapped her arms around his neck and cuddled into his shoulder.

The little boy sighed greatly, 'Yes.'

"They were both very well-behaved. After you left, we had a small snack and then spent the rest of the time in here," the transfiguration professor elaborated.

The father nodded before turning his attention to the toddler in his arms. "And you Bella, were you okay while I was gone?"

Arabella shivered at the question but gave no answer to his question.

"What's wrong child?" he whispered.

The little girl wiggled her body a bit and shook her head. Severus then realized what the problem was and turned to Minerva. "Could you keep an eye on Alex for a moment? We will be back shortly."

"Awi otay?" Alexander asked worriedly.

"Yes son, we will be back shortly."

"Take as long as you need, Severus. Alex and I will just be playing while we wait."

"Thank you," the man answered and headed towards the door. Without jostling Arabella too much, the man entered his own room and continued to his bathroom. Earlier, Alice had reminded him that the little girl would probably revert back in age and require the use of nappies for a while. The potions master had opted to add a changing table in his bathroom instead of in the twins' in order to give the toddler some privacy.

Severus gently laid the little girl down on the padded table and reached for the supplies stored underneath. "Okay sweetheart, lets clean you up."

Arabella simply nodded.

The father undid the tabs after lifting the little dress his daughter was wearing and quickly exchanged the soiled nappy with a fresh one. Severus noticed the start of a rash and added some cream and powder to the little one's bum also. When he was done, he took the child into his arms and held her while whispering reassurances to her after he saw the tears in her eyes.

Arabella snuggled into his strong hold and gave a small sigh as she placed her head on his shoulder.

"Come darling, lets get your brother and you ready for bed. We have a big day tomorrow and we all need our sleep."

Severus was not expecting a verbal answer from his daughter and simply carried her into the shared bedroom. "Alexander, have your grandma help you pick out some pajamas and bring them back to me please."

"Tay daddy," the little boy responded without any fuss.

The potions master walked towards the little girls wardrobe and opened the top drawer. "Alright baby, which pajamas do you want to wear tonight?" he asked hoping for an answer.

Arabella just shrugged without raising her head from his shoulder.

"Come child, just pick one for me? Would you like the pink ones or the purple ones?" the man cajoled.

The little girl finally raised her head to look at the two choices and quietly pointed to the purple set. "Dat ones."

"Good choice love," Severus praised and started to dress her in the chosen clothes. By that time, Alexander had chosen a dark blue pair of pajamas with little snitches flying around them and was standing next to the pair.

"I picked dese fow bed daddy," the little boy stated proudly while handing his choice to his father.

"An excellent choice son," the potions master replied absolutely and lifted his son onto the bed to change him, including a pull-up.

Minerva excused herself after she saw that Severus had everything under control. She gave a small kiss on the twins' heads and hugged the man she considered her son before exiting the quarters with a promise to see them tomorrow at breakfast.

Once the twins were dressed for bed, Severus started to tuck them into their beds; however, Arabella refused to let go of him when he went to lay her down in her toddler bed.

"Tay wif Kai," the little girl bawled.

"Awi sweep wif Kai, daddy," came the stubborn voice from across the room at the same time.

"Okay children, you can sleep in the same bed." Severus placed Arabella next to her twin and the two moved so they were each comfortable but still touching. The potions master bent down and kissed both on their foreheads, "Goodnight my prince, Goodnight my princess."

"Night Night Daddy," Alexander mumbled already on the cusp of sleep.

"Goo' Nye Da-dy," Arabella whispered before turning to face her brother to follow him into sleep.

Severus stayed until both where sleeping peacefully before he left his children's nursery and went into the living room to relax.



After checking on the twins one last time, Severus headed to bed around midnight. He was awoken only a few short hours later by the sound of pitter-patter of tiny feet and little sniffles. Before the twins could reach the large bed in the middle of the room, their father was sitting up and lighting his wand to find the source.

"Bella, Alex, what is wrong?" the potions master asked while beckoning them towards him.

"Bad dweam," Arabella sobbed.

"Awi hadded bad dweam. So we sweep wif daddy now," Alexander added after his sister. He was staring at his father with a determined look on his little face.

"Come here little ones," Severus instructed and lifted both into his bed. He noticed his daughter wiggle in her spot and quickly scooped her in his arms and headed towards the bathroom after telling his son to wait on the bed. He changed her soiled nappy without hesitation and brought her back to the bed. The three settled into comfortable positions, Arabella in the middle with Alexander and Severus on either side. "What was the dream about, sweetheart?"

The little girl tightened her grip on her brother's hand and buried her head into her father's chest, but Severus could hear a weak mumble. "Bad girl, bad woom, no dwark."

"Oh child, you are safe now. They won't be coming anywhere near you from now on. Your brother and I, along with your grandparents and the Cullens, will protect you."

"Dats wight, Awi is saf. Kai wif you," Alexander added.

Arabella nodded and gave a soft sigh before falling back to sleep. Alexander quickly followed his sister. Severus watched them for a few minutes before also falling asleep.



A hyper knocking on the portrait door guarding their quarters woke the trio. Severus grumbled tiredly as he rose out of bed to see who the culprit was. When he saw who was standing at his door, he tried to shut it again.

"Morning Sev!" Alice chirped.

