A/N: This entire drabble (well, two drabbles that work toward the same end) came as a result of a conversation with Aussieforgood. It's a little bit of ridiculousness. I hope you enjoy it!

Aussie, this one's for you!

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Conversations with Fashionistas

Conversation 1

"Have you lost weight?"

Grissom looked surprised. "No. Why?"

Catherine studied him critically. "Your pants look … baggy. Baggier than usual."

"Hm." Grissom frowned. "Good to know."

Catherine smiled. "Way to take a compliment, Gil."

"Was there a compliment in there?"

She laughed. "I think there was. I'm trying to tell you that you look good. Thin. Slender. Like you need smaller pants."

"If you say so." He shook his head. "I need to find Sara to get some results."

"I think I saw her in the layout room."


Conversation 2


"Did you buy me the right size pants?" Grissom asked abruptly.

Sara frowned. "What?"

"Catherine said they look too big."

Sara flushed, but recovered quickly. "Catherine shouldn't stare at your ass. That's sexual harassment."

"True." He paused. "But … my pants look okay, right?"

She gave him a beaming smile. "You look great. Baggy is in."

He flushed. "Thanks."

She smiled as he walked away, self-consciously adjusting his pants.

If I have anything to do with it, I'll be the only one who knows how great that ass looks. Baggy will be in for you for a long time.