The potions master glared, "Manners you pesky creature."

Alice ignored the rebuke and skipped into the living room. "Where are the twins?"

"Probably asleep like any sane human being would be at this time in the morning," Severus snarled.

"Well, it's a good thing we are not human than," the teenaged vampire replied sarcastically and was followed by tiny giggles further in the quarters. "It looks like Alex and Bella would agree with me."

The pair turned to where the twins were peeking around the bedroom door. When the twins noticed they were caught, they quickly slipped back behind the door and ran to the bed. Alexander helped Arabella up onto the bed and waited for his sister's hand to pull him up. They were just crawling to the pillows as Severus and Alice walked into the room.

"Good morning children. I see you've had a restful sleep," Severus whispered as he gave both toddlers a kiss on the forehead.

"Mowning daddy!" Alex crowed.

"Goo' Mowning da-dy," Arabella quietly replied.

"Morning Alex and Bella! Are you ready for today?" Alice asked excitedly.

"Weady fow what?" Alex pondered aloud.

"It's Christmas Eve silly. We have a lot to do. We still need to decorate your quarters and make cookies for Father Christmas and wrap presents and…"

"Calm yourself Ms. Cullen. The twins are becoming nervous," Severus interrupted when he saw his children start to look uncomfortable with the vampire's description.

"No worries. It's going to be fun. The others should be here soon with the tree, so why don't we get you guys ready before they arrive," Alice said happily. Without pausing, the vampire swept Alexander up in her arms and walked out of the bedroom to the twin's room.

Arabella and Severus sat staring at the door for a second before a little dress and tights popped onto the bed. The potions master raised his eyebrows at the clothing but the little girl only smiled softly. With a gentle look, Severus picked up his daughter and walked into his bathroom. Once the toddler was changed and dressed, Severus carried her into the bedroom the twins shared and placed her on the ground next to her brother.

"Could you watch them while I get ready?"

"Of course."

When Severus was finished with his morning routine, he returned to the twins' bedroom to see the three occupants playing on the ground with blocks. The potions master cleared his throat and informed them that breakfast was ready in the living room. All three Snapes sat down to eat while Alice wandered around the room mumbling about wreaths, stockings, and mistletoe.

Ten minutes passed until they heard another knock on the door. Alice rushed to open it and let the rest of the Cullen family inside with excitement. Severus saw Edward and Emmett carrying a large tree and directed them to place it in the corner near the fireplace. Rosalie and Jasper followed the duo and placed several boxes around the tree. Finally, Carlisle and Emse entered his quarters with multiple bags filled with garland and other items in nature.

"We thought your rooms looked a little bare. Who wants to help decorate?" Emmett announced excitedly.

"I do! I do!" exclaimed Alexander. The little boy popped the last bite of sausage into his mouth and hopped off the chair before his father could rebuke him for his manners.

Arabella looked conflicted as she debated between joining her brother and finishing her breakfast. Severus saw this and placed his tiny daughter on his lap. He moved her plate in front of them and handed her the toddler fork she was using. The little girl gave him a thankful smile and relaxed against his chest as she ate the rest of her meal. After her plate was empty, she gave the potions master a small smile while grabbing her sippy cup of milk and walking over to her twin.

The two families spent the next three hours decorating the potions master's quarters. After they were finished, the group went up to the great hall for lunch. The twins were passed amongst the staff they were familiar with and the Cullen family. Arabella stayed mostly with Severus, but allowed cuddles from her grandparents and the Cullens. Once lunch ended, Severus and the twins headed back to their quarters. Alexander and Arabella went down for a nap while their father got to work wrapping gifts and placing them under the tree.

Later, after the twins woke up, giggles could be heard from the kitchen where Esme, Minerva, and the two toddlers were making sugar cookies. Alexander and Arabella were having fun decorating the various Christmas shaped cookies. The two adult women just shook their head and swore the twins had more frosting on them than the sweets.

Dinner was spent in the potions master's room with everyone considered family attending. The twins had just settled down from all the sugar consumed when Severus called them over with two small presents in his hands.

"Every Christmas Eve, my mum would let me open one gift before bed. It is a tradition that I intend to pass on to you two," he explained.

Alexander quickly grabbed his gift and started to rip through the paper. Arabella shyly took the gift after watching her brother and opened it cautiously. Inside the packages were pajamas done in a Christmas motif. Alexander started to strip while Arabella brought the set to her face and rubbed the soft fabric.

"Wait on second Alex, you and Bella need to take a bath before you can get into your pajamas," Severus instructed.

Alexander smiled brightly and continued to undress. The little boy then ran into the bathroom with his sister trailing behind. Severus shook his head and excused the small family from the living room with a promise to bring the children out before they are put to bed.

About thirty minutes passed until the three reemerged in the living room. Alexander was wearing a green pajama set covered in little candy canes. Arabella had on a long white nightgown with a green Christmas tree on her chest and red ruffles along the edges.

Soon the twins were put to bed and the gathered group got to work.

"Severus, do you have the stockings for Alex and Bella?" Esme whispered.

"Of course," the man answered as he summoned the two beautifully decorated stockings to the vampire.

Esme gathered both into her arms and started to fill them with all the small toys and sweets collected from everyone. Minerva was directing everyone in the room around in where to place the gifts hidden from the children.




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